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In case you own a watch, it is evident that you have to repair it at some point. The repairs can be replacing the battery or some slight maintenance job.

Open A Watch Back

However, to do these works, you have to open the watch back. So, this might make you wonder about how to open a watch back.

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Opening a watch back differs for each watch. There are various types of watch backs that require different methods for opening them. 

Let us jump directly into the process without any further delay.

How To Open A Watch Back: Step By Step Guideline

The process of opening a watch back is so easy that you can do it yourself! You won’t necessarily face any problems, to be honest.

However, things might get tricky in case you don’t have any prior idea regarding this. That’s why we are here to help you. Although, before starting, you will need some tools for the job.

Necessary Tools

  • Knife
  • Prong opener wrench
  • Screw Driver

Step By Step Procedure

Step 1: Knowing The Type Of Watch Back

You have to know what type of back your watch has. Watches have different types of backs that differ greatly in how they are installed. Each type also has its unique way of opening.

Typically, Watch Backs Come In Four Different Types. These Are As Follows

  • Watch Backs with screws:  These watch backs have screws installed in them. These screws hold the watch backs in their place.
  • Snap Off Watch Back: These are the most generic watch backs. They are snapped to the back of the watches. 
  • Notched Case Back: These watch backs have a number of notches varying in shape and size. These notches keep the watch back fixed to the watch.

Step 2: Opening The Watch Back

After you have identified the type of your watch back, you need to open it. To do that, you need to get the tools you need. Following that, you will have to use the proper tools to open the back of your watch.

i) Opening a Watch Back with Screws:

This is quite an easy process. All you need is a screwdriver. Keep in mind that the size of the screwdriver should match the screws. 

Take the screwdriver and place it above a screw. Then, make sure that it fits inside the screw hole. Once you have done that, turn the screw in the anti-clockwise direction. Keep turning the screw until it comes out. After that, repeat the process for all of the remaining screws.

You can also use wowsticks to open the screws effortlessly. However, normal screwdrivers cost way less than a wowstick.

This Video Might Be Of Help To You:

ii) Opening a Notched Watch Back:

To open this type of watch back, you will need a prong opener wrench. Make sure whether the prong opener wrench has the right thickness or not. If the prong opener wrench does not have the right thickness, it will surely cause problems for you. You may even scratch the back of your watch or damage it permanently. 

Once you have selected the ideal prong opener wrench, use it to hold the notches of your watch back. After that, you need to twist the watch back until it comes off.

However, don’t be rash and twist the watch back in a gentle manner. Otherwise, you might even end up damaging the internal parts of your watch. In the worst case, the watch back might not even fit into the watch. But, do not worry. If you do it properly, the process becomes quite easy.

A good alternative to using a prong opener wrench is scissors. You can use the scissors to twist the notches on the watch back. But, this process is not as easy as using a prong opener wrench.

See This Video To Have A Better Understanding Of This:

iii) Opening a Snap Off Watch Back: 

Opening this type of watch back is probably the easiest. To open a snap off watch back, all you need is a knife. Use the sharp edge of the knife to glide around the joint of the watch and its back part. You can start with the small indentation in your watch back. If the watch is sealed shut without any indentation, just pushing the knife upwards will be enough.

Then, you need to apply pressure gradually. The watch back should open up once you’ve applied sufficient pressure.

A better alternative to using a knife can be the hands of a pair of scissors. It is less sharp than a knife. So the possibility of an accident becomes way less.

You can also use a flat head screwdriver for this purpose. Well, Any type of thin and strong metal will do the trick.

To avoid putting any scratch on the watch back, use the knife carefully. Also, using a knife with a dull edge is better than using a knife with a sharp edge.

You Can Use Help From This Video:

How To Open A Watch Back Without Proper Tools?

You can use your fingernails to open a watch back if the watch back is not screwed in. However, the fingernails should be long enough.

You need to find the hinge on your watch back and then, use your nails to pry the watch back open. Also, you can use scissors as an alternative to your fingernails.

You can also use a rubber ball to open a screw-back watch. Firmly press the rubber ball onto the watch back and twist it. The rubber ball will make the watch back pop off due to its sticky property. 

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This Video May Be Of Help To You:

Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQs ]

For your further inquiry, you may check out this section of the article. Here, we will answer the most common questions regarding ”How To Open A Watch Back? “

How To Open A Watch Back That Is Stuck?

Answer: You need to take a socket of 15mm size and apply superglue on its one end. Then stick that end to your watch back for around 30 minutes. Now, twist the socket left and right. The watch back should come off with this action. You can pour some acetone into the socket so that it comes off the watch back. 

Why Can’t I Get The Back Off My Watch?

Answer: Over time, the seal of the watch back can become too tight. Also, if the watch back is screwed into the watch, The screws can become too tight. These are some reasons why you can’t get the back off your watch.

What Tool Is Used To Open The Back Of A Watch?

Answer: You can use a case wrench, screwdriver or a sharp and strong metal to open the back of your watch. It depends on the type of watch back you have.

What Is A Friction Ball?

Answer: Friction ball is a watch back opener. It is quite tacky and uses its large surface area to create an excellent grip. This makes opening the watch back much easier.

What Can You Use Instead Of A Spring Bar Tool?

Answer: A small screwdriver or knife can be used as an alternative to a spring bar tool. However, it is not advised to use anything other than a spring bar tool.


In this article, we have tried to guide you on how to open a watch back. If you have read it all the way, you understand how easy it is to open a watch back.

However, you need to keep your cool if you want to do this properly. Some people become nervous while doing this, leading to unforeseen circumstances. In case you are unsure about doing this yourself, you can always get help. There are a lot of shops which can open your watch back for you.

We think that the process of opening a watch back is quite easy once you get the gist of it. We wish you all the best and hope that you’ve understood about opening your watch back.

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