Best 9 Smart Scales Compatible With Apple Health

I’m recommending Withings / Nokia Body+ smart scale as of the best smart scale for apple health and Myfitnesspal.
It is defiantly my choice for the best smart scale for under 100$.

Best Smart Scale For Myfitnesspal and apple health – Withings / Nokia Body+ Smart Scale

A speculative or doubtful weight figure can lead to irrational weight worries. For that reason, it is highly important to make use of a suitable, precise instrument to approach weight-maintenance effectively.
In today’s ever-advancing world, accurate measurement of weight has become easy and effortless with high-tech gadgets. An example of this is the modification of the traditional weight scale into a smart scale.
While a traditional weight scale can only tell your weight figure, a smart scale can measure and display accurate biometric information. It can tell a body’s current water percentage, bone density as well as fat percentage.
The facilities offered by smart scale can be further expanded using certain health tracking applications like FitBit. Multiple customized logs can be maintained at once for various members. The device also provides statistics relating to other biological components like lactic acid which can be beneficial for fitness enthusiasts.

 The information provided by smart scales presents a detailed health status at home which eradicates the need of visiting the hospital frequently. Moreover, this ability of the device can be turned off for significant individuals as it uses electrical impulses which may cause health complications for them.

Looking to sync your Apple Watch and iPhone with A smart scale?

Best 9 smart scales compatible with Apple Health app

  • Withings Body
  • Withings Body+
  • Withings/Nokia Body Cardio
  • QardioBase2
  • iHealth Lite
  • iHealth Core
  • eufy Smart Scale
  • Runcobo Weight Scale
  • RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Smart

Features to Consider When Looking To Buy A Smart Scale

In consideration of the vast variety available in smart scales, it can be a little difficult to figure out the most suitable one according to your requirements. Here are some features to keep in mind while purchasing the best smart scale :


To purchase the best smart scale, you will have to keep your budget a bit high for this technology is an expensive one. However, neglecting the use on the basis of price is a mere absurdity in consideration of the many advantages it offers. Usually, the price of a top-quality smart scale ranges from $40 to $ 400.

The Withings / Nokia | Body+ – Smart scale is currently priced at 99.95$ on Amazon.


A platform is a source to which the smart scale connects and displays it’s measurements to the user. Generally, a smart scale can access Android, IOS, Web, and Windows. While some can access to all four of them, others can access only to Android and IOS.


There are only two ways through which the smart scale connects to a platform; Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Specific models can connect through ANT too like Garmin Index Smart Scale but this mode of connectivity is rare in the majority of smart scales.


The user’s data of biometric information is stored in smart scales and applications which is why they are able to create logs. However, there is a restriction on a number of users which can be minimal 8 or maximum 16.


Most of the best smart scales require 4 Double-A batteries, though, some work on only 4 Triple A batteries.


Like restriction on a number of users, there is a limitation on the maximum weight that a smart scale can measure which varies from 330 lbs to 400 lbs in best smart scales.

Biometric Measurements

The most commonly measured biometric data by smart scales include body mass and body fat percentage. However, the top quality smart scales present biometric data relating basal metabolic rate, lean body mass, bone mass, muscle mass, and water percentage.

Withings Body+ Smart Scale Review – The Best Smart Scale Under 100$ That Will Sync Great With The Most Popular Apps

To take your health-care routine to the next level, Withings Inc. has introduced the very extraordinary Body+. This remarkably accurate smart scale is destined to become your perfect health companion. A companion that does not only stay true to its purpose but goes the extra mile to help you achieve your goal.

With Withing’s Body+ you need not fret about noting down every single detail on your notepad or calculating the gain or loss. This scale records all your data keeps a track of your progress and assists you in achieving your desired body composition. Its Position Control Technology measures your weight in Kilograms, Pounds or Stones conforming to the international standards using Wi-Fi.

Offering a precision of up to 0.2lbs, Body+ comes in a variety of colors including black, white, pastel green and pastel sand so as to offer an opportunity of selecting one that harmonizes with your interiors. Unlike other ordinary scales, the beveled glass platform is one of the many smart and splendid features offered by the device.

 Its 2.9 inches large display delivers weight and related data clearly. In order to acquire accurate reading and to avoid any inconveniences, one should step on the scale barefoot, ensure the scale is clean and stay still during the measurement.

This square-shaped scale is 12.9 inches wide, 12.9 inches long and a height of about 0.9 inches. Hence, it does not occupy much space and can be easily placed almost anywhere. Its lightweight design (approximately 4.41 Pounds) makes it quite portable. Moreover, the Body+ comes at an affordable price of just $99.35 and requires four Triple-A batteries.

