Best Fitness Trackers for Teenagers and Kids in 2020

In this article, I will give you the best fitness trackers for teenagers and kids in 2020 from the biggest names in the industry such as Fitbit, Garmin and more.

This is a long article so in order to get straight to the point, my top picks are:

The best fitness tracker for teenagers in 2020 is: Fitbit Alta HR
The best fitness tracker for kids in 2020 is: Garmin vívofit jr 2

I have divided the article into 2 parts:

  1. Best Fitness Trackers for Teenagers – Top 4 in 2020
  2. Best Fitness Trackers for Kids – Top 3 in 2020

A healthy lifestyle is meant for all.
Usually, it takes a while for people, more specifically so when they reach adulthood, to focus on their fitness and opt for a healthier lifestyle.
They do find that the challenges of adulthood require them to have more energy and more physical harmony in their life so it makes total sense for them to pursue a more fitness-oriented approach.
However, lately, trends have shown that a large number of teenagers and kids have also taken interest in their fitness and want to better tune their bodies to either extend their lifespan or generally just lead a healthier lifestyle.

best fitness tracker for teenagers

Best Fitness Trackers for Teenagers – My Top 4

Since teenagers love technology, they seek out gadgets and smartphone applications to help them with the pursuit of said fitness.

There are tones of tools that is tech-based and helps you keep track of your activities and the most popular ones are fitness trackers.

Now, are fitness trackers exclusively for adults? The short answer is no. Technology does not discriminate and as such fitness trackers are available and meant for virtually everyone who knows why they should have one.

Since there are a lot of fitness trackers available in the market. Keeping in mind how teenagers have a more outdoorsy and active lifestyle, they would trackers that cater to a wide range of activities, are very resistant and durable against the forces of nature and are also cost-effective.

Here are four of the best ones that teenagers can use.

1.Garmin Vivofit 3 Activity Tracker

The first thing that lets the Garmin Vivofit 3 earn a spot on this modest list is how it is in terms of aesthetics.

Since teenagers are all about style, the Garmin Vivofit 3 is a visually pleasing gadget that comes in very cool tones of black and white as well as a very stylish camouflage design that makes it incredibly fashionable and just awesome to look at.

There is a newer version available – Vivofit 4, and for an extra 20 bucks, you can get it as well.

The main difference between the 2 is that the newer version – the Vivofit 4, comes with a color display.

It looks rugged enough to convey the message that it is meant for very active use while also being very sturdy in terms of built and material to withstand all the different types of activities.

It is auto-activity driven which means you don’t need to specify whether you’re running or working out as it will pick up on it on its own and record the data soon as it does.

The band itself is very comfortable and you can have it on you for a very long time without feeling the need to take it off because it feels clunky and annoying.

It comes with 1-year-long battery life and requires no charging so on-the-go teens can just strap it on and head out without ever worrying whether it’s charged on not.

The fact that It is priced at 55$ also makes it a very good choice.

2.Fitbit Alta HR

As mentioned at the beginning, this is my favorite tracking band which I also own in my collection and enjoys it tremendously.

In an attempt to introduce the fitness bands as a fashion accessory, Fitbit introduced Alta, a smart, slim, and stylish monitoring band.

The best way to check it out and to buy it is from this seller on Amazon.

In mid-2017, the company introduced the upgraded Alta HR model with the addition of a built-in heart rate monitor.

According to Fitbit, Alta HR is the thinnest sport and pulse monitoring band available, with the current generation together with Charge 2 and 3, considered to be the company’s best selling activity bands.

At Alta HR, the company made sure to stick with the same design and model and up to the moment that I am writing this article(early 2019) the model remains the same(because you don’t replace a winning design), along with the OLED screen and battery life of seven days.

The monitoring band is capable of counting steps for the whole day, along with measuring the pulse at fixed times and displaying them in the app automatically and without user intervention.

Fitbit says this is the demand from consumers and therefore added it to Alta HR.

The Alta HR also tracks sleep activities, something that actually exists in any other bands, but the company says the anonymous data collected over the years allows it to analyze the quality of sleep better and more accurately.

The band uses the movement data, along with the heart rate monitor to determine whether the sleep is deep, our sleep cycles, whether we woke up lightly during the night and its quality.

Besides these, we can receive alerts about calls, messages, and information from our on-screen calendar when its operation is through a friendly touch interface.

The bracelet is compatible with Android and iOS devices and connects to your phone using Bluetooth connectivity.

Fitbit activity bands are not cheap but the Alta HR, worth any penny for my opinion.

You can check the current price here on Amazon.

