Which Famous People Wear Omega Watches?




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Omega is a prestigious Swiss watchmaker that has been in business since 1848. The company’s timepieces have become an iconic symbol of success and prestige, with many notable individuals wearing them.

Considering the quality of the Omega Watches, many notable and famous people proudly wear Omega Watches and I’ll tell you about them. In this guide, I’ll tell you about the Notable Royal family members, sports figures, and Hollywood celebrities who wear Omega Watches. Let’s get started.

Wear Omega Watches

Which Royal People wear Omega Watches?

Royal people from around the world have long been associated with Omega watches, making them a highly sought-after accessory. Exploring the history and fashion trends of high society, many notable royal figures have been seen wearing an Omega watch for various public events.

Examples include Queen Elizabeth II, who has been photographed wearing a vintage gold Omega watch since the 1950s; Prince Charles of Wales, who was presented with an 18k gold Omega watch by his grandmother in 1969; and Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco, whose iconic stainless steel Constellation model became her signature look.

Other royals known to wear Omega watches are King Hussein of Jordan; King Harald V of Norway; Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako of Japan; as well as Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai.

All these royal figures demonstrate that Omega watches are not only fashionable but also exude timelessness and sophistication which is why they remain popular among the wealthy elite today.

Which famous sports figures wear Omega Watches?

Sports figures are often seen wearing Omega watches, such as tennis player Roger Federer and Formula One driver Michael Schumacher.

Athlete endorsements of luxury watch brands have become increasingly common in recent years.

Many professional teams, both individual sports and team-based sports, now feature athletes who endorse Omega watches.

For instance, Olympic swimmer Chad Le Clos is a brand ambassador for the Swiss watchmaker and is often seen wearing his own custom-made model.

Basketball star Stephen Curry has also recently been spotted sporting an Omega timepiece on the court during games.

Golf legend Phil Mickelson has also endorsed Omega since 2010, often seen wearing their Seamaster Aqua Terra models on the golf course.

These well-known sports figures show that Omega continues to hold a reputation for being associated with excellence in all types of athletic endeavors.

Which Hollywood Stars wear Omega Watches?

Hollywood Celebrities

Hollywood celebrities have also become associated with Omega watches. In recent years, the watch company has been successful in creating brand partnerships and influencer endorsements to help spread awareness of its products.

These associations include actors such as Daniel Craig, who wore an Omega Seamaster 300M in his role as James Bond; George Clooney, who has worn various models from the Aqua Terra collection; and Eddie Redmayne who was seen wearing the Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Chronograph model during the Oscars.

Other Hollywood stars associated with Omega watches include:

  • Cindy Crawford – Wearing a De Ville Hour Vision for a photo shoot in 2017.
  • Nicole Kidman – Featuring several campaign videos for different collections over the years.
  • John F. Kennedy – Gifted by wife Jackie Kennedy with an Omega Ultra Thin watch in 1962 shortly before becoming President of The United States of America.
  • Buzz Aldrin – Wore an Omega Speedmaster Professional while on the Apollo 11 mission to be the first man to walk on The Moon.


Omega watches have been worn by a number of notable people since its first design in 1848. Royalty, sports figures, and Hollywood celebrities alike are often seen wearing the iconic timepieces.

Omega watches boast both classic designs as well as modern technological advancements, making them an ideal choice for those looking to keep up with the latest trends without sacrificing quality or craftsmanship.

In conclusion, Omega watches remain a popular choice for some of the world’s most influential people due to their timeless designs and advanced features.

The combination of style and functionality makes these watches stand out amongst their competition and ensures that they will continue to be a staple in luxury watchmaking for many years to come.

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