Distinctive Features

Introduced in early 2017, Withing’s Body+ smart scale still remains to be one of the best smart scales available in the market for under 100$ due to its unique and unsurpassable features. These include;

  • Multiple-Users feature
  • Athlete Mode
  • Pregnancy mode and More…

Best Smart Scale For Multiple Users

Body+ takes care of both; you and your loved ones. With its ‘multiple-users’ feature, it liberates your household from the need of keeping separate weight scales for every individual. As many as 8 family members can benefit from a single Body+ scale which makes it one of the best smart scales for multiple users.

When setting up the scale for multiple users, you can choose from either of the two options;

  • Separate Health Mate accounts for each user.
  • Grouping all users under the same account.

Creating a separate account will ensure the privacy of each individual’s data while a group-account makes the data accessible to everyone.  

In case that you are seeking for a smart tracker that can serve, recognize and save the stats of more than 8 users than You should check out Garmin’s smart scale – Garmin Index which Recognizes Up to 16 Users!
This leads me to the next topic – The best smart scale for Garmin connect.

Compatible With Garmin Connect

If you want to be able to connect your Garmin device to a smart scale than The Garmin Index smart scale is the easiest option.

However, in case that you want to sync it with the Withings Body+ smart scale you can do it with the help of a 3rd party apps, MyFitnessPal was the most common one.
However, lots of Garmin users claims to have issues syncing it using MyFitnessPal and that it isn’t working so good.

Some of Garmin’s users pointed me to a dedicated, paid 3rd party app – Smart Scale Sync, that seems to make a good job in syncing Garmin watches with the Withings smart scale.

You can check out that 3rd party app here on

If you have problems syncing it with your Fitbit watch(some people claims to have such) then this app can solve it too.

In fact, these are the apps that the Smart Scale Sync app can work with: Garmin connect, Fitbit, TrainerRoad, Concept2 Logbook, Peloton, and Strava.

Smart Scale For Athletes – Athlete Mode

Setting up a goal or target accelerates your fitness plan to a great extent. Therefore, Withing’s incredible smart scale is designed to assist and coach its owner through every stage of life.

Owing to the needs of their peculiar physique, Athletes need to keep a constant check on their body mass. For that very reason, Body+ gives a detailed analysis of fat mass so that you may pursue the athletic physique of your dreams. Being the best smart scale for athletes, Body+ assesses weight, BMI, total body fat and water percentage plus bone and muscle mass. This helps an athlete identify areas for improvement very easily.

The precision of the device eliminates the possibility of any inaccurate measurement. However, if, for some reason, any of your fat mass data seems to be inaccurate then you are advised to take the following steps;

  • Clean the scale according to the instructions provided in the manual.
  • Take the measurement again. Make sure you do not move while taking the measurement.
  • Ensure that your profile information including your age, gender and height are entered correctly in the Health Mate App.
  • Ensure that Athlete mode is activated in your profile in Nokia’s Health Mate App.

Smart Scale Pregnancy And Babies

Withing’s thoughtfully designed smart scale also includes a pregnancy tracker. It enables pregnant women to keep a track of the weight gained and how it compares to their personal recommendations. It can be activated any time during the pregnancy, even if you do not own a Nokia Device.

The feature that makes Body+ the best smart scale for pregnancy is that it provides health-related and obstetrician-reviewed information related to the current week of pregnancy.

Furthermore, you can even find out your baby’s weight using the ‘Baby Mode’ offered by Body+. The baby mode can be activated by creating a separate profile of your baby in the Nokia Health Mate App. However, it is important to note that the weight of the baby will only be detected if it weighs somewhere between 7 lbs. – 33 lbs.

Compatibility With More Than 100 including – Myfitnesspal, apple health, google fit, Fitbit, Samsung health, Runkeeper, And More…

For all the tech and fitness-obsessed individuals out there, Withing’s Body+ is certainly the best smart scale. It is compatible with 100 plus health and fitness apps including Apple Health, My fitness pal, Google fit, etc.

A great place to check it out and buy it is here on Amazon.

 Apple’s Health Care App organizes your health record under four categories, namely; mindfulness, activity, nutrition, and sleep. If you own an Apple device you can synchronize it with your Withing’s smart scale via Nokia’s Health Mate App. Moreover, you can even select the data you would like to share, including active calories, heart rate, oxygen saturation, etc. Perhaps, it is this exceptional feature of Body+ which makes it the best smart scale for Apple health.

Similarly, Google Fit is also a fitness app that helps you keep track of your physical activity and workouts. Body+ happens to be the best smart scale for Google Fit as well. This is because it synchronizes with the app quite easily. At the same time, it acquires necessary data only (heart rate data, weight data, number of steps, etc.) Thus, maintaining your privacy.

MyFitnesspal is one of the most convenient 3rd party apps to sync with Body+ and can provide you with different nutrition facts, recipes as well as tips while counting your daily calories consumption. With easy accessibility to the application through the Health Mate app, you can instantly start your fitness training after profile creation. You can even connect to the wide fitness community out in the world and stay motivated!