Welcome to our little wearables and watches world! With the profoundly changing paradigms, technology is being implemented into daily life, be it the homes or watches. On this platform, we have got an eye on each of them. Through this space, we intend to provide unbiased and independent reviews through the expert advice of our testing and research experts.

I’m Eddie Saig and I’m the one who will be writing top-notch and authentic posts for you, be it watches smartwatches, or fitness trackers. I’m a man of my word and with a knack for technology and innovation; I’m on the journey to polish the surfaces and deliver the true verdict regarding the products. My passion for gadgets combined with my long experience as a professional trainer has directed me to create weartotrack.com.

Why Us?


To ensure optimal and accurate information provision, I’m tirelessly working to test the gadgets and provide my stance. I cross-check the protocols before launching the information for the readers. Once published, Eddie improvises on updating the changes to provide up-to-date information.

Affiliate Disclosure

I seek participation in the affiliate marketing programs actively through which I get the product-based commission if you buy through the provided links. Even with the commission insight, I hold the responsibility of providing editor-approved products because the readers are my top priority.


I’m independent in my content development, and I work to sustain ultimate standards of integrity, accuracy, and quality. If I’m producing the partnered content, we mark it down for the readers to know.  Also, I ensure the highest standards of privacy for the readers as we intend to foster a trusting relationship.

Our Aim

My aim is to streamline product research by eliminating the excessive noise of specification comparison. One thing is for sure; you will find the best fit here based on your preferences, budget, and performance requirements while aligning with your living standards. I’m working through a reader-centric approach as I analyze what the readers want to know about and what they avoid. Be it a luxury watch for your style or a smartwatch to keep you fit; I have it all reviewed on our site. Whenever you need a piece of expert advice for your next buy, our posts will be light in the dark as breathe and eat technology.

Why Did We Start?

Let’s be direct here, I was tired of the sub-paring of huge brands, and we wanted to break the stereotyping of investing in the high-costing brands because “they have a brand name!” I wanted to pose transparency through my words and advice. I have been staying away from the lobbyist’s behavior to tell you the ultimate truth. This is because I intend on providing value for your money.

I’m trying to implement manual reviewing of each product aligned with the goal of providing an honest opinion. This is because I want to implement robust and streamlined advice about each product. I’m working tirelessly to break the norm of painstakingness for the readers. So, get reading and make a wise decision!

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