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If you, like me felt in love with this amazing gadget and wants to use it in every room of your house or office than the amazing Sonos One Gen 2 with Alexa built-in is the Best Smart Speakers For Bed Room, Kitchen, Living Room, and office.

With its amazing multi-room audio-setup, room-filling sound, and compact design it will fit perfectly for every room, including the bathroom.

Smart gadgets are not just an accessory anymore. Whether we talk about adults or youngsters, everyone is obsessed with the excessive use of smart gadgets. It is taking over the world by the second. These types of products not only save time, effort and money but also save human life.

One prominent gadget among the advanced technological pool is Smart Speaker. Other than maybe television, smart speakers may be the most widely used consumer technology ever devised. Never in the history of consumer electronics have had we encountered such pervasiveness of speakers.

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Recent studies show that 54% of all smart speaker owners are women. For those of you who still live under the rock, let us introduce you to a technology that will persuade you to change your lifestyle for sure!

Best Smart Speakers For Bed Room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Living Room & Office – Sonos One Gen 2 Smart Speaker

Though advancement in technology can be pretty confusing for a layman, still it presents us with multiple options to rediscover life as we know it.

Progression in innovation is proving to be a game changer for us simple human beings. As opposed to ‘dumb’ electronics, smart devices use a collection of data and software applications to communicate with the owners and do what you expect from them.

A Smart speaker is actually more intelligent and useful than you think. If you think its only purpose is to play music then think again! This super smart gadget does more than just that. You can get homework help and make your grocery list through it.

Your Smart Speakers collect data from a variety of sources thus, it works differently for each person. These speakers are versatile and can be used all over your house.

Whether it’s your bedroom or bathroom, smart speakers are your new best friend. In this article, we’re going to explain how you can make your life easy by using the smartest of smart speakers out there and they’re multiple uses all over your household.

Whether you find it creepy, gimmicky or useful, it all depends upon how you view tech innovation.

But you’ve got to admit this cool technology actually makes your life super simple to manage. There’s no going back once you use voice-controlled smart speakers even after a week’s worth of usage.

Who would want to get back to old ways when you can get things done without even standing up from your place. With only voice control, you can change the temperature on thermostat or water the plants. If this isn’t a blessing than I wonder what is!

Best Waterproof Smart Speaker For Bathroom

Smart speakers are taking over the world because of its multiple features. It has made our lives a lot easier than before, all by using a sensitive software and collection of personal data through online servers such as the cloud.

Our smart gadgets are aware of our every need without us notifying them. It may sound cool or creepy, depends upon your perception but whatever you choose to think, one thing is for sure, it has made our lives easy with its smart ways.

The concept of using speakers in bathrooms is not unheard of. It’s a ritual that’s been going on for centuries.

Listening to good music is not only entertaining but also quite soothing. Which explains why you might find a need for it during your bathroom visits.

But there are some rules you need to follow while bringing speakers, smart or not, in the bathroom.

Your smart speaker should be waterproof against any splash of water which means you can enjoy listening to your favorite music while soaking in a bathtub.

The Sonos One will work great in the Bathroom and it is humidity resistant, In case that you want speakers in different rooms in your house which the Bathroom is one of them then you should use the Sonos One for all of them.

Having Sonos One in different rooms will enrich your house with music and you can use them to play the same music together or play differently in each room that you are.

Please Note that the Sonos One is not waterproof, so in case that you cannot place it far enough from a water source than you shouldn’t use it in the Bathroom. For this purpose, the JBL Charge 4 might be a great solution for you.

This Bluetooth, waterproof speaker goes where other speakers can’t, whether it’s piping tunes into the shower or starting a party on the beach.

This highly durable and useful device is great for more than just music. It produces great sound, has a battery that will last all day, and can be networked with multiple other JBL devices. Not only this but it costs less than you would expect for the quality you get.

