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I have decided to research and write about the best tracking device for lost Items after losing my phone for the 10th time this week.

In my research for tracking device for lost things, I came across with the Tile Pro which is useful for finding Items that tend to lose like keys, phone, bag, and even a drone.

Are you one of those clumsy and forgetful people who keep losing their belongings all the time? We know that you desperately wish that every item of yours should have a bell ringing system like a phone so that you can follow the sound and waste no time looking for it.

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One minute you had something in your hands, and whoosh! the other minute you have lost it.
Some items of yours, which were close to your heart, have been lost by you and you just could not track it down.

Well, chill down as we have brought the ideal solution for this annoying dilemma just for the sake of your betterment.

How about a device which can track everything for you? Yes, a Bluetooth tracker is available for you to dodge the upsetting and irritating searches that make you go wild, and are often time-consuming. Never heard of such a device? We are here to help.

What Is A Bluetooth Tracker?

In today’s world of advancement, everything has become tech-savvy and advanced in countless ways. And so has become seeking for some item that belongs to you. It would take a lot of time to manually search for anything.

Hence, came the Bluetooth Tracker. A Bluetooth tracker is a tracking device which you can attach to any item that you want and ring it if it gets lost.

You should attach it to the object which gets misplaced frequently. Whether it’s keys or the TV remote, you can attach it to anything at all.

You can simply give the thing a ring from your phone and the tracker will loudly play a tone so, that you can follow the sound and seek your possession out.

best tracking device for lost Items
Tile Pro – 4 Pack

Why Use It?

There are many valuable items that you carry around with you which need not get misplaced. Some objects have a sentimental attachment and the others have financial significant.

No matter which one you want to preserve, Bluetooth trackers are a great source to save them from getting lost.

They serve to prevent you from facing a loss whether big or small and prove to be handy in tracking down your favorite items. They do not need any installation. All you have got to do is attach it to the item and synchronize it to the app.

And you are good to go. Also, these are quite inexpensive and the eligible functionality that it provides will win your heart for sure. Hence, you do not even have to worry about affordability before opting for one.

Here you are with the best tracking device for lost items, that is able to help track your items down for you. The benevolent nature of this tracker will get you awestruck with its unbeatable performance.

Best Tracking Device For Lost Items

1. Tile Pro with Replaceable Battery 4 pack

Want to find your items without having to hunt your house down for it? Tile Pro with its Replaceable Battery will fit perfectly for this job. The number of eligible features that it provides, will make you fall in love with it.

There can be more than one items that you would need to take care and track down. This pack of 4 enables you to attach 4 Tile Pro Bluetooth trackers to any 4 items of your choice.


  • The unbeatable 300 feet range
  • Key ring to attach it to things easily
  • Sleek and Classic Look
  • Shows even the last known location
  • Water repellent and dust resistant


  • Just the constant app upgrades


The new Tile Pro with Replaceable Battery is all that you ever wished for to eradicate the existence of lost.

It is literally a savior. It is small and can get attached to little things easily. Instead of hunting your house to find the keys, TV remote, or important possessions, you can simply ping the Tile Pro tracking device, that you had fastened with the item, by using your phone.

This recent 2018 Tile Pro, has a greater range and louder speakers for your convenience. Tile Pro is a 1.65-inch (42mm) square and has a classic sleek look and an ostentatious to offer you.

The key ring design and the stylish appearance will make your items look fashionable. You can easily attach it to the items that you constantly misplace.

It is small enough to get fixated with your keys. Not to mention, that it is IP55 rated for its water repellent and dust resistant nature. It won’t fail in resisting dust and water, just do not try a swim with it. It will prove to be durable with its long-life battery.

The convenient thing is, if you double press the large button on it, it will ring your phone abruptly even if when it was on silent mode.

In short, if you have one, either the tracker or the phone, you can always find the other without any difficulty. At the back of the device is a sliding which reveals the battery location hence, you can easily benefit from the battery replacement option.

It is a major upgrade in the design since the former models did not have this option available to you. The battery has a one-year guarantee after which you can change it yourself.


The significant advancement in the 2018 Tile Pro is the increased signal range and can detect the item at about 300 feet’s distance.

Moreover, it can catch a rough signal at 500 feet too. It makes the finding job easier if the object is at a distant location. No matter where the object is located, under the sofa, in a closet, or in any other place deeply hidden, the amazingly efficient Tile Pro is certain to find it out with a stable and connection.

It is sure to make a statement with its brilliant performance. To add to the perks of the Pro, it can show you the last location on which the item was, on your map, so that you do not miss it out if you have got too far from it.

Another thing about the Pro is the loudness of its ringing tune. The volume is loud enough to be heard at quite a distance.

You can easily hear it even when it is at the bottom of your purse. This makes it a better and a stronger tracker which is able to meet your finding and searching mission easy.

All you need to do is hook it up with the item you get to lose very often, and you are done!


Tile App is quite great in terms of performance. What’s more, is the Siri integration into the App through which you can simply call out to find the keys or whatever item is with the tracker.

This will get the item ringing loudly for you. To add to its amazing benefits, you can connect your Tile app to the lost-and-found community, and get help from anyone who is in the radius range of your lost item.

And hence, they can update its location for you. Subscribing to the App, you can get Smart alerts on your phone if you leave your Tile anywhere behind and get the precise location of it.

Can The Tile Find My Lost Drone?

The answer to that is, yes it can!

Since drones might disappear in a faraway place, the 300 ft coverage that the Tile Pro provides might not be so useful, although it can help and I have read on people who found their drones while walking around and searching using the tile app’s proximity sensor until they heard the beeping sound. Here is a happy ending story of Tile’s users who have found his lost drone using Tile.

The “last seen” feature might not be so useful in this case, however, since Tile has a great app with millions of users, by using Tile’s growing social network, there is a very good chance that someone from the community will track it.


The older versions used to go dysfunctional after a 12-month usage. But now, there is no such limit as you will have access to the battery and have the complete authority to replace it with another one.

Hence, you can use it for years on end and still get a great deal out of it. Tile Pro will cost you $35, but the 2-pack will cost $57.47 and is totally worth the money with its effective features and specifications.

The unmatchable functionality and the brilliant performance of Tile Pro will no longer require you to play hide and seek with your items as it will be just one ring away.

You can easily track the item with your phone and vice versa with the loud and audible ring which you can follow easily.

The strong connection of Tile Pro is something you will not get anywhere else. It is the best one that you would get in the market today.

Hands down for this beautiful and highly functional Bluetooth Tracker, which helps you find lost items, designed solemnly for your convenience.

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