Best Smartwatches For AFIB

Best Smartwatch For AFIB (Officially Approved In 2023) That Can Save Your Life

Smartwatches have evolved a lot since their inception, and now they are better than ever.

Modern smartwatches come with life-saving features such as ECG, AFIB, and Fall Detection, which can save you from a lot of health problems and allow you to get timely help.

Today, we will discuss the best smartwatches for AFIB, which have been officially approved by FDA.

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In this comprehensive guide, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about AFIB Smartwatches.

Let’s get started.

NameScreen SizeBrandPrice
Apple Watch Series 741 MillimetersApple$312.78
Samsung Galaxy Watch 41.2 InchesSAMSUNG$179.00
Fitbit Sense1.58 InchesFitbit$185.66
Withings ScanWatch38 MillimetersWithings$299.95
Fitbit Charge 51.04 InchesFitbit$99.95

What is AFIB?

Let’s start with the very definition of AFIB. Atrial fibrillation or AFIB is a common but lethal heart problem that occurs due to the irregular rhythm of your heart.

In simple words, AFIB occurs when the upper chambers of your heart go out of sync with the lower chambers of your heart.

Once your heart develops this condition, your heart is exposed to various deadly complications such as Stroke, Heart failure, and Cognitive Decline.

What Are The Symptoms of AFIB?

Now the problem with AFIB is that it’s asymptomatic, especially in the early stages, which means that if a person develops this condition, there are chances that you won’t be able to detect it unless you do the ECG test or suffer a stroke. However, these are some of the symptoms which you may experience if you develop AFIB.

  • Chest Pain
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Lightheadedness
  • Weakness
  • Shortness of Breath

How Common is AFIB?

According to CDC, AFIB is one of the most common types of heart problems, and by 2030, the number of AFIB patients will cross 12.1 million in the US alone, and this number will be way higher if we combine the cases from around the world. Also, it’s responsible for around 20 to 30% of heart strokes.

What Are The Different Stages Of AFIB?

When it comes to AFIB, cardiologists have classified AFIB into three types.

  • Paroxysmal AFIB – It’s the sudden episode of AFIB where your heart experience AFIB, but it’s not lethal, and it can stop on its own without any medical help. As it comes for a short period, it isn’t easy to detect.
  • Persistent AFIB –  It’s the second stage of AFIB where you can experience it for over a week, and it’s also possible that it becomes permanent.
  • Permanent AFIB – it’s the 3rd and last stage of AFIB which is considered the most severe stage. In this stage, the AFIB continues to get worse, and it’s difficult for a heart to restore its natural rhythm.

What is an ECG, and How Can It Detect AFIB?

What is an ECG, and how can it detect AFIB

When it comes to detection of AFIB, you can only do it with an ECG test. ECG or Electrocardiogram is a test that basically measures the electrical activity of your heart.

It basically records your heart movement, and if it detects any irregular rhythm, it shows in the test, which you can use to diagnose the condition.

In smartwatches, you get the advanced algorithm that analyses the ECG test for you, and if it detects AFIB, it will notify you so that you can get professional help on time.

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How Accurate is AFIB Detection on Smartwatches?

Now the next question is: how accurate is AFIB detection on Smartwatches? And What’s the role of the FDA here? In the last 2 years, we have seen the inclusion of ECG on smartwatches, and as it’s a health feature, it’s important that smartwatches get approved by FDA for consumers.

Now the thing which FDA mainly tests is the accuracy of smartwatches when it comes to AFIB. As AFIB is highly sporadic, it means that smartwatches need to be very accurate and precise to detect it.

When it comes to getting approval from FDA, things get tough because the standards are pretty high, and only accurate algorithms get approval from the FDA.

So far, only a handful of companies have managed to get FDA approval which includes Apple, Fitbit, Withing’s, and Samsung.

Should I Rely On Smartwatches for AFIB Detection?

Smartwatches come with life-saving features such as Fall Detection, AFIB, and ECG, which can potentially save your life. On the internet, you will find hundreds of stories of the people who were saved by their smartwatches.

One particular story I would like to iterate here is the story of Peggy Reynolds, whose life was saved by a smartwatch with fall detection.

