6 thoughts on “Fitness Tracker Without Internet dependence, Is There Such A Thing?

  1. Hi
    I am looking for a fitness watch that does not require a Smart Phone , or an Internet connection app., possibly for under $ 100.
    From your post It is not clear if there is one such alternative, even the Fitbit you describe.
    Amazon is useless in his regard because all of their fitness watches seem to require Smart phones or Internet connection.
    Currently I have a Polar RS100 fitness watch which allows me to monitor HR, Cal etc while jogging, without any smartphone gimmicks or apps.
    I want a similar watch but without a chest transmitter, possibly for under $ 100.

    Can you comment on this, please?


    1. Hi Vivona,
      Thanks for visiting my blog!
      I also had a great time with the RS100 in the past.
      Unfortunately, as I mentioned in the article, I haven’t found a reliable wrist-based HR fitness tracker that does not require an internet connection.
      I believe that the main reason for that is the value of our data to the companies.
      May I ask what is the reason that you are looking for such a device? is it the privacy issue that concerns you?
      Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much for your prompt reply.
    I use the Internet every step of my way and my reluctance to use a Smartphone-based fitness watch requiring the Internet is not due so much to the fear of jeopardizing my..privacy as, rather, to a certain aversion to the all-pervasive technological gadgetry of modern times..
    Anyway, I don’t have a Smartphone, neither, to be honest with you, do I need one. One of the reasons is, I guess, that I am 78 and our…. old-timers mind is not naturally”programmed” to deal with electronic devices, which requires communicating with them in a language whose logic is different from the one embedded in our human brain.. .

    You say that you haven’t yet found a reliable fitness watch not requiring the Internet. Perhaps it depends on what we mean by” reliable” .
    As a non professional , who runs just to keep in shape , I don’t certainly need space-technology, ultra-precise devices.. The Polar RS 100 is good enough for me, except that I’d prefer a watch not requiring a chest-transmitter..Something that you can keep on all the time, like a regular watch and quickly turn it to fitness mode whenever required. .
    Amazon offers a wide choice of Fitness watches for a convenient price, but allof them are Smartphone- based. Before buying one, I just wanted to make sure that
    1) Their reliability in terms of precision and durability is close to that of the RS-100
    2) that I don’t need an APP and a Smartphone to see the data when jogging and the totals at session-end .

    Thanks for your comments

    1. First of all, huge respect for your active lifestyle at 78 y.o.
      I don’t know if you are aware of it but you can sync your smartwatch/fitness tracker to a computer without a need for a phone.
      It is very simple and easy to do so, you are not required to sync your watch on a daily basis as most of them can store your data for many days.
      The app of Fitbit is very simple and easy to use and you might find it very convenient to view your stats on the big screen of your computer.
      This is the best option for you if you are looking for a fitness tracker that is capable of monitoring your heart rate from your wrist.
      Fitbit has many devices with HR sensors and all of them will serve you well.
      Here is a small video demonstration of how to sync your Fitbit with your computer:
      I really hope that it helps you!

      1. Thanks again Eddie
        I didn’t know that I can sync the watch with my PC.
        If, however, synchronizing the watch means simply transferring the training data of each session from the watch to the PC app with a view to evaluate and optimize my overall training, perhaps this is not my first priority.

        What I want is to make sure I can see my training data while working out, training, without being hooked to the Internet with a Smartphone

        I have been diagnosed by my cardiologist with a slight arrythmia occasionally causing Atrial Fibrillation ( A.Fib) and tachycardia episodes, which go totally unnoticed( no strain on the heart, nothing!) unless I look at the watch.
        These episodes can occur even at rest and are usually very short-lived, but I want to make sure that they don’t occur when exercising and that the pulse does not reach a dangerous level.. This is why I want to be able to see the H.R. ( and other data) directly on the watch. .

        I seem to understand from you that the Fitbit watch ( just like, I assume, all the sport watches with a Smartphone option, can be used without an Internet/Smartphone connection while exercising. If this is the case, I’ll order one from Amazon, may be not a Fitbit but something else with a design I like better.

        Thanks again


        1. Hi,
          Sorry for the late response.
          I think that the Galaxy Active watch might be a good fit for you.
          It has a great design, a pretty good HR sensor(Although the step count is not the best), a good price and most importantly it is very easy to set it up and make it work without a phone connection.
          And yes, it will show you your HR and other data directly on the watch while exercising.
          Here is a video demonstration of how to initially set it up without a phone.


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