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I admit that the idea of using a smart toothbrush sounded stupid to me but after seeing my wife’s and especially my daughter’s reactions to their new Colgate Connect E1 I admit that I’m thinking of buying one to myself.

Today, every person is going gaga over the “smart” products; be it the smart homes, smart cars, or smart toothbrushes, technology has impacted everything.
Add the word “smart” to any product and people will run after it like the herd of sheep. In this article, our concern is a smart toothbrush which has taken the hygienic people by storm.
The smart toothbrushes are incorporated with the sensors on the head, which sends in the information to the connected app on the smartphone.
The smart toothbrush usually measures the brushing times, brushing duration. When connected to the interactive app, you will have hold of the timers and times while being able to play the games.

Colgate Connect E1

Many people question the effectiveness of the smart toothbrush, and with all due respect, if you aren’t using one, you are leaving behind the following perks;

  • Ability to keep track of history and performance
  • Interactive apps come with the coaching and featured games to create awareness
  • Improve the brushing style by paying attention to the inaccessible areas

The smart toothbrushes are safe to use as they are ADA Compliant, and everyone is allowed to use the brushes for better oral hygiene.

However, people tend to confuse the simple electronic toothbrushes with the smart ones and sorry to burst your bubble, they aren’t the same.

The electric toothbrushes are merely the brushes with oscillatory support, and automatic movements while smart toothbrushes will keep track of everything such as brushing history and performance.

It is pretty easy to ditch the smart toothbrush and opt for the same old manual toothbrush but let’s accept it, technology intrigues us at all the right spots because they promise the prime results.

If you are working on protecting your pearly whites and retain their health, we have added the top smart toothbrushes in the section below.

So, hold the horses, take out the credit card because you won’t be able to stop after reading about these technological innovations (yeah, we might be exaggerating, but we love the smart ones!)

Best 5 Smart Toothbrushes With a dedicated App And Bluetooth connectivity In 2023

1. Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 Electronic Power Toothbrush

Click on the image to check it on Amazon

If you are worried about your teeth and want to see if you are brushing them, this toothbrush can be connected to your phone and use the front camera to track the position of the brush in the mouth. You can just place your phone in the mirror, and let it detect the brush head movement in the mouth. This brush can be synchronized with the smartphone through Bluetooth which is pretty significant if you want to develop good cleaning habits for your mouth.

This brush comes with the brush heads by Oral-B and the battery life is pretty good. As far as the grip is concerned, it sports the comfortable yet sturdy handle to ensure you don’t throw it accidentally. On top of the head, this smart toothbrush has a pressure sensor that sends an alert if you apply excessive pressure on the teeth.


  • Oral-B compatible brush heads
  • Sufficient battery life
  • Sturdy and comfortable grip
  • Pressure sensors


  • Pricey

2. Colgate Connect E1 Smart Toothbrush

Ever since we were kids, we have used the Colgate toothpaste and to crank up the notch, Colgate has launched its smart toothbrush which is sporting the sensors to track the brush’s orientation and position.

This brush can identify the motion of 16 different brushing zones and will create the 3D map of your mouth while you get rid of the plague and germs. Through this map, you will know which part needs your attention.

According to Colgate, 40% of the toothbrush users weren’t cleaning the right areas of the mouth and teeth, but given the coaching through interactive apps, the percentage has slumped significantly. This toothbrush comes with an interactive app and uses Bluetooth technology for connectivity.

Once connected, it will share the data regarding the brushing duration, surface coverage, and frequency. Through the app, users can gain coaching tips for improving teeth cleaning.

The unique feature of this toothbrush is that it can be connected to Apple ResearchKit and share the brushing data with health experts to gain meaningful insights, how cool!

For ensuring the equal fun experience for kids, the app comes with the game, which helps them clean the teeth to perfection.

The game hosts a player who has to earn the coins; better the kid brushes, more the coins player earns, and it does nothing but motivate the kids.


