Earbuds For Swimming With Apple Watch – Swim Buds Kit Review

You have a good reason to look for earbuds for swimming with Apple watch as it can improve your swimming sessions tremendously. The ability to connect your earbuds to your Apple watch will give you the ability to listen to your favorite podcasts, audiobooks, music streaming, laps counts and more. You see, Bluetooth connection is […]

Best Smart Glasses For Reading And Drones – Vufine Wearable Display

When it comes to the best smart glasses for reading and drones, I figured it out that what would be better than to stay with your own prescription glasses and just add an add-on which will give them “smart” capabilities. Such an add-on is the Vufine Wearable Display by Vufine. Are you in hunt of […]

Best Tracking Device for Lost Items – Social Network Of Searchers

I have decided to research and write about the best tracking device for lost Items after losing my phone for the 10th time this week. In my research for tracking device for lost things, I came across with the Tile Pro which is useful for finding Items that tend to lose like keys, phone, bag, […]

Best Wearable Air Quality Monitors – Air Pollution 24/7 Tracker

I did a bit of research and have decided to write on the best wearable air quality/pollution monitors after a friend of mine showed me the Atmotube PLUS that he has recently purchased. My Blog is all about fitness and activity trackers, and my initial thought was that a device that is wearable and can […]

Best 4 Respiratory Rate Monitoring Devices In 2022

A respiratory rate monitoring device is a special device that basically tracks how many times you breathe in one minute. It’s a very important vital sign that can tell you a lot about your overall health, especially your lungs. So, if you want to track your respiration rate and looking for some reliable monitors, this […]