She was gifted this smartwatch three years back, and one fine Sunday, she fell and sustained a head injury. The watch alerted her daughter and medical responders immediately, and they were able to rescue her on time.

In the case of AFIB, your body won’t show any symptoms, but your watch is capable of detecting the condition, and if it detects, it will immediately notify you, and you can save yourself from a deadly stroke.

So, I would not recommend that you fully rely on your smartwatch, but you can surely use it as a tool to detect medical conditions at early stages.

List Of 5 Best Smartwatches For AFIB (Officially Approved By FDA)

Finding an FDA-approved smartwatch for AFIB is not an easy task because many smartwatches claim to have FDA Approval, but only a handful of them are actually approved by FDA.

That’s why I’ve done comprehensive research, and after verification, I’ve picked the best smartwatches for AFIB, which are officially approved by FDA. Let’s have a look at my top picks.

1. Apple Watch Series 7

Products Information

Connectivity TechnologyGps
Operating SystemWatchOS
Human Interface InputButtons
Screen Size41 Millimeters
Water Resistance LevelWater Resistant

Apple Watch is one of the earliest smartwatches in the market, which got approval from the FDA. The company uses an advanced algorithm that periodically evaluates your heartbeats, and if it detects any irregular rhythm, it sends the notifications on your home screen.

Now, if you want to enable AFIB notifications, you will need to enable them from the settings. Here’s how you can enable AFIB notifications on Apple Watch Series 7.

  • Go to your iPhone and open Health App
  • Now go to the browser tab, tap the heart
  • Enable Irregular Rhythms by toggling the button to green.
  • Once you enable notifications, the watch will send AFIB notifications directly on your home screen.

If we look at the other features of the Apple Watch Series 7, you get the features such as activity tracking, SPO2 sensors, Fall Detection, Workout monitoring, and sleep tracking. If you are an iPhone user, Apple Watch 7 is the best option for you.

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Products Information

Wireless Communication StandardBluetooth
Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth
Operating SystemAndroid 6.0
Human Interface InputTouchscreen, Buttons
Screen Size40 Millimeters
Water Resistance LevelWater Resistant

Samsung is another major smartwatch company that got the FDA Approval for AFIB detection on its smartwatches. The smartwatch which I’m recommending here is the Galaxy Watch 4, which is the latest and greatest Samsung smartwatch on the market.

On Galaxy Watch 4, you get advanced sensors that accurately analyze your heart rhythms and notify you if anything is wrong with your heart. Now, if you want to check for AFIB, you will need to conduct the test manually, and the smartwatch won’t send notifications for irregular rhythms.

If we look at the other features of the Galaxy Watch 4, you get fitness tracking, activity tracking, Fall Detection, SPO2 Sensor, and workout monitoring. The watch is also equipped with the advanced Bioactive sensor, which you can use to measure your body composition directly from the watch. So, if you are a Samsung smartphone user and you want the ideal app to track your health and fitness, Galaxy Watch 4 is the ideal option for you.

3. Fitbit Sense

Products Information

Wireless Communication StandardBluetooth
Connectivity TechnologyGPS
Human Interface InputMicrophone
Water Resistance LevelWater Resistant
Band Material TypeSilicone

Fitbit Sense is a health smartwatch by the company which is equipped with many advanced features such as ECG, Skin temperature monitoring, and more. The company has recently got approval from FDA for its AFIB detection, and in the tests conducted by the FDA, Fitbit’s Algorithm managed to detect AFIB with 98% accuracy, which is pretty remarkable.

The unique thing about Fitbit’s AFIB Algorithm is that it comes with two ways to detect AFIB. The first way is spot-check which means that you can check your heart rhythm on the spot and see if there’s anything wrong with your heart.

The second way is the long-term heart rhythm assessment which allows your watch to keep track of your heart rhythms, and it analyses a big set of data collected over a longer period to identify asymptomatic AFIB, which usually goes undetected.

Fitbit also offers AFIB notifications which allow the watch to alert you if your heart develops AFIB. Here’s how you can turn on AFIB notifications on your Fitbit Sense.

  • Open Fitbit App on your smartphone
  • Now go to the discover tab
  • Find the Assessments & Reports section and tap it.
  • Now go to the Irregular Rhythm Notification tile and tap on “Set up Now.”
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to set AFIB notifications on your watch.

