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The Camera Apps can enable your Apple Watch to control your iPhone’s camera and click selfies or photos.

Camera Apps for Apple Watch

Yes, you have read that right! These Camera Apps can turn your Apple Watch into a superfine easy-to-use remote shutter. 

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And if you are fascinated by this technology and looking forward to using such Apps, go through this article because for your convenience, here we have listed out the best Camera Apps for Apple Watch. 

Let’s get started.

Top 7 Best Camera Apps For Apple Watch In 2023

A good camera app can give you a pleasant experience of using your Apple watch. Hence, you have to choose the most perfect one that comes with all the updated features. Have a look at the top picks that we are going to discuss here.

1. Camera+ Legacy

Camera+ Legacy - Camera app for Apple watch

Camera+ Legacy is arguably one of the best Camera Apps for the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch’s version of the Camera+ Legacy is fairly simple, and it comes with only a shutter button which you can press to take a photo.

It comes with a Timer Toggle button under the shutter button, which starts the 5-second timer when you enable it.

The main highlight of the app is the iPhone version that comes with tons of great features. It allows you to set the exposure and focus for the photos. You can also add clarity, pick scene modes, crop photos, and many more.

Overall, Camera+ Legacy is a nice package, and it can surely help you capture great photos. Camera+ Legacy is a premium app, and you can get it for $2.99.

2. ProCam 8

ProCam 8 is arguably one of the finest camera Apps for the Apple Watch. The app comes with a very simple interface for Apple Watch’s version, which you can use to take photos, time-lapse, record video, and many more.

Like other camera apps on this list, ProCam 8 also has the major features in the iPhone’s version of the app, and Apple Watch’s version only comes with a basic feature for taking photos.

In the main app, you get a number of features that you can use to capture professional-level photos and videos. The app allows you to pick the frame rates for videos and adjust the various aspects of the photos.

On top of that, it comes with 60 filters and various adjustment tools that you can use to refine your photos. If you want to take professional-grade photos and videos, you should consider ProCam 8. You can get it for $6.99 with optional in-app purchases.

3. Slow Shutter Cam

Slow Shutter Cam is another very popular Camera App for Apple Watch, which is mainly designed to take long exposure shots. The Apple Watch’s version comes with a fairly simple User Interface featuring three buttons that you can use to take simple photos, set timer, and record video.

The real magic happens on the iPhone’s version, where you get tons of options to take DSLR quality photos. Slow Shutter Cam is designed to help you take professional-grade, long exposure shots, which are very challenging to be taken on smartphones.

Using Slow Shutter Cam, you can take photos with Motion Blur and Light Trail. The app also helps you take amazing photos under low light, which is also very remarkable.

So, if you are interested in taking long exposure shots, you should consider Slow Exposure Shots. You can get the app for $1.99 on the App Store.

4. ProCamera (Best Camera App for Apple Watch)

ProCamera is arguably the best Camera App for Apple Watch. This app comes with the best User Interface and options compared to other options on this list.

On the Apple watch’s version, you get the option to pick the type of photo you want to capture, the delay you want to add, and the format of the photo. You can also set the timer as well to capture the perfect selfies. In the app, you will get Lowlight Mode, Lowlight+ Mode, and HDR Mode.

When it comes to iPhone’s version, you get more features and options. The app comes with a number of tools that you can use before and after taking photos. It allows you to capture photos in RAW and other professional formats so that photo could save more details.

It comes with professional-grade tools such as Live Histogram, White Balance, digital zoom, support for various aspect ratios, manual focus, manual compensation, and more, which you can use to take refined photos. On top of that, it also supports the Dolby Vision HDR video and 4K Video recording, which is remarkable.

Overall, ProCamera is a solid camera app, and you should consider if you want a camera app with tons of advanced features. ProCamera is a premium app, and you can get it for $8.99.

5. Camera Remote App

If you want a simple app to capture photos and are not looking for something fancy, you can consider Camera Remote App, which is already available on your Apple Watch.

Just go to the apps menu, find “Camera Remote App,” and tap it. Now use the shutter button to capture a photo.

The best thing about Camera Remote App is that it comes with a live preview so you can how you are looking and take a perfect photo. Camera Remote App is also free to use!

6. DSLR Camera

It is one of the famous Camera Apps for the Apple Watch. You can manually control the camera of your iPhone to shoot and record photos or videos from your watch using this DSLR Camera. 

This App also comes with Siri Shortcuts, so you can also give voice instructions. It has many other advanced features like focusing to define the subject perfectly, face tracking, dual filter, and many more. 

7. Halide Mark ll- Pro Camera

It is an award-winning Camera App. This App comes with manual focus and robust tools like  Focus Peaking, histogram, Focus Loupe, manual depth capture, and so on.

It can be fully controlled manually which also includes shutter speed, white balance, and ISO. It also offers an Automatic mode. Besides, it features Siri Shortcuts which can open the App in Automatic and Manual modes. 

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

For your further inquiry, you may check out this section of the article. Here, we will answer the most common questions regarding Camera Apps For Apple Watch.

Can You Use A Camera On Apple Watch?

Apple Watch doesn’t come with its own camera, but you can use it to remotely take photos from your iPhone.

How Do I Add Camera App To Apple Watch?

Apple Watch comes with Camera Remote App as default, but you can also add third-party apps from the App Store. Open the App Store App on your Apple Watch, find the camera app you want to add, and tap “get” to add the app to your Apple Watch.

What Is The Camera Button On Apple Watch?

When you open the Camera Remote App or any third-party Camera App, you will see a big button (usually in white) on the screen; this button is usually referred to as a Camera Button.


Although the Apple Watch does not have a camera, here you have explored the best Camera Apps that can allow you to control the camera of your iPhone.

We have researched and given all the related information about each app that you have already read. We hope all this information can help you select the desired Camera App for your Apple Watch. 

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If you have any suggestions or queries, kindly write in the comment section given below.

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