How Do I Find My Smartwatch Using My Phone? Easy Ways To Do It!




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Nowadays, finding a lost or stolen smartwatch is not a big deal. You can find your lost watch through your phone without informing anyone. 

Find My Smartwatch Using Phone

For this, you just have to pair your watch with your phone. Hence, you have to make a connection between your watch and phone by using some apps. 

These apps will always tell you the current location of your watch. So, let’s read the content very carefully to explore these apps. 

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Top 4 Apps To Find Your Smartwatch Using Your Phone 

Manufacturers can make a smartwatch easily now having the google android operating system. For this OS, smartwatches have great functions nowadays. As a result, you can track your smartwatch by using the phone. 

Google play store and apple store are even available on your watch. You can connect your watch to your phone. In fact,  you will get great benefits when you forget about the place where you keep your watch. 

For knowing the location of your smartwatch on your phone, you have to use an application. Nowadays, there are some applications that are much better at finding the location of your watch. 

For your convenience, we have mentioned some apps here: 

1. Find My Watch And Phone:

Find My Watch & Phone

Find my watch and phone is a google app. This app is the best for every kind of android watch. The rating of the app is 4.0. Most importantly, 500k people have already installed this app for finding their wrists. 

You have to control this app from your phone function. To enable this function, you have to go to the play store of your phone and download the app. Then, you must go to the Bluetooth search option on both devices. Because this app offers a Bluetooth connection with the android watch and the phone. 

When the Bluetooth function is on both devices, then you can find your watch easily by using the app on your phone. 

2. Google Find My Device:

Google Find My Device

The rating of the Google find my device app is 4.5. The downloads of the app are huge so far, which is 100M+. 

If you lost your watch, then you can locate where your watch is on the map. The app is very helpful for finding the location of an android watch. As a consequence, it will locate your lost watch

If you can locate the current location, then you can see the last location of your watch throughout this app. 

The app will save your data. In fact, the safety of your data depends on the location where you belong.  

3. Find My Missing Smartwatch:

Find my Missing Smart Watch

This app is less famous than other apps. It has a total 5k+ downloads all over the world. Also, the app got around 4+ rate. 

When you are unable to locate your smartwatch, you can try this app. The app allows a bluetooth connection into your phone and watch. Luckily, you may see the exact location of your watch throughout the app. 

4. iCloud Find My Apple Watch:

iCloud Find My Apple Watch

If you are an apple user, then you may use this app to know the location of your watch. The app can track your apple watch within a very short time. 

You do not have to worry if your watch is offline. Because, the app will find your watch. Having the app, your watch will not be lost. 

When your watch goes missing, then you should enable the lost mode of the app. After that, it will try to track your watch’s location. 

The app is very good for maintaining your privacy date safe and secure. 

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How Can You Pair Your Smartwatch With Your Phone?

Smartwatches have multiple options and a function that a normal watch has not. In fact, it comes with a touch screen. Hence, the functions and features are similar to a phone configuration. For this reason, you can pair your smartwatch with your phone. 

When you want to pair your watch with your phone, you have to follow some steps. There are two methods to pair your watch and phone which are: 

Pair Your Watch And Phone By Using Bluetooth:

  • For a good communication process, you have to turn on your bluetooth option. 
  • For turning bluetooth on, you have to go to the setting option of your phone, then click the bluetooth option and turn it on. 
  • After that, you will find a discoverable mode function and then enable this mode. 
  • You have to check whether your watch has the pairing process. For turning on the pair function, you have to press the power button until the button turns on. 
  • Then, you can see the pair option on the display of both your phone and your watch. 
  • Now you are able to pair your watch and phone. After this step, you have to turn on your bluetooth and click on the scan device. After a while, you will see the name of your watch. 
  • Your device will require a code which would match with your smartwatch. Then, enter that code. 
  • Now, tap the pair option and your phone and watch is ready for pairing. 

Pair Your Your Watch And Phone Throughout The Speedup Smartwatch App:

  • You have to install the Speedup smartwatch app from the google play store.
  • After installing, you will need to enable the bluetooth and discoverable mode option.  In the next step, you need to go to the Speedup smartwatch app and you have to do all the instructions for pairing. 
  • You need to search for a smartwatch on the app of your phone and click the option ‘Bond’. 
  • In a very short time, ‘tick sign’ function will appear and then tap the pair option of your phone. 
  • Now, you can pair your smartwatch to your phone successfully. 

How To Find Smartwatches With Their Different Operating Systems?

The way of finding the smartwatch with the several models of phone is different. Because, it depends on the operating system of your phone. 

You have to follow different steps based on your operating system, if you want to find your watch with a phone. 

So, here is the process of finding watch with different operating system:

1. Fitbit Watch

For searching the Fitbit watch, you have to use the bluetooth locator app. But, If you are an android user, then you should use the bluetooth finder app. For apple user, this app will not work on Fitbit watch. 

If you have an iphone, then you can try the lightblue explorer app for searching your watch. You should take your phone in that area where you lost your watch. Then, you have to try to sync the location of your watch. 

2. Apple Watch

You can track your apple watch all over the world if you have the app ‘Find my Apple watch’ on your iphone. With the help of this app, you can see where you left your watch at home easily. 

For using the app, you have to set it on your Apple watch. You will get the three options such as find my iphone, enable offline finding and the last location on the app. Then, you have to turn on these three apps. 

Without this setting, there is no other setting for finding your watch. You must install the app for getting your watch.

When you lose your watch, then the app will show the location of your apple watch. But for this, your apple watch needs to have LTE or wifi network. If your watch does not have these, then it will be tough to show the current location of your watch. 

3. Germin Watch

To find the Garmin watch, you have to connect the watch with your android or ios phone via bluetooth. The Garmin connector app will be very helpful for the connection. Moreover, you can use several apps to connect your watch with your phone. 

when you can not find your watch or forget the place you lost your watch, then you can find out the exact location of your Garmin watch via this app. 


Every smartwatch has a strong configuration. Because of this, you may be able to get back your lost watch easily by using your phone. As a result, the price of the watch is expensive for its high-end function. 

If you fulfill the setting of your watch perfectly, then definitely you will get your watch after losing the watch. By using a watch, you will get so much benefit because it’s always connected with your phone. 

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