Can You Transfer Money From Google Pay To Apple Pay Or Vice Versa?

Google Pay and Apple Pay are two of the most popular Online Payment Systems with millions of users worldwide. These online payment systems are very convenient because they allow their users to pay for their stuff with few taps. However, when it comes to sending money to other online payment systems, there are some limitations, […]

Best Smart Speakers For Bed Room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Living Room & Office

If you, like me felt in love with this amazing gadget and wants to use it in every room of your house or office than the amazing Sonos One Gen 2 with Alexa built-in is the Best Smart Speakers For Bed Room, Kitchen, Living Room, and office. With its amazing multi-room audio-setup, room-filling sound, and […]

What Smart Doorbells Work With Google Home?

Ever since the technological shift has taken place, it has impacted everything, and the doorbells are no exception. With this impact, the doorbells have become better than ever before as they have turned smart. We all remember the time when the naughty kids would ring the doorbell and run away. Well, the smart doorbells are […]

Fitbit Time Wrong By A Few Minutes? Why Is It Wrong? How To Fix?

Fitbits these days are more capable than ever, and they have advanced features and algorithms which enable them to track your fitness and other activities. However, in spite of all these advancements, you can still experience issues such as wrong time, etc., but you don’t have to worry because you can easily fix these issues. […]

What Are The Best Running Socks To Prevent Blisters?

Running is one of the most challenging fitness activities, and if you are fond of long runs or marathon, then you have experienced blisters at some point in your life. Blisters don’t go away quickly, and the best way to prevent blisters is not to allow them to happen in the first place, and you […]

10 Wearable Smart Jewelry With Panic Buttons For Elderly That Can Call 911

In this post I will give you some of the best wearable smart jewelry devices for elderly with panic button that are able to call 911. Modern technology has introduced a lot of convenience and facilities into everyone’s lives. Not only has it made some of our routine tasks and jobs simpler and much easier, […]

How To Enable Two-Factor Authentication And Secure Your Ring Account?

After hearing about the recent Ring hacks, I have decided to write about how to enable two-factor authentication and secure your ring account. We live in a digital world where we have tons of gadgets that make our lives more convenient. Ring is a modern security company that offers many security gadgets such as Ring […]

Best Ketone Meters For Diabetes And A Ketogenic Diet

In this article, I will recommend some of the best ketone breath and blood meters for diabetes and A Ketogenic diet. We will discuss Ketones, Ketogenic diet, its connection with diabetes and more… There are a number of dietary methods available to adopt today. One of them is the Ketogenic diet which is not only […]

Security & Privacy Threats To NFC In 2023 | How To Make It Safer?

NFC or Near Field Communication is a popular technology that is basically shaping the future of mobile payments. All the popular online payment systems such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and others use NFC Technology to make payments. Here is an article on my website that you must read, its about Do I Need NFC […]