Fitbit Track run without Phone

Can Fitbit Track your Run without a Phone?

Fitbit comes with a variety of sensors that can track your steps, calories, heart rate, and other metrics, but in this guide, we will discuss the very important question: Can Fitbit Track without Phone? Let’s find out. Fitbit devices are capable of tracking your run without Phone. Fitbit devices usually come with two types of […]

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Can You Use Other Fitness Trackers With Fitbit App?

Fitbit App is a companion app for Fitbit trackers, which allows you to sync the data from your Fitbit on your smartphone, but the question is: can you use other fitness trackers with Fitbit App? Let’s find out. Fitbit App is one of the best tracker companion apps out there, and it presents the data […]

Fitbit tracking device

Can a Fitbit Be used as a Tracking Device?

In 2020, Many Fitbit Devices are available with GPS tracking feature, but the question is, can a Fitbit be used as a tracking device? Let’s find out. Fitbit offers a variety of fitness devices, and many devices come with a built-in GPS, which allows you to track the route of your activities. However, it doesn’t […]

Track Child with a Fitbit

Can I track my Child with a Fitbit?

Fitbit devices come with a lot of sensors and features that can track step counts, sleep, heart rate, and other metrics, but can I track my Child with a Fitbit? Let’s find out! Fitbit offers a variety of fitness devices, some of them come with built-in GPS tracker, and some don’t. Fitbit devices that come […]

What is Garmin Sapphire Edition? is it worth it?

The Sapphire Editions of Garmin Watches are known for their durability. In this guide, we will address some crucial questions such as: What is Garmin Sapphire Edition? Is it worth spending your money on Garmin Sapphire Edition? And many more. Let’s get started. Garmin smartwatches are some of the most popular watches out there. The […]

Smartwatch for Nurses doctors

Best Smartwatch for Nurses & Doctors in 2020

After reviewing dozens of smartwatches, I have picked the Best Smartwatch for Nurses & Doctors in 2020. Let’s take a look at it. Nurses & Doctors play an important role in protecting us from diseases and other health emergencies. Their field also requires effective time management as they have to take care and check dozens […]

Best 11 Hybrid Fitness Watches & Smart Watches with Second Hand for Seconds display

In this article, I will help you with finding some of the best hybrid fitness watches and Smartwatches with a second hand that not only looks great but can also serve as an accurate fitness tracker that you can count on. Smart wearables have made getting into a healthier lifestyle incredibly fun and immersive.The fact […]