Home Button Not Working On iPhone 8 (How To Fix 2024)




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The Home button is an important part of the iPhone 8, and its failure to work can be a great inconvenience. Fortunately, there are several possible solutions to this problem.

important part of the iPhone 8

Resetting the device or settings, restoring via iTunes or Finder, calibrating, cleaning the Home button, and using assistive touch are all methods that can be used to attempt to fix the issue.

In addition, it may be necessary to replace the Home button, requiring professional help.

This article will provide information on various options for solving the issue of a malfunctioning Home button on an iPhone 8.

Resetting iPhone

Resetting the iPhone is one potential solution to the issue of a non-functioning Home button on an iPhone 8. This can be done by hard-rebooting the device, which requires pressing and releasing the Volume Up button, pressing and releasing the Volume Down button, and pressing and holding the Power button until the Apple logo appears.

Alternatively, the settings can be reset by navigating to the Reset menu in the General settings and entering the phone’s password. Restoring the device via iTunes or Finder may also resolve the issue.

Additionally, calibrating the iPhone can resolve the issue. This can be done by opening a stock application and holding the sleep button until the ‘Slide to power off’ prompt appears, then releasing the sleep button and holding the Home button for 10 seconds.

Cleaning the Home button with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab can also be helpful. If these steps are not successful, consider using the Assistive Touch feature or replacing the Home button.

Cleaning Home Button

Cleaning the activation mechanism with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol may be necessary to restore functionality of the Home button on an iPhone 8. A common solution when the Home button isn’t working is to clean it. Rubbing alcohol is known to dissolve debris that may accumulate in the button, and a cotton swab is a safe and effective tool to use. The steps for cleaning the Home button are as follows:

1Turn the iPhone off.
2Dip the cotton swab into the rubbing alcohol.
3Gently press the swab against the Home button.
4Rotate the swab while pressing against the button.

Replacement Options

Replacement Options

Considering alternative options may be necessary when the activation mechanism fails to respond.

One option is to replace the Home button. Weighing the cost of official replacement versus DIY options should be taken into account.

Contacting Apple support or purchasing replacement parts online can help to identify the best option for the specific issue.

Additionally, if the issue is due to debris, professional help may be required.

Lastly, using assistive touch as a replacement for the Home button can be an effective solution if the options for repair or replacement are not feasible.

Assistive touch can be enabled in the Settings menu and the dark square icon with the white circle can be used as a substitute for the Home button.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other ways can I reset my iPhone 8?

Other ways to reset an iPhone 8 can include resetting the settings through the device’s menu, restoring the device using iTunes or Finder, calibrating the device, cleaning the Home button, and using Assistive Touch.

What are the benefits of using assistive touch?

Assistive touch provides an alternative method of interacting with an iPhone 8, enabling users to access features and functions without using the Home button. It offers mobility options for people with physical disabilities and greater control over the device.

What is the cost difference between replacing the Home button myself and using Apple Support?

Replacing the Home button oneself may be less expensive than using Apple Support, depending on the cost of the replacement part and the labor rate of a professional repair service.

Can I clean the Home button without using rubbing alcohol?

It is possible to clean the Home button without using rubbing alcohol; however, it is not recommended. Cotton swabs and water may be used, but professional help is suggested if debris persists.

Is there any way to prevent the Home button from malfunctioning again?

To prevent the home button from malfunctioning again, it is important to regularly clean the button using a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol, and to use Assistive Touch when possible. Additionally, ensure that the iPhone is regularly updated with the latest software.

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