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With the increasing population, the number of crimes is increasing at a tremendous rate which has literally forced the households to acquire the security systems.

It has nearly become a necessity, and security cameras are the star of the show. The market is flooding with different security cameras loaded with advanced features. However, there are only a few of them which offer the 24/7 recording of the videos just like the Ring cameras.

In this article, we have rounded up multiple security cameras that have been designed to capture high resolution, store the extra footages, and the feature of displaying the footage on the mobile is topping everything in a perfect manner.

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There are some security cameras that can be scheduled to record at a particular time or else, and it will be utterly possible for them to start recording upon the motion detection. So, have a look at what we have got you!

Top 7 Best Security Cameras That Can Record 24/7

To ensure the perfect security for you and your belongings, a security camera that can record 24/7 can be a good option. Hence, you have to choose the best suitable one. Here, we have brought up some top-notch security cameras that will provide you with the ultimate security recording 24/7. 

1. Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera

This is an indoor surveillance system, and it is an excellent choice for buildings such as offices, hospitals, and anything that operate indoor. This camera is sporting the HD footage, which is not only definite, but the wide-angle lens will capture all the essential details.

This camera can be connected to the phone for an all-time control, and the motion alerts are sent directly to the phone. Along with the notification, it sends the footage of the motion object as well.

If you aren’t too tech-savvy, you don’t have to worry because, with this video surveillance, the installation will be a piece of cake. The footage quality is 1080 HD pixels not only during the day but at night as well when the lights are out.

As we have already mentioned the ability to send motion-detection alerts, the footage of the event can be streamed on the mobile ranging for up to three hours.

If you want, this camera will record 24/7 if you need it to. It is equipped with a microphone and a speaker through which two-way communication (talk and listen) has been made possible.

2. Canary Flex Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera

This camera set is a multi-tasker given its ability to record and to be installed outdoors as well as indoors. This also deduces that it has the capability to stream and record the video during the daylight and dark nights equally.

Intelligent motion detection is excellent as it can send alerts upon motion detection. If you have an app, it can be connected to it to stream the video live or record the 24-hour based videos. 

The versatility of this camera is making ultimate bounds as it can be plugged into the switch. However, if the switch isn’t nearby, it can be installed wireless given the rechargeable battery features.

It can be installed the way users like because the magnetic swivel base will allow the users to angle the camera as they want. If you install the camera outside, you don’t have to worry about the weather conditions because it can bear all the storms given the waterproof nature.

This camera has the capability to define two types of videos; real-time and full videos (live streaming) or the users can schedule it to record the video upon motion detection.

The videos are stored in the cloud and are available for 24 hours only. You can easily download the videos from the cloud. However, for the long-term storage options, you will need to opt for Canary Membership. With the membership, the users can store the videos for up to 30 days.

Overall, it is an excellent option given the two-way communication feature, emergency support available in the app, and the perfect sleek design. If you want a reasonable price and loaded features, Canary Flex is the way to go!

3. YI Home Camera

Whenever people adjoin their hands to get their home or office a security camera, the first crossing the mind is a dent in the bank account but with YI Home, al such problems will be dispersed in the air.

This is an indoor security camera which has the tendency to capture, live-stream and record 1080 HD video. Once it records the video, it can be saved in the mounted in the Micro SD card. This camera has a baby-crying detection which makes it a perfect choice for the nurseries.

This indoor camera is sporting the wide-angle lens, and with the night-vision feature, it can record anything in the light and dark with complete distance coverage.

The Micro SD card has wooed everyone as it has the compatibility with 32 GB memory card. The camera can be connected to the phone/app to have real-time information regarding the surroundings.  However, for the storage options, the YI cloud is a fantastic option as it has record the loops (unlimited!)

Many people have been using this camera to keep an eye on their kids as it has the cry-detection feature topped with the motion-detection.

Plus, once it detects the motion or a crying baby, it will send the notification to the phone through the app connectivity. However, the privacy policy of the camera states that they track the usage, so consider that and the non-sleek design!

4. Amcrest ProHD Wireless WiFi IP Camera

This is the specialized camera that has been designed to keep an eye on everything during the night. We are saying this because this camera is using the 12 infrared LED lights to record the video during the night. It can capture the video for about 32 feet in the dark, and that is what makes it the perfect choice for night-time recording.

