Whoop vs Fitbit vs Apple Watch 6 vs Oura: The Ultimate Comparison

If you want a healthy life, it’s important that you stay fit and there are tons of gadgets available which can help you track your fitness and other related aspects. Devices like Whoop, Fitbit Sense, Apple Watch Series 6, and Oura Ring are some of the most popular fitness tracking devices that come with tons […]

Whoop with Apple Watch

Can you use Whoop with Apple Watch?

Whoop and Apple Watch are two of the most popular and sophisticated fitness trackers in the market. One of the major differences between both fitness trackers is that Whoop doesn’t come with a display. While Apple Watch comes with a high-quality AMOLED Display. However, the one question which I will be addressing today is: Can […]

Best Smartwatches & Fitness Trackers for Teenagers and Kids in 2021

In this article, I will give you the best Smartwatches and fitness trackers for teenagers and kids in 2021 from the biggest names in the industry such as Fitbit, Samsung Garmin, Apple, and more. I have also added at the bottom of the post a list of some of the best smartwatches with a Sim […]

Best 9 Smartwatches for Small Wrists & Women In 2021!

In this article, I will help you with finding the best smartwatches and activity trackers for small wrists & women available on the market for any budget. Everyone wants to keep track of the progress they are making towards achieving their dream body or maintaining a healthy lifestyle. What better way to do that than […]

Best 9 Smartwatches With An Oxygen Sensor (SPO2) In 2021

Blood Saturation became a parameter in discovering the Coronavirus in our bodies, the truth is that many smartwatch and fitness trackers manufacturers had incorporated Oximeters(Oxygen sensors/monitors) in their watches and fitness trackers long before this Virus has shown up. How accurate are the Oxygen monitors in Smartwatches and fitness trackers? Can I trust them As […]