The other features of Fitbit sense are Stress monitoring, sleep monitoring, activity monitoring, daily readiness, and Menstrual health tracking. So, if you are looking for an advanced health smartwatch with AFIB detection, Fitbit Sense is a great option for you.

4. Withings ScanWatch

Products Information

Screen Size38 Millimeters
Item Dimensions LxWxH9.45 x 1.51 x 0.52 inches
Item Weight58 Grams
Battery Life30 days

Withings ScanWatch is another FDA Approved smartwatch which can help you detect AFIB. The great thing about ScanWatch is that it regularly monitors your heart rhythms, and if it finds anything wrong with your heart, it notifies you so that you get timely help. The watch allows you to disable these notifications, but I would recommend that you shouldn’t disable AFIB notifications as they can potentially save your life.

If we look at the other features, ScanWatch is equipped with features such as heart health monitoring, breathing disturbances tracking, sleep analysis, and activity tracking. So, if you want a premium FDA-approved smartwatch for AFIB, Withings ScanWatch is a great option for you.

5. Fitbit Charge 5

Products Information

Compatible Phone ModelsApple iOS 13.4 or higher. Android 10 or higher.
Connectivity TechnologyGPS
Connector TypeUSB Type A
Input Voltage3.87 Volts
Power SourceBattery Powered

Fitbit Charge 5 is the latest high-end fitness band by the company that comes with a premium design and many advanced features. It’s the only fitness band in the market that comes with ECG and AFIB detection. The band uses the FDA Approved algorithm to detect AFIB, which offers 98% accuracy. It’s the same algorithm that Fitbit Sense uses to detect AFIB.

If we look at the other features, Fitbit Charge 5 comes with premium design, stress management, health metrics, daily readiness, sleep analysis, smart notifications, and other great features.

So, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a health smartwatch but still want ECG and AFIB features, you should consider Fitbit Charge 5.

Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQs ]

For your further inquiry, you may check out this section of the article. Here, we will answer the most common questions regarding Best Smartwatches For AFIB.

Which smartwatches and Fitness Trackers are FDA approved for AFIB detection?

Here’s the complete list of smartwatches and Fitness Trackers which are officially approved by the FDA for AFIB Detection.

  • Apple Watch Series 7
  • Apple Watch Series 6
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2
  • Fitbit Sense
  • Fitbit Versa 3
  • Fitbit Versa 2
  • Fitbit Versa Lite
  • Fitbit Charge 5
  • Fitbit Charge 4
  • Fitbit Charge 3
  • Fitbit Luxe
  • Fitbit Inspire 2
  • Withings ScanWatch

Which watch is the best at detecting AFIB?

If you want to detect AFIB accurately, it’s important that you should only rely on FDA Approved smartwatches for AFIB. Smartwatches such as Apple Watch Series 7, Fitbit Sense, Fitbit Versa 3, Galaxy Watch 4, and Withings ScanWatch are officially approved by FDA for AFIB detection.

Is Apple Watch AFIB detection accurate?

Apple Watch is one of the very few smartwatches which are officially approved by the FDA for AFIB Detection. So, it’s pretty safe to say that AFIB detection on Apple Watch is pretty accurate.

Which Smartwatches send notifications for AFIB?

These are the FDA-approved smartwatches that send notifications if they detect AFIB.

  • Apple Watch Series 7
  • Apple Watch Series 6
  • Fitbit Sense
  • Fitbit Versa 3
  • Fitbit Charge 5
  • Withings ScanWatch

Can Apple Watch Series 3 detect AFIB?

No, Apple Watch Series 3 doesn’t have the advanced sensors to conduct ECG tests which means that it can’t detect AFIB. So, if you want to use Apple Watch for AFIB detection, you should consider Apple Watch Series 4 and onwards versions.


Modern smartwatches these days offer much more than just workout tracking, and they can potentially save your life. So, if you want to stay healthy and want to detect serious health conditions such as AFIB or lung issues (SPO2 Sensor), you should consider investing in a good health smartwatch.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ve shared the best smartwatches for AFIB, which are officially approved by FDA in 2023. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know in the comments.

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