Do Solar Watches Charge On Cloudy Days?




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Nowadays, people are very tense about the charging of solar watches on a cloudy day. But, solar watches recharge easily on cloudy days. For this, you just need to know the ways to recharge solar watches when the sky is cloudy enough.

Solar Watches Charge On Cloudy Days

The charging system of solar watches is very easy. In fact, you can charge your watch by using several types of products that are very accessible and you will find those products easily at your home on cloudy days. 

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If you want to explore this article, then keep in touch with us. And also, I can assure you that you will know a lot of things about solar watches from this article. 

Can Solar Panels Charge On Cloudy Days?

As we know, solar panels recharge on cloudy days. Surprisingly, solar panels are able to recharge on cloudy days. In fact, when the sunlight is not seen or partially blocked by clouds, the solar panel will still work. 

Because the radiation of solar panels can penetrate clouds. As a consequence, solar panels can produce their power on cloudy days. Indeed, rain is very helpful for operating solar panels effectively by washing dirt or dust off of solar panels. 

But the power of solar panels depends on the cloud cover. On the other hand, it depends on the quality of solar panels. Besides, photovoltaic or solar panels can use direct or indirect sunlight to generate their power. 

If the quality of solar panels is strong or good, then the efficiency of producing power is excellent. If the quality of solar panels is normal or not strong, then the efficiency of producing power is less. 

In general, solar panels do not need any heavy sunlight or hot weather for charging. In sunny and cold weather, solar panels work the best. 

As a result, when places get 79 degrees Fahrenheit, the efficiency of solar panels is decreased. At that time, solar panels produced less power. 

But this statement does not mean that solar panels do not work in hot places. If you have the most effective and powerful solar panels, then it must work. 

Moreover, on heavy cloudy days, the production capacity of solar panels is reduced. Afterward, solar panels can generate 10% to 25% power on days with heavy cloud coverage. In addition, they have a design flow so that they recharge on rainy days. 

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Do Solar Watches Need Direct Sunlight?

For recharging a solar watch, it is very necessary to expose this solar watch to sunlight. If you want to recharge your solar light sufficiently, then you need sufficient strength of light. 

A solar watch converts light energy to electrical energy. At that moment, solar cells receive light energy. And then, solar cells convert this light energy into electrical energy. After this, the electronic energy is stored in the rechargeable battery. This is how a solar watch recharges its battery. 

If you try to recharge your solar watch to room light, then your watch will recharge. But it will take a longer time for recharging. Because the room light is weaker compared to the sunlight. 

If sunlight is unavailable for your watch then you can recharge your solar watch in several ways. But, without sunlight, it will take some time. For a proper recharge solar watch, sunlight is very necessary.

How To Charge A Solar Watch Without A Sun?

If you can not recharge your solar watch with the sun, then there are several ways to recharge your solar watch without the sun. so, the ways you need for recharging your watch are here-

  • By using artificial light, you can recharge your solar watch. There are so many artificial lights such as lamp, flashlights. But it will take some time to fully recharge. 
  • Surprisingly, you can recharge your solar watch by using your computer screen. For this, you need to hold your watch closer to your computer screen. After a few minutes, it will start to charge. 
  • LED or fluorescent light is very effective for charging a solar watch. So, you can keep your watch to this light. But incandescent light is not very effective for solar watches. 
  • You can get indirect sunlight from your window. As a result, you can put your watch beside your window, so that your watch gets sunlight indirectly. 
  • If you do not get any direct or indirect sunlight for charging, then a hand crank charger is the best for you. In fact, the hand crank charger can convert mechanical energy into electrical energy for the solar watch. 
  • You can store the energy of a solar watch’s battery by connecting the solar cells to a battery. 

Though sunlight is the most potential power and fastest way for recharging the solar watch,. But, these are all effective ways to recharge a solar watch without any sunlight. 

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Can A Solar Watch Be Charged With Artificial Light?

Answer: Yes, artificial lights can charge a solar watch. There are so many artificial lights such as UV lamps, fluorescent bulbs, LED bulbs etc which are very powerful and strong enough. For this, solar panels are recharged besides the sunlight. You have to keep your solar watch to the light, then it will recharge automatically. 

How Much Light Do Solar Watches Need?

Answer: For recharging a solar watch, it needs a strong and powerful light. LED sources are perfect for sufficiently changing a solar watch. There are several types of LED lights such as low lux, and smaller bulbs. On the other hand, LED lights are safe for your solar watches. As a result, your watches recharge more quickly. 


If you want a watch for your life that will provide you with an accurate time, then a solar watch is best for you. Because you can recharge your solar watch on cloudy days. As a consequence, the sun is not necessary for this. 

Moreover,  you can recharge your watch in numerous effective ways without any hesitation. So this way, you do not need to think too much on cloudy days about your solar watch. 

I hope you enjoyed this article and thank you so much for giving us your valuable time. 

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