The JBL Charge 4 is not a smart speaker, however, it can serve you well in the bathroom or in any other place where waterproof resistance is required.
However, as mentioned, in case that the space of your Bathroom allows you to place a speaker far enough from the water source than the Sonos One would work great.

Best Smart Speaker For Every room in your House and Office – Sonos One

Smart speakers are our new pets with which we can not only talk but also give commands to. It carries out all our tasks while we sit back and relax.

If this isn’t living your life than I sincerely wonder what is! These smart gadgets use voice guides such as Alexa or Google Voice Control to help make our life all the more happening.

One device that outshines others in assisting us human beings is Sonos One. Sonos One is the answer to our prayers for all smart speaker users.

The Sonos One is being sold privately and in bundles on Amazon – Check Out the 2nd Generation’s current price.

It facilitates the users in carrying out tasks all over the house. From bedroom to your office this smart speaker stands by your side and give you it’s ultimate support.

This stylish and unobtrusive smart speaker has Alexas’s built-in feature that sets it apart from its numerous competitors out there.

The Sonos One is essentially a Play1 with Amazon Alexa built-in, and that’s a winning combination in anyone’s book.

What sets Sonos One apart is its interesting feature of switching Alexa off by simply tapping the microphone symbol, thus ensuring total privacy which is represented by the lights being off altogether.

It has been reported by repeatedly that your smart speakers though extremely useful in carrying out your daily tasks has a huge flaw.

Google Voice Controls and Alexa takes these flaws as more of a necessity rather than the intrusion of privacy.

What actually happens is that your smart devices are often reported to record your everyday conversations.

The companies behind it admit that during your conversations with Siri or other voice control devices a large group of employees is often found listening in.

They defend this act by saying they do so to gather information about the users so that they can make useful suggestions to their users.

But this feels really gimmicky and this one flaw of smart speakers is somewhat of a big deal. But not anymore, because Sonos One cares about your privacy so now you don’t have to worry about other people eavesdropping.

Another popular device that I’m recommending on my website for people who are concern with privacy issues is the Amazon Echo Gen 2 – Check out its review here on this website.

Sonos’s wireless network is one of the best around, so you are unlikely to encounter too many issues with the wi-fi router.

So no matter where you are in your house, it’s wireless network will facilitate you even from your living room.

You no longer need to have one of your Sonos units wired into your router, although using cables is still a better option for the most stable and reliable connection.

Sonos One also has a custom-designed six-microphone array ensures that she can always hear you.

So, if you’re worried that Sonos might not hear you over the blaring music then you’re completely and utterly wrong.

Whether you play music on Sonos One in your bedroom or all over your house Alexa will respond to your every command even from the adjoining room with only a slightly raised voice.

So, as well as playing the music you can set timers and alarms, check the weather, add items to your shopping list, all small features, but useful nonetheless.


Sonos One – Best Smart Speakers For Bed Room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Living Room & Office.

After surveying the market, we’ve come to a conclusion that Sonos One cements as a best smart speaker in the market. It is not only economical but also has awesome features that make it a useful accessory used all over your household.

The dedicated Sonos app syncs with many streaming music services, from Spotify to Google Play Music to iHeartMusic. The multiroom capabilities of Sonos One give Google Home and Chromecast Audio a run for their money.

It is still the king of whole-home audio. Sonos One works really well with Alexa and Google Assistant. So, if you’re looking for a smart speaker to meet your everyday need, then we suggest you go for Sonos One. It serves multiple purposes and helps you carry out your daily routine with ease like no other.

From adjusting the thermostat to helping in homework, it does everything. Now you can chill and relax and make Sonos make all the grocery lists or lost him help the kids in reading or writing. All you have to do is type in your personal data and allow Sonos to collect data through multiple sources and voila! All your problems are solves because this Genie has got your back!

If you’re looking for an affordable smart speaker to your house whether it is for your Bed Room, Kitchen, Living Room, and office than Sonos One is the best for you.

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