3/5 ATM Water Resistant VS IP68/1P69: What’s The Difference?

Smartwatches and other electronic devices these days come with water resistance which protects them from water damage. Now the question is: How you can check the water resistance level of your smartwatch or any other device? The companies use IP or ATM Ratings to describe the water resistance level but the main question is: what […]

How To Reset Or Change Time And Date On Fitbit Without The App In 2022?

Fitbit is a renowned smartwatch company that is known for its accurate smartwatches. Like most smartwatches, Fitbit also has a dedicated Fitbit App which displays all the data from your Fitbit app on your smartphone. Normally, you can use your Fitbit App to change the time and date on your Fitbit but if you don’t […]

Can You Watch Netflix On Apple Watch? How And Which Series Can?

The new demand of Apple watches users is to watch Netflix from their wrist. In fact, the users of the Apple watch love to have this OTT app on their watch because Netflix is one of the popular apps for watching movies or series.  Astonishingly, you can watch Netflix through your Apple watch. For this, […]

Signs Your Fitbit Is Dying | Is It Time To Buy A New One?

The Fitbit watch works in an excellent way. In fact, it has been a very effective device for monitoring the condition of health. Also, it will help you to meet your fitness goal.  But in some cases, your watch may die so fast. There are some major signs that will let you know your watch […]

Does Apple Watch Drain iPhone Battery? How To Prevent It?

Apple Watch nowadays has become a very popular device among the health freak people. It’s like a constant fitness partner who monitors one’s lifestyle & helps greatly to lead a healthy life. Most people use these Apple Watches by connecting them with their iPhones. Here comes the question of whether the Apple watch impacts the […]

How Long Do Solar Watches last? How To Extend Their Lifespan?

The Solar watch is built up by the solar system. The batteries of the watch are high-end quality for making the watch longevity. However, you may not have an accurate idea about the lifespan of the Solar watch.   A solar watch works accurately for probably 10 years. Sometimes, the lifespan of the watch can be […]

How to Choose a Fitbit SpO2 Clock Face?

SpO2 is the short form of blood saturation. Fitbit has recently introduced a new feature for their smartwatches where the users will be able to track their level of saturation in the blood. A dedicated clockface upholds the data of the tracked SpO2 levels. But many users complained as they were unable to choose the […]

How To Charge Apple Watch Without Its Dedicated Charger? Is It Even Possible?

Apple is at the forefront of smartwatch innovation with its advanced Apple Watch which comes with many useful health and fitness tracking features. Like many other premium smartwatches, Apple Watch also comes with a wireless charger that uses an inductive charging method to recharge the smartwatch.  And I have also covered a topic which many […]