How To Find Last Location Of Apple Watch When Offline In 2023?




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The good thing about Apple Watch and other Apple devices is that they get access to Apple’s very own Find My Service which you can use to check the location of your Apple Watch and find it.

Can I Track The Location Of My Apple Watch If It’s Offline

In this network, your Apple Watch will communicate with nearby Apple devices anonymously and share its location with you. 

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Apple Watch will continuously show its location on Find My Service but what if it’s offline or turned off? Will it continue to show its location? Is it possible to find the last location of the Apple Watch when it’s offline? Let’s find out the answers to these questions.

Can I Track The Location Of My Apple Watch If It’s Offline?

Apple Watch will continue to convey its location as long as it’s online but once it’s offline it won’t send its location and you won’t be able to track its location while it’s offline.

However, once it’s connected again to the network, it will send its location which you can find on Find My App or

How To Find The Last Location Of The Apple Watch When Offline?

It’s clear that if the Apple Watch is offline, it won’t send its location to the Find My Service and you won’t be able to track it but is it possible to find the last location of the Apple Watch?

When you enable Find My Service on your Apple Watch, it will send its last location to Find My Service when it’s connected to WiFi or LTE.

However, once it goes offline, iCloud will keep showing its last location for 24 hours. Once this period is over and the service doesn’t get the latest update, it will stop showing its last location.

If you are tracking your lost Apple Watch using Find My App on your iPhone or other Apple device, it will keep showing its last location for 7 days.

Pro Tip: Enable the “Notify me when found” feature from the setting which will allow the service to notify you once Apple Watch is online again.

Although Find My won’t show the last location of a dead Apple Watch after 24 hours (iCloud) or 7 Days (Find My App), you can still contact Apple Customer support and ask them to help you.

Depending on your location history preferences, Apple can store your location history for up to 36 months. So, you can contact Apple customer support and after verifying your case, they might help you.

How Accurate Is Apple Find My Service?

Apple Find My Service is pretty accurate because it uses GPS and you can easily locate your lost Apple Watch using it. However, many factors can affect its accuracy.

According to Apple Typically the Find My location is pretty accurate as it uses the GPS feature of the device.

However, there are always environmental factors such as your location, the settings on the device, and the device itself when it comes to the OS and hardware that can play a part in the accuracy and location services available.”

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Can Apple Watch Be Tracked Without A Phone?

Yes, If you don’t have your iPhone with you, you can use your iPad or Mac to track the location of your iPhone. All you will have to do is to go to and then follow the location on the map. Once you are near the Apple Watch, you can Ring it and locate it.

Does Apple Know The Last Location Of My Offline Apple Watch?

It mainly depends on your location history preferences. Apple allows you to choose the duration for which location history stays in Apple Servers and it ranges between 3 months to 36 months. 

If you have lost your Apple Watch and it has gone offline and you want to locate it, you can contact Apple Customer Support and they might be able to help you find the last location of your Apple Watch.


Find My is an excellent service that you can use to track your lost Apple Watch but like other technologies, it also has some limitations. It can track your Apple Watch when it’s online and connected to a network but it can’t track your Apple Watch if it’s offline. 

However, it will keep showing the last reported location on Find My App for 7 days. I hope that you found this guide helpful and you found your lost Apple Watch. If you have any questions or recommendations for me, please let me know.

Also, if you have lost your Apple Watch in your house and you want to find it, check this guide where I’ve shared the step-by-step method which you can use to locate the lost Apple Watch in your home.

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