Can A Watch Winder Damage A Watch? How To Avoid?




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A watch winder is a tool to keep your automatic watch keep running for a long time when you don’t use your watch. But, the concerning fact is, “can a watch winder damage a watch?” 

Watch Winder Damage A Watch

Since the question arises, there are valid reasons. So, to sum up the answer, we will discuss the following facts in the guide in detail, including-

  • When can a watch winder damage a watch?
  • Pros and cons of using a watch winder
  • Proper steps to avoid damage to watches of watch winder, and so on

There are various relevant facts here to get the answer. So, we must go through them to understand the aspect of using watch winders for automatic watches. 

After reading the article, you will get the things that when can a watch winder damage your watches. You will also know how to prevent watch winder damage to your watches.

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Can A Watch Winder Damage A Watch? 

Before utilizing a watch winder, there are a few things you should be aware of. First, consider the attributes to determine if the watch winder will harm or help the watch more.

Comparison ScaleBenefitsDrawbacks
Working ConditionCan help keep the watch in good working conditionIt might harm if overused
ActionKeeps the watch running smoothly when not wornCan cause wear and tear on the movement if overused
Mainspring SupportPrevents the mainspring from running downCan put unnecessary strain on the mainspring if overused
Convincing or notConvenient for infrequent watch wearers.Not necessary for daily wearers. As a result, it isn’t costworthy.

Keep in mind that I mentioned all these facts completely on a personal basis. You may have noticed some other differences as well. 

It is also essential to consider these factors when deciding whether or not to use a watch winder. Let’s discuss them briefly. 

Working Condition

When an automatic watch isn’t being worn, a watch winder may help maintain it running smoothly and prevent the watch from stopping. Even if it’s been unworn for a long time.

One of the biggest disadvantages of utilizing a watch winder is that it can create wear and tear on the movement if used excessively. It can also place undue strain on the mainspring, thereby shortening the watch’s lifespan. 


A watch winder can assist in maintaining an automatic watch’s mainspring from wearing out, which can cause the watch to cease keeping precise time. The watch winder keeps the mainspring wound, ensuring that the watch is ready to wear at all times.

Nevertheless, if the winder is used excessively, it might place undue strain on the mainspring, reducing the watch’s lifespan.

Mainspring Support

The watch winder should only be used when the watch won’t be worn for a long length of time. And usage should be closely monitored otherwise.

Mainspring Support

However, overusing a watch winder might strain the mainspring excessively, reducing the watch’s lifespan. This is why it’s crucial only to use the watch winder when it won’t be worn for a long time.

Convincing or Not

For people who only use their timepieces occasionally, a watch winder may be quite helpful. They can wear their watch with confidence that it will work because they won’t have to wind it down manually.

However, one absolutely riveting argument in favor of watch winders is their ability to boost aesthetics. If you enjoy subjective beauty, a watch winder might make your watch appear traditional and ageless.

A watch winder is not required for those who regularly wear their watches. The wearer’s arm movement will maintain the watch’s proper operation. So, it might be a waste of money if you buy it.

Along with choosing the right watch winder for your model of watch, it’s critical to use it properly and to adhere to the manufacturer’s care and upkeep recommendations. When working out, also consider watch storage and band selection.

How To Avoid Damage to Watches of Watch Winder?

To avoid any damage, it’s crucial to operate the watch winder properly. An excessive amount of winder usage might harm the movement and add unneeded stress to the mainspring.

  • It is advised only to use the watch winder when the timepiece won’t be used for a long time. 
  • Furthermore, it’s important to choose a watch winder of superior quality that has been created especially for the kind of watch you intend to use. 
  • You should also follow the usage and maintenance guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

By the way, while not in use, keep your watch in a cool, dry area with a consistent temperature. Also keep it away from magnetic fields, dust, and moisture.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

We will answer some of the most asked questions here shortly. You may find your answer below regarding the topic.

Q: Is TPD Affects A Watch Winder Being Damaged? 

No, TPD (turns per day) does not affect the watch winder itself being damaged. However, the correct TPD for your watch is important as using a high TPD can cause the watch to be damaged.

Q: Can Using A Watch Winder Cause The Watch’s Power Reserve To Run Out Faster?

The watch winder keeps the watch running and consuming power while it is not being worn. So, it may cause the power reserve to run out faster.

Q: Can A Watch Winder Produce A Beautiful Appearance?

Indeed, it does. Some watch winders can extremely attractive and provide exceptional beauty.


Thus responding Can a watch winder damage a watch? how can you avoid it? not that difficult. The conclusion from the entire discussion is that it may be helpful for maintaining the functionality of your automatic watch. But in order to prevent any harm, it’s crucial to utilize it properly.

Choose a high-quality watch winder that has been particularly created for your type of watch, and follow the manufacturer’s usage and maintenance recommendations. When working out, also consider watch storage and band selection.

Overall, it’s also recommended to check the watch winder regularly for any signs of damage or wear and tear, and to keep it clean and well-maintained to ensure that it’s working correctly and not damaging your watch.

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