Can You Use Facebook And Instagram On A Smartwatch?




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Smartwatches are now common accessories used by people in the day to day life. They are an indispensable part of the daily work-life schedule which helps to sort the jam-packed activities.

Use Facebook And Instagram On A Smartwatch

But, even without its role in the work-life, it bears other features that may help one in their day-to-day life. With the world being tied to social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc., the smartwatch’s rise has been imminent and necessary for its portability and mobility.

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And along with that arises the concern that like smartphones can smartwatches also be used for using Facebook and Instagram. And here we are to answer that concern in our today’s article.

So, let’s dive in!

What Is A Smartwatch?

Before entering the discussion let us make sure that you know what a smartwatch is. A smartwatch is basically the smaller much more portable version of smartphones (Obviously with lesser features than a smartphone).

The smartwatch has its full working capacity only when it is tethered to a smartphone. When tethered, a smartwatch can receive calls that are incoming on a smartphone, play music, browse the internet, etc.

And with the advancement of technology, a smartwatch that can act as a mini smartphone has also arrived. They include the usage of SIM cards and memory cards also. While some have the full-fledged functionality when used along with a phone others can also do the same with their own programmed procedures.
And that leads to our concern that whether or not we can use Facebook and Instagram on smartwatches.

Can You Use Facebook, Instagram, And Messenger On A Smartwatch?

The plain answer to this question is both yes and no. Smartwatches of various brands are available these days. Some have some distinct features that separate them from each other.

Now, the specific answer to our question will be the smartwatches that support internet browsing are able to use Facebook and Instagram.

There is no dedicated smartwatch that uses Facebook or Instagram apps, rather they support browser apps that can use Facebook and Instagram.

Can You Use Facebook, Instagram, And Messenger On A Smartwatch

But in the case of the messenger app, some smartwatch has the built-in functionality to be able to use and send messages. The messenger app is run by the default OS of the system of smthe Smart watch.

In the case of others, the messenger app can be used from the browser, if it has any. The on-screen keyboard of the smartwatch is used to type and send the messages. Some also support the emoji! Same thing is applied in the case of WhatsApp also.

Also, if the smartwatch is android based and has the Google play store in it, you may have the chance to use the Facebook and Instagram apps on your smartwatch.

There are other smartwatches that support SIM cards and if you have internet access on your SIM card and a proper browser, you can use Facebook and Instagram on a smartwatch.

How To Use Facebook And Instagram On A Smartwatch?

There are several ways to use Facebook and Instagram given that it fulfills the following conditions

  • It supports Android OS and has Google play store


  • It supports SIM card and has an internet browser


  • It supports wifi connectivity and has an internet browser.

Method 1:

If a smartwatch has a built-in Google play store in it, then it’s almost hassle-free for using Facebook and Instagram.

Just like you download and install Facebook and Instagram on your phone, you can do the same thing in a smartwatch that has a Google play store in it.

Go to the google play store, search for Facebook/Instagram and install it.

Easy-peasy, right?

Method 2:

If the smartwatch supports a SIM card and has an internet browser, you can browse Facebook and Instagram. For that, a SIM card must have internet access.

After having internet access, enter the browser, search for Facebook/Instagram, and log in to your account. Then you can use Facebook/Instagram.

Method 3:

There are some smartwatches that don’t support SIM cards or built-in google play store but support wifi connectivity.

For those types of smartwatches, you can use the wifi and the internet browser to use Facebook or Instagram just like the aforementioned way.

N.B. For IOS-supported smartwatches, the process is also similar to case 3. As there is no i-store in apple watches as the android has a google play store in some smart watches, Facebook/Instagram app can’t be used in Apple watches.

But having wifi connectivity and a browser present in the Apple watches, you can browse for the links of Facebook and Instagram and then use it.

How Do I Get Facebook Messages On My Smartwatch?

Every smartwatch has the capability to tether to a phone. By tethering itself to a phone, a smartwatch can receive calls, get notifications from a phone, and show and reply to messages.

But these features solely differ among the different brands of smartwatches. Some may support these features, others may not. But the basic features of getting notifications from apps are available for all.

So, if The Facebook message is sent to your phone, the notification will automatically pop up on your smartwatch. And if the smartwatch has additional features, you can also give a reply to the message also.

Can You Use Facebook And Instagram On Apple And Samsung Watches?

Yes, you can. But there are specific models that are designed to be able to use Facebook and Instagram.

While the Samsung watches are android based smartwatches, Apple watches are IOS based. Android-based watches have the support of the google play store, from where one may be able to download the Facebook and Instagram app and use it.

Again some watches that are not android based, use wifi connectivity to browse the internet from where Facebook and Instagram may be used.

Apple watch follows this procedure and can use Facebook and Instagram indirectly.

Which Brands And Models Can Have It?

There are several models of smartwatches that support the usage of Facebook and Instagram as told earlier. They are

  1. Razr x Fossil gen 6
  2. Apple watch
  3. DZ09
  4. Samsung Gear S3
  5. Galaxy watch 4
  6. Ticwatch
  7. Carlson Raulen


Each of these models has separate features and procedures to use Facebook and Instagram.

Can You Add Apps To Smartwatch?

Adding apps to a smartwatch is a bit tricky because all smartwatches don’t support individual apps. But the exception is seen in the case of smartwatches that support or have built-in google interface.

The smartwatches that have a google interface can use the google play store just like you can use it in a smartphone. After entering the google playstore in the smartwatch, there are options to add apps that are present on the phone.

And the newly updated ones support the wifi connectivity and are able to download the apps directly on the smartwatch. And after finishing the download, you can install and add the desired app on your smartwatch.


So, we hope that from our above discussion, the concern about whether you can use Facebook and Instagram on a smartwatch is cleared.

The basic properties of all the smartwatches are the same and they have to be tweaked a little bit for making them usable for personal purposes.

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Thank you!

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