Blocked Number Still Texting Me On Iphone(Reasons and Solutions)




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Many iPhone users find that they are still receiving texts from blocked numbers, which can be a source of frustration. This issue may arise due to different types of messages being sent, and can be fixed by properly blocking the contact.

What Is It Contact Blocking

Furthermore, managing blocked contacts and texting unknown numbers can be addressed by taking specific steps. This article will explore the issue of blocked numbers still texting iPhone users, and discuss ways to manage this issue.

It will review the steps necessary to properly block someone on iPhone, as well as how to block messages from unknown senders. It will also provide information on how to send a text to someone who has blocked your number, and how to ensure that blocked contacts do not receive any messages.

Finally, it will discuss possible solutions if the issue persists.

What Is It Contact Blocking?

Blocking a contact on iPhone can be done by accessing the conversation with the contact, tapping on the contact’s name, and selecting ‘Info’ to block the caller. This is done to prevent them from sending messages, but it may not always be effective.

Additionally, blocking a phone number may not block iMessages, and vice versa. To manage blocked contacts, one needs to go to Settings, then Messages, tap on ‘Blocked Contacts’ to see the list, and add or remove contacts from the list.

When a blocked number sends a text, they should never reach the recipient. However, blocked SMS texts may still appear as sent, and blocked iMessages will not be marked as delivered.

It is important to block all contact information, and consider updating iOS or doing a soft reset if the issue persists.

Managing Blocked Contacts

Managing Blocked Contacts

Managing contacts that have been blocked on iPhones requires implementing various steps in order to ensure the contact’s messages are not received.

To manage blocked contacts, go to Settings, then Messages and tap on ‘Blocked Contacts’ to view the list.

It is also possible to add a new contact to the blocked list by tapping ‘Add New’ at the bottom of the list.

Furthermore, users can swipe left on a contact to remove them from the blocked list.

Additionally, users can send messages to contacts that have blocked them by using anonymous texting websites and other messaging platforms like WhatsApp.

Finally, users should make sure to block all contact information and update their iPhones or do a soft reset if the issue persists.

Texting Unknown Numbers

Texting Unknown Numbers

Sending texts to unknown numbers can be handled in various ways. Anonymous texting websites, messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, and other solutions can be used.

Anonymous Texting WebsitesMessages can be sent from the website.
Messaging PlatformsChatting on platforms such as WhatsApp can be used.
Other SolutionsUsing other solutions to send messages can be done.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if I’ve been blocked?

It is not always easy to tell if a contact has blocked you. However, a few indicators include the inability to call or message the contact, no delivery receipt for messages, and no reply from the contact. Additionally, the contact may appear as unavailable or offline on messaging apps.

How do I unblock a contact?

To unblock a contact on an iPhone, open the conversation with the contact, tap on the contact’s name, and select ‘Info.’ Tap on ‘Unblock this caller’ to unblock the contact. Consider repeating the steps for both the phone number and the Apple ID if they are separate contacts.

Does blocking a contact delete past messages?

No, blocking a contact does not delete past messages. Messages sent prior to blocking a contact will remain in the conversation thread, but any new messages sent by the blocked contact will not be received.

How do I stop receiving messages from blocked contacts?

To stop receiving messages from blocked contacts, make sure to block all contact information for the contact and consider updating the iPhone or doing a soft reset if the issue persists.

Are there other ways to block someone besides blocking their number?

Blocking someone on a phone does not always prevent them from sending messages. Other methods and tricks can be used to block someone, such as blocking their Apple ID, filtering messages from unknown senders, or using anonymous texting websites.

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