Best 10 Smartwatches With An Oxygen Sensor In 2021

Blood Saturation became a parameter in discovering the Coronavirus in our bodies, the truth is that many smartwatches manufacturers had incorporated an Oximeters(Oxygen sensors) in their watches and fitness trackers long before this Virus has shown up. How accurate are the Oxygen sensors in Smartwatches? Can I trust them As A Medical Device? Are they […]

Huawei Chinese smartwatch

Best 13 Chinese Smartwatches In 2021 – The Cheap Options

In case you are looking for a cheap smartwatch than Buying a Chinese smartwatch is no longer a big risk or a waste of money as they improved a lot and gives great value for the money.I picked for you some of the best ones that you can buy in 2021. With the evolutional changes […]

Smartwatches with Interchangeable Bands

Best 5 Smartwatches with Interchangeable Bands

One of the main reasons why I (and many others) love smartwatches is that they are highly versatile. They support interchangeable bands, and you can easily change your bands depending on your mood, activity, or for fun. So, if you are looking for the best smartwatches with interchangeable bands, this guide is for you. Let’s […]

Smartwatches for Left-Handed People

Best 6 Watches and Smartwatches for Left-Handed People

It’s an established fact that most people in the world are right-handed, and that’s why most people wear their watches and smartwatches on the Left Hand. But, what about the people who are left-handed? Are there smartwatches that can be worn on the Right Hand? Can you use your Smartwatch on the Right Hand? Let’s […]

Best 5 Wearable Blood Sugar/Glucose Monitor Devices – Best CGM 2021

I have been asked a lot by my blog’s readers, which are the best wearable blood sugar/glucose monitor devices in the form of A CGM and is there an Apple or Fitbit smart/fitness watch that can monitor blood sugar? and the most common one, Is there a diabetic meter that doesn’t require blood by finger […]

Best 7 Fitness Trackers and Watches used by Kayakers | 2021 review

Wondering what fitness trackers and watches do kayakers use?I will give you here 7 of the best ones that are most popular among kayakers. It’s important to incorporate technology into all activities of life. Especially, when there is technology available which could make your experience so much better, then why not go for it? For […]

Best 8 Clip-on Fitness Trackers and Pedometers In 2021

If you are looking for the best clip-on fitness tracker in the market than the very popular Fitbit Zip by the leading brand name in the industry – Fitbit, is a great option to go for. Most of the people, when looking for a clip-on fitness tracker, think of a basic pedometer device.However, there are […]

Best Fitness Tracker For Sleep Monitoring, Top 11 in 2021

If you want to track your sleep cycle and are looking for the best fitness and activity tracker for sleep tracking and the best wearable smart alarm watch than I picked up for you the top 11 trackers from the fitness trackers giants – Apple, Fitbit, Polar, Garmin, Nokia/Withings and more! Exercise is important, but […]

Samsung watches that can you make calls

Samsung Watches That You Can Make Calls With | Which Models Can?

Samsung Galaxy Watch lineup features some of the best smartwatches in the industry, and they come with tons of great features. Some Samsung watches come with cellular versions, which you can use to make calls. So, if you want to learn which Samsung watch models can make calls, this guide is for you. Let’s get […]

Samsung Galaxy Watch Bands for Small Wrists

Best Samsung Galaxy Watch Bands for Small Wrists

If you have small wrists, it means that you can’t use most regular watch bands because they won’t fit perfectly on your wrist. However, certain types of bands fit perfectly on small wrists due to their design. So, if you are interested in getting the right band for your galaxy watch, this guide is for […]