Canadian Watch Brands

Top 14 Canadian Watch Brands In 2022

Canada is one of the biggest countries in the world, which is known for its iconic coffee brand, Tim Hortons, and is a popular tourist destination. The country is also very popular for its watches, and there are many watch brands available that are known for their quality watches. We have a related article for […]

Self Winding Watch vs Quartz

Self Winding Watch vs Quartz | My Final Verdict!

Self-winding watches (also referred to as “automatic watches”) are old-school watches with some modern modifications. And Quartz watches are simple the battery run, grab & go watches that we generally use. Self winding and Quartz are basically the types of watch movements. They determine the source of energy a watch runs on, whether it runs […]

Better Quartz or Mechanical Watch

Which is Better Quartz or Mechanical Watch?

If you are looking to buy a new watch, you will see that there are two main categories for watches. One is mechanical watches while the other is quartz watches. Hence, before deciding which watch to buy, you might wonder which is better quartz or mechanical watch. You know both mechanical and quartz watches have […]

Do Quartz Watches Need Winding

Do Quartz Watches Need Winding?

Quartz watches are a popular choice all over the world. And a lot of watches require winding to function correctly. Now, in case you have a quartz watch, you might ask yourself sometimes about do quartz watches need winding. Quartz watches generally operate with the help of a quartz crystal. These watches are usually run […]

Best Smartwatches For AFIB

Best Smartwatches For AFIB (Officially Approved In 2022) That Can Save Your Life

Smartwatches have evolved a lot since their inception, and now they are better than ever. Modern smartwatches come with life-saving features such as ECG, AFIB, and Fall Detection, which can save you from a lot of health problems and allow you to get timely help. Today, we will discuss the best smartwatches for AFIB, which […]

Normal Watch Vs Smartwatch Which One Should I Buy

Normal Watch Vs Smartwatch: Which One Should I Buy?

If we look at the last decade, we have seen big changes in the watch industry because of the inclusion of new smartwatches. Whenever a customer decides to buy a watch, the first decision they have to make is to choose between a normal watch or a smartwatch. Here is a related article that might […]

Which Music Apps Work With Fitbits

Which Music Apps Work With Fitbits? Which Ones Work Best?

Fitbit is arguably one of the biggest smartwatch companies in the world, and the company offers over half a dozen smartwatches and fitness trackers which you can use to track your fitness. Fitbit smartwatches come with many great features, and many of them can also play music. Here is a related article that might intrest […]

Best Fitness Tracker for Boxing, MMA, Jiu-Jitsu, And Kickboxing

I did long research in order to find the best fitness tracker for boxing, MMA, and Kickboxing and while for boxing I managed to find 4 devices which one of them considered as the Fitbit of boxing tracking – PIQ Everlast Wearable Boxing Sport and Fitness Tracker, when regarding kickboxing, MMA and jiu-jitsu, the capabilities […]