How To Delete And Manage Expired Subscriptions On iPhone?




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The iPhone provides an array of features and settings that can be challenging to keep track of. One such feature is the ability to manage subscriptions and delete expired ones.

Delete And Manage Expired Subscriptions On iPhone

Subscriptions can be managed easily through the App Store, where users can check, renew, or cancel their subscriptions. Unfortunately, it is not possible to manually delete expired subscriptions, as they will automatically be removed after a year.

However, users can hide their purchase history and delete purchased apps on iOS, macOS, and Windows. Additionally, they can turn off auto-renew so they don’t have to pay for unnecessary subscriptions.

In this article, we will discuss how to delete expired subscriptions from an iPhone.

Managing Subscriptions

Managing subscriptions on iOS involves several steps. First, users need to access subscriptions in settings. Once there, they can tap on the specific subscription to check, renew, or cancel it. Additionally, users can manage auto-renewal settings for their subscriptions.

In the App Store, users have the ability to purchase, renew, or cancel subscriptions. They can also manage auto-renewal settings for their subscriptions in this section. To avoid unnecessary charges, users can turn off the auto-renewal feature, but they may need to follow specific steps in the settings to do so.

Managing multiple subscriptions can be challenging, but iOS provides a feature to help users keep track of their current and expired subscriptions. After a year, expired subscriptions will automatically disappear and cannot be manually deleted.

In the App Store settings, there is a useful feature that allows users to hide purchased apps. However, it’s important to note that the purchase history cannot be deleted. To permanently delete purchased apps from iCloud, users must delete them on iOS, macOS, and Windows.

Removing Expired

Inability to manually remove inactive subscriptions can be a challenge. On the iPhone, expired subscriptions cannot be manually deleted, but instead automatically disappear from the device after a year.

To delete an old subscription, users must access the subscription in Settings and then tap on it to check, renew, or cancel. As a result, users can no longer worry about managing multiple subscriptions.

To help users manage subscriptions, the iPhone has a feature that tracks current and expired subscriptions. In addition, purchased apps can be hidden from the App Store settings, but cannot be deleted from the purchase history.

To permanently delete purchased apps, users must delete them on iOS, macOS, and Windows, following specific steps for each platform.

As such, users should be aware of the expiration date of their subscriptions and take steps to renew or cancel them in advance.

Purchased App History

Purchased app history on iPhone

Purchased app history on iPhone cannot be deleted, but can be hidden in App Store settings. Users can access this setting in their device by navigating to the App Store, where they can hide the apps they have previously purchased or downloaded.

This feature is useful for users who want to keep their records clean and organized, while still having access to the apps that they have previously purchased. Additionally, users can unhide the apps that they have hidden, should they need to access them in the future.

This feature is a great way to keep track of the apps that a user has downloaded in the past, without having to manually delete them from their device.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which subscriptions are expired?

To determine which subscriptions are expired, you can access purchase history in settings or view it on Additionally, subscriptions that are past their expiration date will automatically disappear after a year.

How do I delete an app from my iCloud account?

To delete an app from an iCloud account, the app needs to be deleted from all devices connected to the account. Steps must be followed for each platform (iOS, macOS, Windows). Permanently deleting the app from iCloud will also remove its purchase history.

How can I prevent unwanted charges from auto-renewing?

Auto-renew can result in unexpected charges on iPhone subscriptions. To prevent this, follow the steps in settings to cancel the subscription and avoid auto-renew.

What are the differences between iOS and macOS subscriptions?

iOS and macOS subscriptions differ in terms of features, pricing, and availability. iOS subscriptions generally focus on mobile applications and services, while macOS subscriptions are typically for desktop software. Prices and availability of subscriptions may also vary between the two platforms.

How do I access my purchase history on other devices?

To access purchase history on other devices, view the purchase history in settings or visit It is also possible to hide apps in App Store settings and delete purchased apps on iOS, macOS, and Windows.

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