Ultimate Direction Adventure Running Vest 5.0 Review

When you run for more than an hour, the issue of water begins to become important.

I took the “Adventure” running vest by ultimate direction to a test and this is my review!

Ultimate Direction Adventure Vest 5.0 Review

Ultimate Direction Adventure 5.0 vest
Image Source – Ultimate Direction

Drinking solutions for long runs and walks

In recent years you can see dozens of different and weird solutions for carrying water during the run.

I will not discuss the pros and cons of each because each has its own purpose.
Personally, I’m a vest type. I do not mind the heat in the back or the weight, I will wear it for a 15 km long run and up to over 80 km.

Running Vest

a running Vest’s mission is to provide the runner with a solution for carrying all the logistics and accessories he needs during long runs without assistance such as feed stations in competitions.

There are vests in a wide range of sizes, cuts, and technologies according to the needs of the runner. Even in short runs, we see many runners with vests because of the hot weather in the summer and recently following the corona plague that prevents us from using the taps along the way.

Sizes and Technologies of Running Vests

Today there are a number of companies that manufacture vests from lightweight, breathable, high-quality materials and almost every year they update their collections with advanced technologies and improvements.

The size of the vest is measured in liters it can hold (usually the volume is calculated without a water bag) and ranges from 2-5 liters for the small vests, 6-12 liters for the medium vests, and 12 liters and up for the large vests.

The choice of vest size will depend on the distance, weather, amount of water, and food that the runner needs. Every company has its own patents for fitting the vest to the body in the best way to prevent minimum movement and friction. There are vests in special cuts for women and in different sizes.

Ultimate Direction Adventure Vest 5.0

The adventure model is the model with the largest volume of the company and this is the fifth version of the model.

It is equipped with a technology called Cinch that allows the tightening of the “rear wings” (continuation of the shoulder straps towards the waist) by pulling a string in favor of optimal fit and prevention of unnecessary movement. Adjustable chest straps, folding rain cover, and light and breathable fabric.

Weight: 269 grams.
Volume: 17 liters.
Bottle/bag: A soft bottle with a volume of 500 ml.

The front of the running vest

The front is two wide shoulder straps made of ventilated nylon mesh and a fabric hem for comfort and for preventing rubbing the skin on the straps.

The shoulder straps are connected with a two-height adjustment system, with the lower strap having the flexibility that allows the chest to fill with air when the pulse rises and does not cause a feeling of pressure and resistance.

The adjusting straps can be lifted and lowered along a long move that allows for optimal adjustment to most of the various body parts.

Along the shoulder straps are sewn several pockets and storage compartments, I will start from the bottom up.

At the bottom of the straps, there are pockets of flexible and stretchy fabric which are located on the sides of the body, in the right pocket there is a zipper to prevent equipment from falling while running.

On the right side, the pocket is open and allows quick access to the equipment stored there, although the pocket has no zipper nothing ever flew away from me.

Above the side pockets at chest height are the front compartments – on the right a kind of pocket for storing a drinking bottle/flask and with a fastening rubber band to prevent movement and exit of the bottle out of the pocket.

In the same pocket, there are two small and flexible storage compartments where you can store small snacks/salt balls, etc. On the left side, there is a large storage pocket (identical in size to the storage pocket of the drinking bottle) with a zipper for full closure.

During long runs, I use this pocket to store an extra water flask which fits easily. On top of this pocket, there is another storage pocket that is made of flexible fabric and allows a respectable storage volume.

At shoulder height on the right, there is a small pouch for storing a GPS device / a small first aid kit/food, etc.

The pouch is worn on a rubber strap that can be detached and adjusted if you want the pouch not to sit on the shoulder but on top of the bag at the back. In addition, you can pull out the pouch completely and run without it.

On the left side, there is a small storage pocket with a zipper and a flexible fabric, the compartment is quite small and I usually use it for storing a headlamp + backup batteries.

In addition to each shoulder strap there are two rubber loops designed for inserting folding running sticks, I do not run with sticks regularly and can not attest to the level of comfort while carrying sticks in these loops, although it seems like an ideal position for carrying sticks.

The back of the running West

The back contains three compartments with zippers and in addition two more flexible storage pockets that are secured in a rubber system.

The upper compartment is for inserting the drinking bag, where there is a loop for holding the bag and preventing movement and jumping while running.

In this compartment is a rain cover that folds in a way that is not noticeable and disturbs until the moment of use. Of course in this cell, there is a ditch for the passage of the drinking tube to the right and left.

The middle and largest compartment is opened with the help of an R-shaped zipper and allows a very large storage space but without dividing compartments inside. The smallest compartment allows the storage of a wallet, cell phone, keys, etc.

On top of the compartment is the small open storage compartment where you can compress a thin coat or a long shirt that can be pulled out without having to lower the bag.

The large open storage compartment covers about half the size of the bag and is made of a flexible fabric that allows a lot of equipment to be compressed inside.

An adjustable and controllable rubber strap is stretched over the two open compartments, which prevents unnecessary movement of the bag to the sides and equipment from falling out of the pockets.

Pros – Running Vest UD Adventure 5.0

The fastening and adjusting system is a huge advantage in my opinion, the possibility to change the fit of the vest to the body depending on the contents of the bag and the size of the runner.

Another advantage is the ability of the bag to carry a lot of contents, I used it several times when it was full and tired and still really enjoyed its feeling on the body. The outer pockets of the vest and the fastening system allow for additional loading and quality security on the vest.

The vest comes with the company’s flask which in my opinion is an excellent flexible drinking bottle but that’s already for a separate article.

Cons – Running Vest UD Adventure 5.0

  1. Access to the rear fastening system is not very convenient and requires practice and experience. In previous models and other companies, the pocket fabric is made of very flexible fabric and allows a push of more equipment than in the current model in which the pockets are less flexible.
  2. The compartments with a zipper on the back of the vest are arranged in a way that can be improved for better accessibility.
  3. When running with a drinking bag on a hot day the water will heat up very quickly as the bag is close to the body without any insulating material, unlike other companies.


I ran with the vest thousands of miles and really enjoyed it. Of course, there are small things that can be improved but the tuning systems and the ability of the vest to carry a lot of contents make it an essential running accessory for long hours of running, this model is designed for runners who plan to carry a lot of equipment, clothing and plenty of water for long hours on their feet.

If you plan to run for up to two hours and want to carry some running water, there are much less cumbersome low-volume vests that will give you an answer.

Another audience that this vest can suit is hiking enthusiasts, the vest gives a nice alternative to a small hiking bag and allows for maximum fit. I got to walk with the vest for 16 hours straight – 80 km and he did his job faithfully.