Can You Browse The Internet On A Smartwatch?




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Nowadays, smartwatches are tremendously popular.  Your smartwatch can give you lots of benefits through its different functionalities. But do you ever think of browsing the internet on a smartwatch?

Well, I thought. Then I researched and found most of the popular smartwatch brands like Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, and Garmin with Android and Wear OS have the ability of web browsing.

Web Browser for Smartwatch

Smartwatches come with a pretty small display, which is undoubtedly not an ideal screen size for browsing the Internet.

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However, if you want, you can browse it with the web browser apps. If you have a proper smartwatch, then you can install the browser app on your smartwatch and start browsing the Internet.

Now that you know that you can browse the Internet let’s take a look at the best Browsers for different smartwatches.

Let’s know the details of how you can do it!

What Do You Need To Browse The Internet On A Smartwatch?

Smartwatches are pretty cool as they come with a small display, therefore, their screen size is the epitome of internet browsing. However, you can still browse the internet on your smartwatch.

First, you need an internet connection. And, then, you need to get some web browser apps. There are different web browser apps for different brands. You have to get whichever apps are suitable for your smartwatch brand. 

How Can You Connect Your Smartwatch To The Internet? 

You have to connect your smartwatch to the Wi-Fi. It can be your Wi-Fi devices like a router or your smartphone. For smartphone Wi-Fi, your phone needs to have a hotspot for sharing data.

After connecting to the internet, you have to do some settings on your phone for browsing. 

Different Browsers For Different Smartwatch Brands: 

As I said before, different browsers are used by different brands. 

  • For Apple Watches: Webabit, iBrowseWeb, Squint, Parrity.
  • For Samsung Galaxy Watches: Samsung Internet for Galaxy Watch, Gear Browser, G2Web.
  • For Fitbit and Garmin: Fitbit and Garmin don’t have web browsers.

The Best Web Browsers For Apple Watch

Apple Watch doesn’t come with the built-in Web Browser, but it does come with support for third-party browsers. Apple App Store features a variety of web browser apps, but In my opinion, these are the best Web Browsers for Apple Watch.

  • Webabit
  • iBrowseWeb
  • Squint
  • Parrity



Webabit is one of the best web browsers for Apple Watches. It’s surely not as good as the ones we have on our smartphones, but it can get the job done.

The browser allows you to access the Internet from the apple watch, and you can browse your favorite websites through it. However, most websites are not optimized for smaller screens, so you can expect some problems with Browsing. Webabit is also completely free to use, so you can give it a try.



iBrowseWeb is a premium web browser that can allow you to access the Internet via Apple Watch. This browser comes with basic functionality, but you can use it to access your favorite sites with simple features.

It also allows you to save your favorite websites, which you can access later. You can get the iBrowseWeb for $19.99, which is surely a considerable amount for a simple browser. So, you can go for it if you are looking for a premium browser; otherwise, free web browsers are good options for you.

Squint Browser

Squint Browser

Squint Browser is one of the best Web Browser for the Apple watch. The great thing about this browser is that it comes with a great AI keyboard, that can help you discover the website you are looking for.

It also comes with features such as voice browse, which is a handy feature. Overall, Squint is a considerably better browser, and you can get it for only $1.99.


Parrity apple watch app

Parrity is the most popular web browser for Apple watch, and it comes with a variety of features. The User Interface of the browser is excellent, which makes it easier to use. It also comes with support for popular search engines such as Google, Amazon, Duckduckgo, and others.

Page caching is another useful feature that loads several pages in advance, and you can quickly move back and forth. The best thing about Parrity is that it is entirely free to use. If you are looking for the best web browser for Apple watch, then Parrity is a reliable option for you.

The Best Web Browsers for Wear OS Smartwatches

If you have the Wear OS Smartwatch, then you can use the following web browsers for your smartwatch.

