Is Quartz Watch Better Than Automatic?




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Nowadays, you will get a lot of options when buying a watch. However, people generally prefer buying quartz watches over automatic watches. So, before you decide on buying a watch, you may wonder is quartz watch better than automatic.

Quartz Watch Better Than Automatic

Both quartz and automatic watches have some unique advantages over each other. However, many believe that quartz watches are better than automatic watches.

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Now, we will start by comparing both automatic and quartz watches. Then, you can easily decide which watch will suit your preference.

Is Quartz Watch Better Than Automatic

To simply answer the question, quartz watches are better than automatic watches. Quartz watches have better accuracy compared to automatic watches. Let us dive into the side-by-side comparison without any further delay.

Quartz Watch Overview

Quartz watches are battery-powered watches. There is a quartz crystal inside the watch. Upon receiving electricity from the battery, the quartz crystal starts oscillating.

This oscillation of the quartz crystal is converted into an electric signal with the help of an integrated circuit. That electric signal then makes the dials run.

Pros of Quartz Watch

  • Quartz watches can be easily produced in factories.
  • These watches also require very little maintenance.
  • Quartz watches have no need for winding.
  • These watches have high accuracy.

Cons of Quartz Watch

  • The components of quartz watches wear out with time.
  • You will also need to change the batteries quite frequently.
  • It is hard to fix the individual electric components of a quartz watch.

Automatic Watch Overview

Automatic watches are comprised of many intricate parts. They are a result of complicated craftsmanship. Automatic watches have no need for manual winding, unlike mechanical watches. The user just has to wear it and it will automatically function from the hand movement.

Automatic watches function in quite a complicated manner. The many parts within it work together seamlessly to keep these watches functioning.

Pros of  Automatic Watch

  •  Automatic watches do not need manual winding.
  •  An automatic watch doesn’t require any battery.
  •  These watches have a very intricate design.
  •  These watches are aesthetically pleasing.

Cons of  Automatic Watch

  • Automatic watches are expensive.
  • Mass production of these watches is impossible.
  • These watches have lesser accuracy than quartz watches.

Automatic Watches vs. Quartz Watches: Similarities 

  • Reliability: Both quartz and automatic watches have reliability for their users.
  • Fashionable: Some people find quartz watches fashionable while others find automatic watches to suit their taste. 

Automatic Watches vs. Quartz Watches: Differences

  1. Movement: Quartz watches are operated with a quartz crystal and battery. Whereas, automatic watches are kept functional through the movement of a user.
  2. Parts: Automatic watches are comprised of many tiny parts. On the other hand, quartz watches mainly have a battery, a quartz crystal and a circuit board.
  3. Production: Quartz watches are mass-produced in factories. On the contrary, automatic watches need manual labor and intricate craftsmanship that eventually affect production.
  4. Accuracy: Quartz watches lose a few seconds over 3-4 months. However, automatic watches lose time quickly in comparison.
  5. Maintenance cost: The parts of quartz watches are cheaper. Compared to them, automatic watches have a high maintenance cost.
  6. Cost: Quartz watches are cheap when compared to automatic watches.

Why is Quartz Watch Better Than Automatic?

Quartz watches are more accurate than automatic watches. These watches can keep time with high precision over a long time. 

The servicing cost of quartz watches is also lower. You will need to change the battery when it dies. That is as far as servicing goes, provided that you have not done any damage to it.

Quartz watches are pretty cheap. As these watches have a very simple mechanism, they can be mass-produced, causing the price to be lower than automatic watches.

Here is a nice video explaining about Why Quartz Watches Are BETTER Then Automatics?

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Automatic and quartz watches have some key differences. We think that we were able to answer the question is quartz watch better than automatic.

Although automatic watches have a rich history, their price keeps them out of reach for many people. Hence, for them, buying a quartz watch is better rather than breaking the bank. Quartz watches also have designs which people deem to be fashionable.

At the end of the day, it is up to you whether you think a quartz watch is better than an automatic watch or not. From the discussion above, we think that a quartz watch is better than an automatic watch. 

What do you think?

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