Earbuds For Swimming With Apple Watch – Swim Buds Kit Review

You have a good reason to look for earbuds for swimming with Apple watch as it can improve your swimming sessions tremendously.

The ability to connect your earbuds to your Apple watch will give you the ability to listen to your favorite podcasts, audiobooks, music streaming, laps counts and more.

You see, Bluetooth connection is not working underwater for a distance of more than 2 inches and trying to stream from your watch to your earbuds when it’s on your wrist or outside the pool just won’t work.

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For that reason a special device that will keep the watch close to the earbuds is needed, such a device is the Swimbuds Kit for Apple Watch by Underwater Audio.

Earbuds For Swimming With Apple Watch – This Is How You Can Use Your Apple Watch While Swimming

1. H2O Audio Interval – Swimming Headphones Made for Apple Watch

H2O Audio Interval Swim Headphones for Apple Watch

The 21st century brings with it the technology that you once only dreamt about. Advancement has gone up and beyond the thoughts of a common man. What once was just wishful thinking has now become very common.

Everything is digitalized these days and you can do practically just about anything with just one click of a button. Though it’s reaching out to millions of your followers or carrying out a complicated procedure, everything comes on a silver platter. Such technology is also introduced by the infamous company called Apple.

This world-renowned enterprise has taken over the world in just a handful of years and it’s become a necessity of every household.

Though its demand is increasing by manifold, still, it doesn’t stop to amaze us with its latest inventions.
One super cool gadget that works great with Apple is the Swim buds Kit for Apple Watch.

Those of you who are new to this technology does not need to fret because we are here to be you helping hand through the review to the purchase. We are going to discuss all the pros and cons of this beauty so you can decide whether you want to entertain yourself with the said gadget.

earbuds for swimming with Apple watch
Swimbuds Kit for Apple Watch

Swimbuds Kit for Apple Watch Review – The best earbuds for swimming with Apple watch

What exactly is Swim buds Kit for Apple Watch? Underwater Audio’s latest invention allows you to swim laps while listening to your favorite podcast or music.

It entertains you and manage your laps all in one. This kit is accessible on Apple Watch Series 2/3/4 and is available on Amazon.

An Apple Watch is already waterproof and now it has devised a way for you to enjoy your laps with your favorite music by collaborating with Underwater Audio.

Underwater Audio have invented swim buds that are waterproof and abrasion resistant. All you have to do is secure your Apple Watch inside the Clipi holder, pair the waterproof UKU wireless audio receiver to your Apple Watch, and connect both to your swim goggles.

It also gives you real-time feedback while you swim your calories away. You can either clip it to your goggles(for best results while swimming), a swimsuit, a jacket, a sports bra, a waistband, or even a bag, and see how much more versatile your Apple Watch becomes.


  • Audio Feedback

Download Lap Tracking App to your Apple Watch to record plan count, lap time, overall swim time and calories burned continuously while you exercise.

This tracking app gives you feedback in real-time. Now you can enjoy your swim without worrying about keeping count of your laps because Lap Tracking App integrates with CareKit to enable you to keep track of your health data.

It uses gyroscope and accelerometer to detect the type of stroke and orientation of swimmer. On the basis of this information, it displays lap count of a swim session.

Download Lap Tracking App onto your Apple Watch and hear your lap times audibly while you swim. Keep track of your workouts to review them and improve your swimming with the companion app for your phone.

  • Swim Buds Headphones

The stars of this kit are the waterproof swim buds headphones. It features a short cord that is specially designed to keep out of the way as you swim and perform kick-turns.

A 3.3” extension cord is also included in it in case you need it. Now you can enjoy beautiful sound at the comfort and ease of use.

These signature short cord headphones have an extra-short cord that is designed to stay put during tight flip turns and the most rigorous aquatic workout.

That means you can swim laps without excessive interruptions. This kit is specifically made for swimmers, triathletes and water sports enthusiasts.

