Apple Music Replay Not Working | 5 Easy Ways To Fix It!

Not long ago, Apple launched the “Apple Music Replay” feature for Apple Music users. Apple Music Replay basically creates a personalized playlist that features your most listened songs and you can also share it with your friends. As this feature is pretty new, some users are reportedly unable to access it but don’t worry because […]

How To Test If The NFC Is Working On My Smartphone Or Smartwatch In 2023?

NFC is a popular technology, and most modern smartphones and smartwatches come with built-in NFC so that you could use your devices for cashless payments and more. But, the main question is: How can you test if the NFC is working on your Smartphone or Smartwatch? Luckily, there are many ways to test it, and […]

Best 10 Watches And Gadgets For Counting Swimming Laps In 2023

Swimming in the pool is my favorite aerobic exercise, however, I’m always forgetting my laps count. I prefer clearing my mind when swimming, and counting laps, especially in my short building’s pool, became a really annoying task. So I have decided to research and find which are the best watches and gadgets for counting pool […]