Best 7 Armband Heart Rate Monitor Of 2023

A heart Rate Monitor or HRM is a device that allows you to accurately monitor your Heart Rate Monitor. Folks such as Athletes, Cyclists, and Runners use them to monitor their Heart rates and use that information to push their limits. There are different types of HRMs available in the market, but Armband Heart Rate […]

Garmin Stress Tracking Review: Can You Track Stress From Your Wrist?

Garmin is one of the biggest smartwatch companies out there, and the company is known for its feature-rich smartwatches that comes with advanced features such as Stress Tracking. It’s a very important feature, and you would find it in most Garmin smartwatches out there. So, if you are interested in knowing how accurate Garmin Stress […]

Best 9 Watches and Gadgets for Counting Swimming Laps

Swimming in the pool is my favorite aerobic exercise, however, I’m always forgetting my laps count. I prefer clearing my mind when swimming, and counting laps, especially in my short building’s pool, became a really annoying task. So I have decided to research and find which are the best watches and gadgets for counting pool […]

How To Disinfect Your Smartwatch From Viruses(Corona) The Right Way?

Are you Wearing an Apple Watch, A Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung or other Smartwatch and wondering whether A virus such as Corona can live on it? should you disinfect it and how to do it the right way? This article will help you with these questions and more… One of the major threats to humanity these […]

How Do Fitness Trackers Track Steps, Stairs, Stress And Calories

Here I will try to answer common questions like how do fitness trackers track steps, stairs, stress and calculate calories? With the evolvement and advancement in science and technology, many gadgets were designed and invented to help you carry out your usual functions and monitor a large number of things. In such things, human health […]

Best 10 Watches To Wear With NATO Straps In 2023

A NATO strap is a special kind of watch strap. It is usually made of nylon. Hence, it allows users to often change both their own and their watches’ looks and appearances.  The demand for NATO straps is currently increasing as a result of these features. Users can modify their watch’s appearance without doing so. […]

Best Fitbit Compatible Apps For Running And Sleep Tracking

Fitbit’s app is simply one of the best in the business when it comes to health and sleep tracking.The new Fitbit app is even better now regarding sleep tracking and has a new feature that’s called sleep score which gives you a number that will help you to understand how good was your sleep. Although […]

2023’S Best Affordable Watch Brands | Good Quality Low Price

It’s 2023 and the Watch market is more competitive than ever. There are dozens of great brands competing in the budget category and it’s great for customers because we are getting some quality watches at low prices due to this competition.  Here is a related article that might interest you on Top 14 Canadian Watch […]

Can You Have More Than 1 Fitbit On An Account? How To Do It?

The key to a happy life is ensuring and doing what you can to maintain your health. Modern technology and associated developments only serve to make this objective simpler and easier to achieve for individuals like you and me. There is no storage of tools, devices, and applications that are designed to promote a fitter […]

The Best NATO Strap For Your Watch In 2023

Watches have always been a representation of the style. Different watch types and strap options are becoming more and more popular in the modern era of watches. It seems that people frequently use different straps with the same watch at various times. However, there is currently a big demand for NATO straps.  And for your […]