Like the other company’s bands, Alta HR is also available in a variety of colors and straps.
The basic models will come in black, blue, pink, fuchsia and coral, along with an aluminum clip and it comes in small and large sizes.

However, if you are looking for a good, cheaper alternative, please continue reading this article.

3.LETSCOM Fitness Tracker

This fitness tracker really capitalizes on the fact that something owned by a teenager should convey style more than it should convey mere utility.

If you are looking for a cheap device as a first fitness tracker for a teenager or just to check whether your teenager will wear it and use it before buying a more expensive one than this will make the job!

The best way to check it out and to get it is from this top seller on Amazon.

Keeping that principle in mind, the LETSCOM Fitness Tracker comes in over 8 colors ranging from the classic black and white to red, green and blue so you can wear your favorite color as well as coordinate your outfits with it too.

While this gadget has all the aesthetics checked, it delivers in functionality too.

The LETSCOM FT has heart rate and sleep monitoring too so you can check whether you’re getting enough sleep or not and whether staying for those midterms messed up your sleep cycle or not.

It is not the most accurate when tracking intense fitness sessions is required however it will work great as a basic activity tracker and will provide a pretty accurate information regarding the teenager activity levels.

It has multi-sports modes paired withAll-day activity tracking which makes this perfect for teenagers and youngsters who are always up to something.

The wide variety of data that you can record on this tracker is the number of steps, the distance, calories burned, active minutes during a workout and your sleep status.

You can then use all this information and really get the most out of your developing years.

GPS connectivity can record a map of your routes and the mobile connectivity lets you check notifications from your mobile at a quick glance.

This tracker is priced at an attractive price of just $30 and has pretty good reviews on Amazon as well, therefore, making it a very good contender for this list.

4.Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Fitness Tracker

Giant Chinese manufacturers such as Xiaomi have contributed greatly to the significant Price reduction of mobile products worldwide, and the smart bands market is no different.

Xiaomi offers smart bands at very cheap prices. Xiaomi’s Mi Band 3 does not fall in many aspects from the older, more expensive activity bands and offers monitoring of steps, heart rate, sleep and even an indication of Alerts and incoming calls.

On Android devices, the band can be used as a Bluetooth key for a smartphone, thus giving up the lock code.

In contrast to the successful Mi Band 2 that has been with us for several years, the new model changes its water-resistance standard from IP67 to 5 ATM, which gives it water resistance up to 5 atmospheres or 50 meters, suitable for teenagers who swim or simply enjoy going to the beach.

It comes in a variety of colors, looks very cool and maybe a good choice for the first bracelet for a teenager.

Best Fitness Tracker For Kids, Top 3 In 2020

The best fitness tracker for kids in 2020 based on my experiences with my lovely daughter is the Vivofit Jr 2 by Garmin.

However, there are more options that might be more suitable for your needs, depending on what type of activity tracker you need.

Activity/fitness tracker is a cool gadget that helps keep your child more active while providing lots of fun and enjoyment.
With the ability to monitor your kid’s activity, you can have much more control and knowledge on your child’s health habits and it is giving you the opportunity to reward him when standing in his daily activity goals.
We know that kids today suffer from overweight and obese much more than ever before, this makes the activity tracker for kids, not just a cool gadget but a very important tool in fighting this serious problem.

My top 3 Activity trackers for kids

1.Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 – Best fitness tracker for kids

The Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 is the second version of the successful Garmin Vivofit Jr.

It offers a bit bigger display size (11 x 11 mm compared to 10 x 10 mm in the older version).

It also has a better display type (8-color MIP compared to 64 x 64 pixels), although we didn’t find any big differences between the two.

The new Garmin jr comes with an additional option for the band type and it offers an adjustable one(intended for ages 6-9) in addition to the stretchy one which is intended for ages 4-7.

It also comes with up to 8 reminder alerts and a cool 
Toe-to-toe step challenge, both are not included in the first Gen.  

Garmin has introduced the first Vivofit Jr in 2017, designed for children and its goal is to make the children leave the screens and have little physical activity.

This band is smaller than usual and intended for ages 4-9, it comes in a variety of colors suitable for children such as black, green, red, pink or blue along with various designs, the new designs are very cool and includes Disney, Marvel, Star world and more.

The kids can choose different adventures and stories in the app in which they will have different chores according to the band that they choose.

Check out this video on the Disney Princess version of the vívofit jr. 2 

The band supports a wrist size of between 146 and 170 millimeters.

The Vivofit JR fitness tracker is comfortable, durable and its battery life lasts 24/7 for a period of about a year.

As for his abilities, he is very similar to the rest of Garmin’s fitness trackers: equipped with a monochromatic screen with a single button, able to measure steps, distances, calories, active minutes and remind children when they sit too long and when it’s time to get up and it can also track sleep.

