What Smart Doorbells Work With Google Home?

In this article, I will help you find out what smart doorbells work best with Google Home?

In recent times, doorbells have become better and smarter than they were ever before. This is all thanks to the rise of smart /video doorbells. Now, you no longer have to stress when someone unexpectedly shows up at your doorstep. Alternatively, you can see who is at the door using video and even communicate with whoever’s on your footstep. If you are a user of Google Assistant, then we’ve formulated a list of the best smart doorbells that are compatible with it.

7 Smart Doorbells that Work With Google Home

1. Ring Video Doorbell:

Our first pick is the Ring Video Doorbell. It offers the best value for money. The bell’s wide-angle camera records video in 720p HD. You can easily connect the doorbell with your phone and receive alerts on it. You can also receive notifications on your pc or tablet whenever motion is detected. You can utilize the two-way talk feature and talk to the person present at your door.

The doorbell can be used as-is or you can subscribe to cloud storage, professional monitoring, discounts and much more. The Ring Doorbell costs around $100 and can be easily ordered through amazon.

Although it is a relatively old product, it certainly offers great value for money. It runs on battery power and does not need to be connected to your existing doorbell. You can easily integrate it with your Google Home. Recording a video, toggle motion alerts and check for the last Ring notifications, you can achieve this and much more with the Ring Doorbell. A dealbreaker for some people might be the fact that video can’t be streamed to Home Hub or Chromecast. Even then, if you are on a tight budget then this is the best bet for you.

2. Ring Video Doorbell 2:

This is the latest version of the Ring Doorbell series. It is an improved version of its predecessor, with 1080p HD resolution and offers a 160-degree wide-angle camera. The video recording is much sharper than the previous version. For a fresh look, you can swap the faceplate and go for a different look. The battery can be easily removed so every time you need to charge the battery, the whole doorbell won’t have to be removed. The new doorbell costs $199.

3. Google Nest Hello:

Moving on from the Ring Doorbells, the Nest Hello is a new great option that is well-deserving to be on our list. The camera records video at a phenomenal1600 x 1200 in HDR for up to 30 FPS, so you can have an excellent view right from your couch. Some additional features in the Hello include night vision, 24/7 recording and 2 step verification with 128-bit encryption. Additionally, you can buy a subscription for Nest Aware, and the camera will be able to detect some particular faces.

Nest Hello is available on Amazon for $189. There are a number of doorbells compatible with Google Home but Nest Hello has true integration with Google Home. It works well with Google’s smart speaker as Nest is a subsidiary of Google. This is the best high-resolution video doorbell that has excellent compatibility with Google Home and other Google products.

An interesting feature of this doorbell is that it announces once someone rings the bell. This is great for areas where the sound of the doorbell does not reach. To get the full benefit from this product, you can integrate it with Google home hub.  In this way, whenever someone rings the doorbell, Nest hello video feed will pop up on your screen automatically. So, you can view whoever is at the door right from your couch through your digital peephole.

Apart from this, Nest Hello also offers the best user interface and has a smart body that fits anywhere in your home.  

4. Ring Video Doorbell Pro:

This option is a little on the expensive side so for buyers who are willing to splurge on a smart doorbell then this option will definitely interest you. The doorbell needs your existing wiring and has a lengthy installation time but once installed, you get to use the 1080p camera that you can access day/night. There is no need to charge it and you can avail 24/7 motion detection. The smart doorbell comes with a price tag of $249.

5. RemoBell S:

RemoBell S has the same price as the original Ring Video Doorbell. The doorbell captures HD video and comes with a two-way talking option. The microphone and speaker work well with the 180-degree field view. You can see in very little light with its night vision and motion alerts. You also get to use three-day free cloud storage with every purchase of the Remobell. The price of Remobell S is $99. 

 The bell has a sleek and slim body that supports Alexa and Google voice commands. Additionally, there is an option of interoperability with other smart home devices as well through IFTTT applets. With its sharp video recording, responsive motion detection, RemoBell s is a hard entry to beat with its extremely affordable price tag.

6. Aeotec Doorbell 6:

Aeotec Doorbell 6 alerts you wherever you are when someone knocks at your door. The doorbell consists of two devices that are to be mounted on the wall. One is the outdoor bell button while the other is the indoor chime. These together alert you whenever someone rings the doorbell. The chime has the ability to emit 110db audio alerts which are quite loud so you can hear them even in your sleep. Moreover, the chime also blinks its LEDs so you can visibly see when it is ringing as well.

The doorbell has 30 ringtones to choose from, and the chime can operate efficiently within a range of 390 feet from the outdoor button. The outdoor button can trigger Z- wave lights, record videos, and scenes at your doorstep. The chime is compatible with other Z-wave doorbells. The Aeotec 6 works well with Google Home once you’ve selected a hub for it.  The outdoor unit is water-resistant which is just great.

7. Nexia Z-wave Doorbell Sensor DB100Z:   

The outdoor doorbell sensor of the Nexia Z wave directly connects with the indoor chime. And it can transmit messages to your Google Home setup whenever some activity is noticed at your door. You can enjoy the sense of security that you can view whoever is at your door from your mobile or tablet. The system is extremely easy to install, just attach the sensor with the Chime through the hardware that comes with it. You can sync Nexia doorbell with your outdoor camera to get the footage from the front door. You can also either use the live video option or record a video for later use.  

Differences between some of the Google products:

Google Assistant:

This is a virtual assistant powered via artificial intelligence. This was developed by Google and was first just limited to mobile and smart home devices. This is an upgrade from the previous virtual assistant developed by Google, Google Now. This assistant can engage in two-way conversations with its users. Users primarily interact using their voices but a keyboard can also be used as a mode of communication. You can easily search the internet, set alarms, reminders and much more by just giving commands to your Google Assistant.

Google Home:

This is another product from Google that consists of smart speakers. This product was launched under the brand Google Nest. Users can communicate with the Google Assistant through the smart speaker that is Google Home. You can order Google Assistant to listen to music, news, and control playback of videos, etc. You can further sync other smart devices with google home and control them through it easily.   

Google Nest:

It is a brand of Google that markets all the smart home products under the umbrella of Google. The products include smart speakers, smart displays, streaming devices, routers, security systems (that include smart doorbells as mentioned above, cameras and smart locks).

Google Home Hub:

Google home hub is visual touchscreen interfaces that help users navigate their daily life. The device is capable of guiding users through their daily routines like a morning routine or an evening workout. The device is priced at $129 and has four colors to choose from.

The device is also known as Nest Hub, which is a part of a Nest series that includes Google Home, Home Mini, and Home Max devices.