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If you have an Apple Watch, you probably rely on it quite a bit. It’s good for notifications, fitness tracking, and more. And talking about fitness, there are quite a few walking tracker applications for apple watch that can help you keep track of your progress.

Best Walking Tracker Apps For Apple Watch

Those are the apps we’re going to be looking at in this article!

Compared to other fitness tracking apps these step tracker apps are the most popular so far among their users.

So let’s get right into the top 10 walk-tracking apps.

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Top 10 Best Walking Tracker Apps For Apple Watch

1. MapMyWalk GPS

MapMyWalk is a fitness app that helps you track your daily steps, distance traveled, and calorie expenditure. The app has a variety of features to help you manage your health goals. 

You can use MapMyWalk to map out your daily routine, see how close you are to reaching your goals, and even compete with other users in real-time challenges.

It is intended to assist you in achieving your health and fitness goals by providing a simple, easy-to-use interface.

2. Pacer

Pacer is an iOS, watchOS, and android app that allows users to track their walking or running mileage. It uses GPS data to record the distance traveled, pace, and route traveled.

This information can be used for various fitness-related purposes such as personal training plans and goal tracking.

The best part about using Pacer is that it provides a clear picture of how far you’ve walked or run each day while also giving you statistics on how many miles your body has covered over time.

3- ActivityTracker

The ActivityTracker app is to monitor your workout level while not draining the battery of your phone too much. It records your movement all day long using a motion processor rather than GPS.

Essential workout stats like Steps, distance traveled, and calories expenditure can be measured accurately through this app.

You can also synchronize health related data to your iPhone & also import data to this app from the ‘Health’ app of your iPhone.

4. Pedometer++

Pedometer++ for Mac and iOS devices is an excellent step and activity tracker app that helps you measure your overall fitness by counting the number of steps you make every day. You can even get the records of things like distance as well as calories expenditure. 

The user interface of this app is simple, clean, and intuitive. On the whole, Pedometer++ is a great way to keep a track of your good health and physical activity.

5- Footpath

The footpath is an outdoor fitness app that allows you to plan, track, and share your daily exercises. This app allows you to view stats such as distance traveled and time spent on foot or in a vehicle. It will also let you know your heart rate, speed, or elevation profile. 

The app also allows you to organize the routes you use while walking and save these routes so that you can always have them handy when needed. You can also share your routes with friends or family members who might want to join you on your next adventure. 

You can also export workout routes and data to many other devices.

6- Argus

Since Argus relies on GPS technology rather than cellular networks, there’s little chance of getting lost since Argus doesn’t need coverage from other phones or towers nearby to work properly. 

Thus there is no more worrying about finding somewhere safe enough where you can plug in your phone while you go out for a walk.

7- Stepwise

Stepwise has a variety of features that make this easy to use. You can set reminders for when you need to get up out of bed and walk around or go for a run before work in the morning. You can also set up daily notifications so that you don’t forget about these goals!

The app even helps you track your progress toward those goals by encouraging messages from other users who have been successful at reaching their fitness goals with the help of the Stepwise app.

8- Walkmeter GPS

Walkmater is an easy-to-use and smart walking app that lets you track your distance traveled, pace, speed, and calories expenditure. It helps you keep a healthy lifestyle by tracking your daily activities.

It also gives you the flexibility to set a schedule to track steps and check them later – anywhere at any time.


FITAPP is a walking tracking device that uses your phone’s GPS to track walking and running distance, pace, duration, and calories expenditure. It is a simplistic workout app that tracks your physical activity.

An essential feature of this app for health freaks is that it includes a built-in BMI calculator, allowing for tracking weight over time and achieving goals. You can also share your improvements with friends and social media followers.

10- Duffy

Duffy is a new walk-tracking watchOS app that lets you monitor your steps and distance traveled with just a glance at your wrist. It was designed specifically as a watchOS app.

Another big advantage of using Duffy is that it’s free! That means no subscription fees to worry about which can be expensive if there are frequent charges or something like that (or if there aren’t any). Plus, since it’s free, there’s no risk at all in trying out this app.

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Does The Apple Watch Have A Walking Tracker?

Yes, the Activity app on your Apple Watch keeps track of how much you move throughout the day. The app tracks how often you stand, move, and exercise.

You can sync steps between your iPhone, and the Health app; import fitness data from the Health app; and sync with other devices also via iCloud.

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Best Free App For Walking To Lose Weight

MapMyWalk is a free app for walking, designed to track progress and keep track of your daily steps. You can use MapMyWalk to find out how much you’re walking each day, see the distance you’ve walked in a certain amount of time, as well as see how many calories are burned during your workout. 

You can even share your achievements with friends, family & others!

Fitbit Vs Apple Watch: Which Is Better For Tracking Workouts?

Fitbit smartwatches are better when it comes to tracking workouts, while the Apple Watch is better for keeping tabs on your activity throughout the day. Right now, Fitbit is better positioned than Apple Watch to appeal to the fitness crowd.

For many, the Fitbit and Apple Watch will meet their needs. The Fitbit is a great choice if your focus is on activity tracking and meeting fitness goals. 

Meanwhile, if you’re an iPhone user and want a more fashion-forward smartwatch, the Apple Watch has you covered.


Walking is a great way to lose weight if treadmills are not your thing and an app to help you keep track of how far you have walked or run. Wearing a smartwatch with a tracker app while walking can be a really fun and motivating experience because it motivates you to walk more. 

For this, you should use a walking tracker app. This could help people who want to take the stairs instead of the elevator. And We hope this article helps you to find the best tracker app that suits you most.

That’s it for today. See you in another query.

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