  • Free Browser for Wear OS
  • Web Browser for Wear OS

Free Browser for Wear OS

Free Browser for Wear OS

Free Browser for Wear OS is one of the best Wear Browsers you can get for your Wear OS Smartwatch. It comes with all the features which you can expect from a great web browser. For starter, you get the support for google search, which you can use to search your favorite content.

It also comes with mini-keyboard, back and forth navigation, reloads the page, bookmark, loading indicator, and many other useful features. The browser also comes worth Background mode, which allows you to listen to your favorite songs in the background while you enjoy using the other apps on your watch.

If you are looking for a comprehensive web browser for your Wear OS smartwatch, then you can give a try to Free Browser for Wear.

Web Browser for Wear OS

Web Browser for Wear OS is another handy web browser that you can use to browse the Internet. Using this browser, you can browse the Internet, check social media sites, check the weather forecasts, and many more.

The browser also comes with a variety of features such as voice search, mini keyboard, support for multiple languages, voice txt input in the keyboard, back and forth navigation button, pinch zoom, and many other useful features. You can get the Web Browser for Wear OS for free, but it comes with ads and in-app purchases.

The Best Web Browsers For Samsung Galaxy Watches

Samsung Galaxy watches are some of the best smartwatches out there, and they come with a lot of web browsers options that you can use. If you have the Samsung galaxy watch, then you can try the following Web Browsers.

  • Samsung Internet for Galaxy Watch
  • Gear Browser
  • G2Web

Samsung Internet for Galaxy Watch

Samsung Internet for Galaxy Watch

Samsung Internet for Galaxy Watch is the official web browser app that you can install on your Samsung. The best thing about this browser is that it is pretty lightweight, and installing it won’t affect the overall performance of the watch.

It also comes with tons of great features such as bookmarks, a quick search using voice or text input, remote login, pinch to zoom, customized media for circular screen, and many more. So, if you are looking for the feature-rich browser for your Galaxy watch, then you should give a try to this one.

Gear Browser

Gear Browser is another web browser that is designed for the Gear S2, but you can install it on other galaxy watches as well. It’s a simple web browser that you can use to browse the Internet and visit your favorite sites.

It comes with a mini keyboard, search feature, bookmark, and other features that will help improve your experience. Also, the browser comes in a square display that offers a better view as compared to a round display. So, if you are looking for a browser with a square display, then Gear Browser is a great option for you.


G2Eeb is one of the best Web Browsers for the Samsung Galaxy Watches. It’s a very simple browser, and it comes with some basic features which can help you browse the Internet.

For starters, you get the mini keyboard which you can use to type your queries. The browser uses its own agile keyboard, which is a bit different from the default browser, and you can quickly type your queries on it.

The display on this browser is round display like the most browsers on this list. If you are not satisfied with the other browsers for Samsung, then you can try this one.

Does Fitbit Come With A Web Browser?

Fitbit trackers don’t come with built-in Web browsers, neither they are compatible with any third-party web browsers.

I also contacted the Fitbit Customer support, and they also confirmed that currently, they don’t have any compatible app, so if you want to use the browser on your smartwatch, then you should get the ones that support the Web Browser.

Does Garmin Come With A Web Browser?

Garmin Connect IQ, which is the official App Store for Garmin watches, doesn’t feature any web browser apps which you can install on your Garmin smartwatch.

Similarly, the Garmin official web pages also don’t provide any information on Web Browser, so considering these facts, we can say that Garmin doesn’t come with its own Web Browser.


That’s all, folks. Now you know how to browse the Internet on a smartwatch. You can install the web browsers from the respective app stores for your smartwatch and start using them.

The user experience on web browsers, on a smartwatch, is surely not as good as the web browsers on smartphones or desktops, but you can use them if you urgently want to search for anything.

Otherwise, I would recommend you use your smartphone or desktop because the web browser on the smartwatch struggles to offer great information due to its small display size. But, if you want to experience it, then you can use the above web browser apps.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment section below. Also, visit the website for more useful guides.

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