The activity tracker encourages the children not to sit in one place and perform any activity of at least 60 minutes a day, it is reminding them during the day.

The Activity Tracker is waterproof to a depth of 50 meters so that children can wear it without fear in daily use even in the shower and in the pool.

Vivofit JR 2 is also used as a regular watch, which can be matched with the name of the child on the display.

All the information is entered into a designated mobile application through which the child can monitor his activities and set goals for completion.

The vívofit jr 2 makes it easier to provide rewards and improves motivation.

As children reach their 60-minute daily activities, new activities are opened: fun facts and a mobile adventure program that inspire them to do their best every day.

By completing the tasks assigned to them, the children earn virtual coins that can accumulate and convert in pre-agreed rewards, such as an additional 30 minutes of screen time or shared sleep with a friend.

In addition, there is also a mobile game with children and parents to work together for the desired ends.

The best place to check it out is on this Amazon’s page.

My conclusion

If activity tracking abilities are your main feature than the 
Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 is the best device for you.
It offers serious activity tracking abilities and sleep tracking, it is waterproof and can be handy also for kids that like to swim.
The price of the Vivofit JR 2 has greatly reduced since the first time that I saw it, offers great value for its current price and is, in my opinion, the best activity tracker for kids in 2020.

My rating:9

2.VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 – Cheap and fun activity tracker for kids

Recommended age:4-12

The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 is the second GEN of the super-popular Smartwatch for kids The Kidizoom DX.

The main difference from the first Gen is that it has 2 cameras instead of 1 and a motion sensor which allows a very accurate pedometer and cool motion-controlled games using the tailored motion apps.

The DX2 can basically do what every smartwatch can do except for being able to make calls and it doesn’t have a GPS.
It comes with a big touchscreen and a rechargeable battery that can be charged with a micro USB cable.

Using the micro USB cable you can also connect the device to your computer in order to download the cool pictures your kid took during the day.

The DX2 comes with lots of interactive games and features, the cameras are awesome and the kids have tonnes of effects, filters, and frames which they can play with.

It offers a very cool augmented reality gaming experience in the shape of a monster detector game in which the kids have to catch monsters in the real world.

The smartwatch is splash-proof and will not survive a shower or a pool.

Overall, this smartwatch is a great activity tracker but it is much much more and it offers lots of fun for the kids wearing it.

Check out this video of the Kidizoom DX2 smartwatch.

My Conclusion

If you are looking for a smartwatch with very basic activity tracking abilities but that is very fun, enjoyable and looks cool at a great price than this smartwatch is the best option for you.
In my opinion, it is more suitable for small children aged 4-6 as a first cheap option before upgrading for one of the other 2 in this list which delivers more serious and reliable activity tracking abilities.

My rating:8

You can check it out here on Amazon.

3.Fitbit Ace, Activity Tracker for Kids – Best Fitbit for Kids

Recommended age:8+

FITBIT has launched an activity tracker for children that connects to the application in their parents’ phones and enables them to monitor the children’s physical activity.

Fitbit is known for its great quality tracking bands for adults and this band does not fall in quality.

In fact, it is very similar to the adult version, the popular Fitbit Alta, just with a smaller band.

The band looks very prestigious as you might expect from a Fitbit device and it tracks steps, active minutes and sleeps.

The Fitbit Ace is splashproof which means that it will survive a shower or splashes but I wouldn’t go further than that.

The Adjusted Fitbit app is very cool, providing lots of activities and rewards, Because of the goals set by the watch, the children want to reach and bypass them thus practice better, sleep better and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Check out this video of the Fitbit Ace

My conclusion

If you are looking for a great quality product that looks and feels great than Fitbit will not disappoint you.
However, the Fitbit Ace is a bit pricier than the first 2 activity trackers on this list and has some weak points.
The first weak point is that it offers very basic activity tracking and it 
doesn’t track heart rate activity, calories, and distance which is a bit disappointing since these features exist in other much cheaper trackers.

My rating:7

Check it out on Amazon.

I hope that I helped you find the best fitness tracker for kids in 2020.

If you have any additional trackers for kids that you think should be on this list or if you have experiences with this list’s fitness trackers, please share it with us in the comments below.


The best fitness trackers for teenagers and kids must look cool but also be functional.
A fitness tracker for teenagers and kids is a great way to encourage them to move and to monitor and have control over the kid’s and teenagers’ activity level in a world that is becoming less and less active.
Choosing a tracker that the teenager or the kid would love to wear and that will give him and his parents
good data on his activity levels is a very important choice and I hope that I hoped I helped you with.