  • Tracking of brush orientation and position
  • Ability to identify the motion of 16 different brushing zones
  • Creation of 3D map
  • E1 Bluetooth connectivity
  • Data sharing regarding brushing such as duration, frequency, and surface coverage
  • Connectivity with Apple ResearchKit
  • Cheap for a smart toothbrush with Bluetooth and an app


  • ·The brush doesn’t move but uses the vibrating sonic technique which means brushing will be manual
  • Doesn’t have a pressure sensor

3. Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Smart Toothbrush

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We know that the name of this smart toothbrush is probably going to take you months to memorize, but the functioning is worth those months of scramming.

This smart toothbrush is using three sensory techniques; location sensors, scrubbing sensors, and the pressure sensors.

The location sensors will determine the location of the brush in the mouth and look out for the areas that need proper brushing. Through the instant app feedback, you will be able to see what parts you are missing and how you need to clean them up.

The scrubbing sensor will tell you if you are going overboard with the scrubbing and interfering with the brush’s job (scrubbing) The scrub sensors will tell you to guide the head to the right spot and it will do all the scrubbing.

Lastly, the pressure sensors will alert you if you are applying vigorous pressure on the teeth as it can damage the teeth health.

As soon as you hit the increasing pressure chart, you will be alerted to keep a lighter hand.

This toothbrush can be connected with the app and to ensure the meeting of diverse user needs, multiple cleaning modes are introduced such as; clean mode for regular use, a white mode for brightening up the stained teeth, and deep clean mode for cleaning the inaccessible areas.

The toothbrush can be connected to the Philips Sonicare App to have your hands on the brushing data.

With the app, users can improve the brushing techniques, set the goals for oral hygiene which will lead to whiter and healthier teeth with fresh breath. If you switch on the reminders, the app will alert you when you need to shift to a new head and bid farewell to the old one.


  • Three sensory techniques
  • Three cleaning modes
  • App connectivity
  • The app is integrated with essential features
  • The set comes with accessories such as brush heads, travel case sanitizer, and the charger


· Expensive

4. Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart Toothbrush

If you want your teeth to twinkle like the diamonds in the sky, this DiamondClean Smart Toothbrush by Philips Sonicare is the apt fit.

This toothbrush is the flawless example of exemplary integration of top-notch features and aesthetics, and the company has named this brush the star of their product line.

The brush can be connected with the app and perform the streamlined functions such as mouth mapping, coaching regarding the brushing techniques, and reminders for the head replacement.

What makes this smart toothbrush different from others is the multiple intensity options; clean mode for regular use, white+ for brightening the smiles, deep clean+ for reaching the inaccessible points, gum health for cleaning up the gums and making the molars healthy, and TongueCare+ for freshening up the breath by cleaning the tongue.

This toothbrush is sporting the brush head sync. Through this feature, the toothbrush will identify the head you plug in, and it will select the cleaning intensity for the head.

This is possible given the incorporation of the built-in microchip in the head. The set comes with a wide range of accessories such as a water cup, brush heads, charging cup, travel case, and a charger.


  • The perfect combination of features and aesthetics
  • App connectivity for mouth mapping, head replacement reminders, and coaching
  • Five cleaning and intensity modes
  • Brush head sync for automatic settings of the intensity and cleaning mode
  • Come with accessories


· Pricey

5. Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4100 – Good, Cheap Toothbrush without a dedicated app and Bluetooth

It is needless to say that Philips Sonicare has saturated the smart toothbrush industry, and with this toothbrush, they are helping the oral hygiene conscious people control the plaque.

According to the stats, 91% population of the United States of America is struggling with plaque issues which emphasize how important it is to take care of the teeth against plaque.

According to the company, Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4100 has the ability to remove seven-folds more plaque as compared to the competing toothbrushes.

This toothbrush is donning the pressure sensors which alert you if you are putting excessive pressure on the teeth. However, with all these features, there is no rocket science involved when it comes to using the toothbrush as it is effortless to use.


  • Removes seven-folds plaque as compared to other toothbrushes
  • Comes with the pressure sensors
  • The smart timer is added which ensure you don’t brush the teeth excessively
  • Cheap


· No dedicated app

If you ask us, we are in awe of all these smart toothbrushes. In the end, it all narrows down to your preferences and the oral condition. So, choose the one that suits your needs and get the pearly whites you have always dreamed of!

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