This night vision security camera can be connected to the phone, and once you do, the users have the liberty to record the 1080 HD videos, and it can be stored in the Micro SD card.

If you want, the camera can be connected to the Wi-Fi to ensure an all-time and real-time video streaming on the phone. Other than the mobile phone, it can be connected to tablets and computers as well. The app allows the users to tilt, zoom, and pan the video to have an eye on everything they want.

The regular features of motion detection and notification sending are available as well, along with the two-way communication. However, the microphone has been equipped with noise-canceling technology to make sure people are able to make clear conversation (if need be.)

5. Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

You might be thinking that we are repeating this camera, but we aren’t, this is an outdoor surveillance system because NEST believes in catering to every client and their needs. Just like the indoor camera, this outdoor camera is equipped with 24/7 video recording options and motion detection as well.

However, there is a limitation in this security camera because it needs the wired system (switch) to work, and you might have to think about the mounting position before investing in it. In the package, the wall plate is attached along with the magnetic mount.

Once you are done with the camera installation, the users can stream the live footage, and if they want, the 24/7 recording option is also available.

The motion-detection feature will send out the alerts upon the motion. When the motion is detected, the camera takes immediate photos and stores it for almost three hours. However, for the longer storage periods, the users can buy the Nest Aare subscription.

It boasts the two-way communication with the speaker and microphone so you can ask and talk to the person at the door. On the other hand, easy installation is always a plus option all you need to do is plug the switch in, and mount it to the wall to make it work!

6. Reolink Argus Indoor/Outdoor Security IP Camera

If you are a no-hassle person, you might be interested in this security camera because it can be used outdoors as well as indoors.

The best thing is that it doesn’t require the complicated wiring system to start working as it works on the batteries.

The camera uses four CR1234 3V batteries to last you a long stretch of time. Moreover, the camera is waterproof, which makes it an amazing option to mount outside.

7. NETVUE Outdoor security camera

The brand of the camera is NETVUE. Night vision and motion sensors are the special features of the camera. In fact, the resolution of the camera is high-end, which is 1080p. 

Besides the daylight, the camera is able to record HD video in a very dark place. You can record 24 hours a day or 7 days a week consistently with the camera. It is a professional security camera. 

It will protect your private recorded video. In addition, the camera has 2 storage which is a cloud storage and a 128 GB SD card. So, you can store video on the camera.  

Buying Guide Of The Best 24/7 Recording Security Camera

If you want to make a significant purchase, then you have to know some critical factors about security cameras. After that, you can investigate and evaluate some best security cameras. 

Here are mentioned those factors:

Long-Lasting Design

The construction of the camera has to be very strong because it is an outdoor security camera. Most of the best cameras have a weather protection feature. 

The camera has to have water-resistance features so it can protect itself from water or heavy rain. 

Video Resolution

The high resolution of the security camera is able to capture everything in a crystal clear way. In addition, the camera has to have a fast motion feature that is active all day long. 

Storage For Video Recording

The best security camera has to have storage for keeping the video recording or footage for around 30 days. As a result, the maximum security camera has hard drives. 

Night Vision

The most important function of a security camera is night vision. In fact, the full-color night vision camera is very expensive. You should choose a camera that can take footage sharply in a pitch-dark environment. 

Wide-Angle Lenses

A camera should have a wide-angle lens so that it can cover the side which is out of your area. As a result, you will get footage that is too far away from your boundaries. 

Other Features

Privacy and two-factor authentication are the most essential features of a camera. For this, the hacker will not hack your privacy.

Moreover, the advanced feature is important so that your camera can recognize the faces between animals and humans. 

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

How Long Can A Security Camera Record?

Answer: The recording duration of the security camera depends on the type of camera. A security camera can record 5 seconds, 12 seconds, 30 seconds, 24 hours or 7 days consistently. 

Do Motion Sensor Cameras Record All The Time?

Answer: The motion sensor cameras do not record all the time. When the motion camera is active, then they start to record the objectives. 

Can Wireless Cameras Record Continuously?

Answer: A wireless camera can record continuously. For this, the camera has to have storage which is a cloud or SD card so that the camera can store that footage or recording. 


A security camera is very essential if you want to know who visits your house or what’s going on outside of your house. Moreover, it will increase the safety and security in your life. 

If you consider those buying guides before purchasing, then you can buy a good security camera that will work in an excellent way. In addition, the camera will record every activity 24/7. 

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