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Are you looking to stay organized and productive in 2024? Look no further than the top five productivity apps for Apple Watch:

  1. Evernote: Dictate notes that are then transcribed and synced to the app.
  2. Fantastical 2: A calendar and reminders app with a natural language engine.
  3. Microsoft OneNote: Access and dictate new notes on the go.
  4. Things: A task management platform that balances ease of use with powerful features.
  5. Slack: A team communication app that lets conversations be held in one place.
Can The  Apple Watch Really Help with Productivity

Can The Apple Watch Really Help with Productivity?

Yes, the Apple Watch can be a great tool for increasing productivity. It can help users keep track of their tasks and notifications, as well as manage their calendars and daily activities.

With apps for Apple Watch, users can set reminders, keep track of deadlines, and even track their progress with specific tasks.

Additionally, the Apple Watch can be used to take notes and stay organized. With its intuitive user interface, the Apple Watch is a great way to stay productive and organized.

5 Best Productivity Apps For Apple Watch In 2024

The Apps below are Our Top 5 Picks of Apps that will really help you be more productive and organized.

There are also many other great options like OmniFocus, Drafts, Clear, Fit Brains Trainer, Tempo Smart Calendar, and more! Get your Apple Watch ready for productivity success in 2024!

1. Evernote

Evernote is the perfect app for the busy Apple Watch user in 2024. It allows them to easily dictate and sync notes on the go! The Evernote app provides a comprehensive task management system. It has features such as a things list, Todoist timers, and todos. Users can quickly access their notes from any device or location.

Additionally, Evernote has powerful search capabilities that make it easy to find what users need when they need it.

Its interface is intuitive and user-friendly, providing an efficient way of organizing tasks and information.

With its integration into other apps like Google Drive and Dropbox, Evernote offers an all-in-one solution for managing tasks from one place. It also offers reminders that help keep users on track with their goals and deadlines.

All these features make Evernote a must-have productivity app for Apple Watch owners in 2024!

2. Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 helps create a balance between ease of use and power, giving users the ability to manage tasks and events with its natural language engine.

The app is a great choice for Apple Watch users looking for productivity apps that offer flexibility and convenience. It integrates seamlessly on the platform, allowing users to quickly check their calendars, set reminders, and search for upcoming events at a glance.

Natural Language EngineCreate events and reminders using natural language input
Integrates SeamlesslyQuickly access your calendar, set reminders, and search upcoming events from the watch interface
Flexibility & ConvenienceEasily adjust settings or add new entries with just a few taps of your finger

3. Things

Things is an excellent choice for those seeking a balance of usability and comprehensive features, providing the perfect harmony of convenience and practicality. It’s an Apple Watch app that simplifies task management and time management.

  1. Create to-dos quickly with natural language input.
  2. Sync them across all your devices.
  3. Get reminders when tasks are due.
  4. Prioritize tasks to get things done faster.

Things make it easy to keep track of tasks on the go, helping you stay organized and productive no matter where you are or how busy life gets.

With its intuitive design, powerful features, and seamless synchronization across devices, Things is one of the best Apple Watch apps around for managing daily tasks efficiently.

4. Slack

Keep in touch with your team wherever you go, with Slack – the ultimate communication app for Apple Watch. Slack helps streamline productivity by consolidating all your to-do lists and conversations into one place.

You can set goals, meet deadlines, and collaborate on projects without ever having to leave your watch. The intuitive design of the app makes it easy to use and navigate on even the smallest screen.

Streamline productivityConsolidate to-do lists & conversations into one place
Set goals & deadlinesIntuitive design for small screens
Collaborate on projectsEasy navigation & use from Apple Watch

5. OmniFocus

Take your task management to the next level with OmniFocus for Apple Watch – a powerful tool that keeps you organized and on track, no matter where you go. It’s one of the best Apple Watch productivity apps available, perfect for any Apple Watch owner looking to boost their productivity.

With OmniFocus, you can easily keep track of tasks, prioritize them, and set reminders and notifications. You can also access projects from other devices so it’s easy to stay on top of things while on the go.

The app also offers a great dashboard view allowing users to see their progress in real-time and adjust accordingly. With this all-in-one task manager, you’ll be able to keep up with your commitments without breaking a sweat!

Can Apple Watch Help With Time Management?

Can Apple Watch Help With Time Management

Yes, Apple Watch can help with time management. With the right apps, you can receive notifications to stay on top of tasks and stay organized.

Apps like HoursTracker, Streaks, and Toggl help you track the amount of time you spend on tasks, set reminders, and even track your progress.

Additionally, apps like Fantastical, Calendars 5, and Reminders can help you manage your schedule and stay on top of important events. With the right Apple Watch apps, you can take control of your time and be more productive.

What Is The Focus App On The Apple Watch?

The Focus app on the Apple Watch is a great tool for staying productive and organized. It allows users to easily keep track of tasks, goals, and reminders.

The app also includes a feature called Focus Mode, which blocks notifications from selected apps and focuses on the task at hand for a set amount of time.

With Focus, users can keep their goals and tasks top of mind, without distractions. The app also includes a range of customizations and integrations, allowing users to customize their own experience and maintain their productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

How Do I Access My Existing Data With The Evernote App?

You can access your existing data with the Evernote app by logging into your account. Once logged in, you’ll be able to view and manage your notes, lists, reminders, and more.

What Different Features Does Fantastical 2 Offer Compared To Other Calendar Apps?

Fantastical 2 offers a natural language engine to easily create events and reminders, as well as an intuitive interface that quickly displays upcoming tasks. It also features advanced customization options for calendar views, powerful search capabilities, integration with other apps, and more.

What Are The Best Ways To Organize Tasks In Things?

Organize tasks in Things by creating checklists, assigning due dates and reminders, adding tags to assign priority levels, setting up recurring tasks, and using a natural language parser to quickly create new tasks.

What Types Of Conversations Can I Have With Slack?

You can have private conversations, group chats, and direct messaging with Slack. You can also share files, make calls, and create channels to organize topics. All conversations are searchable so you can easily find what you need.

How Does OmniFocus Help Me Prioritize Tasks?

OmniFocus helps you prioritize tasks by breaking them down into manageable chunks, allowing you to focus on one at a time. It also provides notifications and reminders to ensure tasks don’t slip through the cracks. You can set due dates and organize tasks by priority or project for efficient task management.


In conclusion, with the top 5 productivity apps for your Apple Watch in 2024, you’ll be able to stay organized and productive.

  • Evernote will let you take notes on the go.
  • Fantastical 2 will help you manage tasks and events easily.
  • Things make powerful task management simple.
  • Slack keeps all conversations in one place.
  • And OmniFocus helps keep track of everything else.

With these apps at your disposal, you can make sure that 2024 is a productive year!

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