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With technology making advancements by leaps and bounds, it has revolutionized a number of fronts from education to healthcare.

Wearable technology has been one of the game-changers by harmonizing technology with fitness. This had been such a welcome change because for a long time people were under the impression that technology is ultimately the enemy of fitness.

With wearable technology making fitness easier and more fun for people by letting them actively see their data and then use that data to better improve their workout plans.

Here is an article on my website that you must read, its about How Do Fitness Trackers Track Steps, Stairs, Stress And Calories.

Fitness trackers were received so well by the public that other applications of fitness trackers went into consideration too. As a result of that, we get fitness trackers for dogs.

Dogs are quite active animals and certain breeds actually require a lot of exercises. Fitness trackers sorted that bit out for dog owners by giving them tech to track their dog’s daily activities.

Top 5 Best Fitness Trackers For Dogs Reviews

These trackers not only have GPS to locate your lost pet but also provide the same activity tracking features so that you can monitor your dog’s fitness and intervene at the right time too in case of an anomaly.

With the added perk of setting daily goals for your dog and also a comparison of data, these gadgets are truly a must for active dog owners.

1. FitBark 2

The FitBark 2 can easily be confused as a pet fashion accessory at first because it looks very cute due to its casing. This does play to its strengths because a piece of technology with lights emitting out of it would eventually scare a dog or cause it to disrupt it.

The FitBark may as well be considered the Fitbit for dogs because it is a great pet activity tracker and comes with a durable build as well. You can even purchase a rubber casing for the FitBark and let your dog go wild in the water too.

It has long battery life of up to 6 months! and syncs with your fitness tracking software like Google, Apple or Fitbit. Its key features are activity tracking and sleep monitoring. It tracks activities in the form of distances traveled and it also has a feature to calculate the calories burned as well.

All this data combine to give you an overall health analysis of your dog as well as detecting an anomaly in its behavior.

It features some other great perks like the ability to share your dog’s activity data with your vet and compare it with other dogs. Best of all, unlike most pet trackers, the FitBark does not have a monthly subscription fee.

2. Findster Duo+

Yet another great activity tracker for dogs that does not include any monthly fees as well. The Findster Duo+ features a cute and compact design that looks great attached to your pet’s collar and isn’t big enough to obstruct the dog’s movement.

It has a real-time pet locator using GPS so you don’t ever have to worry about a lost pet again. Apart from these features, it serves as a pet activity tracker that monitors all-day activity tracking with GPS data.

The Findster Duo+ is all about active pets and encourages you and your dog to brave the outdoors. It boasts a range up to 4.8 km meaning you can let your dog explore while you keep track of it on your module.

The battery performance on this gadget is also quite impressive as it lasts about 12 hours on an intensive hike, 3 days on 2 regular walks lasting 30 minutes each and 7 days at home. All of these with the GPS location turned on.

3. Link AKC Smart Dog Collar

If you’re not a fan of modules or clip-ons and prefer the traditional collar approach then don’t worry about being left behind.

The Link AKC Smart Dog Collar has a built-in GPS tracker to locate your dog and also serves as an activity monitor. It works with Android and iOS and you can sync it with the app.

The collar is extremely comfortable and if that wasn’t enough, Link AKC can measure your dog and provide you with a custom, adjustable collar. They offer location tracking nationwide for a nominal monthly charge and have access to the Pet Poison Helpline.

The activity monitor adjusts its daily goals based on your dog’s breed and keeps you updated with all the useful information. This fitness tracker goes the extra mile by including extended safety features to make up for the cost.

The smart collar will notify you if the temperature around your dog changes as well as storing vet records in the app. The battery life is quite standard too, lasting up to 3 days on regular use.

4. PitPat dog activity and fitness monitor

PitPat2 is the latest form of top-notch PitPat activity monitor. It has all the ultimate technologies that can make taking care of your dog much easier and enjoyable.

It has been developed with the advice of vets and works with the help of easy-to-use applications. It correctly determines and shows all the data related to the dogs, for example, movement and relaxation, distance traveled and calories burned. It also helps to manage a dog’s weight. 

It is very lightweight and convenient to use. It is also water resistant and does not require any recharging as it offers an exchangeable battery.

5. Tractive waterproof GPS dog tracker

It is an excellent multitasking GPS dog tracker which helps you to watch over your dog 24/7 along with examining its activity. Also, you can point out safe places for your dog and know when your dog leaves that place or returns. 

It monitors a dog’s activity 24/7, for example, it shows how much time the dog was active or taking rest, and measures calories burnt. It can also establish a fitness target. 

Also, this gadget is very tiny and lightweight. It is also 100% water resistant.

How To Choose The Best Fitness Trackers For Dogs?

To get the best fitness tracker for your dog, you need to look at some important features of the fitness tracker. Here, we have provided all the crucial factors you need to consider before buying a fitness tracker.

Activity Tracking

The apps used in a fitness tracker differ from one another and offer distinct activity-tracking features. For instance, some records the distance traveled by the dog whereas some also record the time taken for a certain distance traveled. So you should choose one according to your desire.

Feeding Guidelines

Some fitness trackers provide recommendations on feeding guidelines by using all the gathered information. So a tracker with feeding guidance will help you to feed your dog the proper amount of food it requires. 

Made with GPS Tracker

It is important to have a fitness tracker made with a GPS tracker, as it helps to keep your dog safe. Such a tracker will provide all the location-related information about your dog. Thus, if your dog gets lost, it can help you to find it.

Water Resistant

It is essential to have a tracker that is water-resistant. This is because the dog might go swimming. So in order to get correct tracking the tracker should be resistant to water.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Are Dog Trackers Worth It?

Answer: yes, undeniably dog trackers are worth it. Although it is quite expensive, it is very helpful as well. It is a multitasker that helps you to look after your dog along with tracking its location.

Is There A Dog Pedometer?

Answer: yes, there are many dog pedometers available. You can find them on amazon, Walmart, and many other sites. 

Can I Put An Apple Tracker On My Dog?

Answer: Although you can put an Apple tracker on your dog, Apple doesn’t recommend you to do so, as Apple trackers are built to locate things not dogs.


Dogs are very active pets, and as mentioned, they also require fitness trackers like human beings. In this article, you have explored the top-most best fitness trackers for dogs, and also have learned about all the special features each one offers.

I hope this will help you to choose your desired fitness tracker for your dog.

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