Its short cord provides you with an amazing feature of creating less drag in the water, thus no loose cord loops get caught in gear or moving body parts.

  • Clipi

Clipi is a waterproof clip attachment specially built for the Apple Watch and is compatible with all 38mm, 40mm, and 42mm size Apple Watches.

All you have to do is secure your Apple Watch inside a Clipi holder and enjoy listening to music underwater and that’s not all, you can also record your lap counts and keep track of your health.

So this all-in-one Clipi is somewhat of your very own personal trainer that helps you stay motivated while exercising underwater.

  • UKU

Like myself, many of you must have heard about this acronym for the first time. For these lots let me explain. UKU is an IPX8-grade waterproof wireless receiver and MP3 player combined.

So it serves two purposes basically. And it can switch instantly between modes at the touch of a button.

It is a digital media player with 8 GB of internal storage and it supports the playback of MP3, WMA, and WAV audio files.

You can either use it with your Apple Watch or by itself. Either way, it has an amazing feature. It has a built-in control feature that will play and pause music, skip back or forward through tracks, and change the volume at the touch of a button.

It can control the audio being played from itself, or from your Apple Watch. And this is just one of its feature.

UKU is also a wireless receiver meaning it has a Bluetooth feature.
Can you imagine you can use technology as advanced as Bluetooth underwater? Now you can! All you have to do is secure your Apple Watch inside the Clipi holder, pair the waterproof UKU wireless audio receiver to your Apple Watch, and connect both to your swim goggles.

The closer the UKU and your Apple Watch are, the better the Bluetooth signal will be. The UKU is IPX8-rated so it can be submerged in up to 10′ of water.

  • Fitgoo

This swim kit comes with a gel called Fitgoo that helps your swim buds stay watertight. You can put a small amount on your earbuds and voila! Say goodbye to water leakage.

Fitgoo gel does not let water enter the swim buds and provide ultimate protection against the chlorine water.

Just use a small amount and also protect your goggles from water leaking into them. It acts as an ultimate water guard and lets you swim at peace.

  •  1 oz. Aqua Guard

Are you sick and tired of protecting your hair against the harsh chlorine water? If your shampoo Does not provide the ultimate protection then worry not because Aqua Guard is here to kick some chlorinated butt.

Use this product to protect your hair from chlorine and salt water damage. And keep your hair soft and strong, and NOT green!

Things That I didn’t like in Underwater Audio’s Swimbuds Kit for Apple Watch

The Swimbuds kit for Apple watch really helps to make your swimming more fun and enjoyable, however, it comes with some cons that you should know about.

  • Doesn’t Fit The 44mm version
  • Battery life – the battery can work for about 30-40 minutes which is a bit disappointing
  • Bluetooth connectivity – some people claimed for interruptions in different Swimming Styles and it seems that it won’t work perfectly for everyone(problems seems to occur for a more advanced/aggressive swimmers

My overall ratings

  • Bluetooth Connectivity: 3/5
  • Battery Life: 3/5
  • Ease of Use: 5/5
  • Sound quality: 4/5
  • Comfortability: 4/5

Takeaway Pointers

  • Now you can snorkel or surf with real-time audio feedback. The Lap Tracking App records your lap counts and keeps track of your health.
  • The waterproof swim buds allow you to enjoy your swim while listening to your favorite podcasts.
  • UKU allows you to connect your Apple Watch via Bluetooth and share wireless data underwater but with a restriction of 2′ of close range.
  • Fitgoo prevents water leakage from the swim buds and your swimming goggles.
  • Aqua Guard protects your hair from the harsh chlorine water.

The swim bud kit for Apple Watch is a mini personal trainer in itself that facilitates its users to the beat of its ability. Studies have shown that this swim bud kit is waterproof and abrasion resistant against salt water. So now you can take a lap either in the pool or go for snorkeling with this latest technology because it’s got you covered. It also comes with a 1-year warranty.

I hope that I helped you with finding earbuds for swimming with Apple watch and that you will have lots of fun using them.

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