How Often Do You Wind A Pocket Watch?




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Almost all the pocket watches are mechanical. So, just like other mechanical watches, they need winding. But, you may end up forgetting to wind your pocket watch from time to time. This may lead you to wonder, how often do you wind a pocket watch?

Often Do You Wind A Pocket Watch

It is suggested to wind your watch at least once every day. You can do it either in the morning or in the evening. However, a pocket watch can remain functional for up to 30 hours without any winding. 

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Knowing this, it is normal for you to have some additional queries. So, why don’t we dive deeper into this topic?

How Often Do You Wind  a Pocket  Watch 

It is essential to wind your watch from time to time. Winding your watch requires very little time. It is also a part of maintaining your pocket watch.

That’s why you need to know a few essential things regarding winding your pocket watch. Let’s answer all the questions you might have regarding this topic.

Why Does a Pocket Watch Need Winding Up?

To understand this, you need to know the mechanism of your pocket watch.

A pocket watch, just like all the other mechanical watches, has a spring installed in it. This coiled spring gathers potential energy once it’s wound up. Then, it releases the energy gradually, causing the movement of the other parts of your watch. 

When the spring releases almost all the energy, it needs to be wound up again to gather energy for the watch movement.

How Do You Keep Your Pocket Watch Wound Up

This is a very simple process. There is a crown in your pocket watch. You need to start by locating the crown. After you have located the crown, simply rotate it in a clockwise direction.

Well, you might think about how much rotation your watch needs to properly wound up. You should rotate the crown until you feel resistance. If you feel resistance while rotating the crown, it signifies that your watch is wound up. 

How Many Times Should You Wind a Pocket Watch

Well, there is no fixed data for how many times you should wind your pocket watch. 

But, in general, a pocket watch needs about 30-40 half turns to become fully wound. You will feel some resistance if you wind any more than that. 

A fully wound pocket watch does not need winding for another 24-30 hours on average. But, making a habit of winding your watch once every day will be good for your watch. 

However, you should not wind your watch too much. Do it in moderation. Winding your pocket watch properly will help you avoid some major problems happening to your watch. In that way, the watch will last for a long time. 

What Happens If You Overwind a Pocket Watch

What Happens If You Overwind a Pocket Watch

You should only wind your pocket watch until you feel resistance. Although it is almost nonexistent, you can overwind your pocket watch in case you are not careful enough. This problem mainly happens in old watches.

Overwinding a pocket watch might lead to some serious problems. The most common problem caused by overwinding a watch is the damage to the mainspring. 

If your mainspring is damaged, the watch cannot function anymore. You may have to replace the mainspring in case this happens. 

Common Winding Problem

Sometimes, you may face various issues while winding your pocket watch. For instance, you may find no tension in your spring even when you are rotating the crown of the pocket watch. This indicates that the mainspring might be broken. 

There may be a case in which the crown of your pocket watch does not rotate. This occurs when the mainspring is fully wound. But, if you see the watch not running, the problem may lie elsewhere.

Again, you may see the winding square not lining up with the hole of your pocket watch. This may cause problems while winding your watch. In this case, the best solution would be to change the casing that aligns perfectly with the winding square. This will also solve the problems you may face due to this issue while winding.

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Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQs ]

Can You Overwind A Pocket Watch?

Answer: Overwinding a pocket watch is pretty much impossible. However, there are cases where the watches are overwound. This phenomenon mainly happens in old watches.

Why Does My Pocket Watch Lose Time?

Answer: Your pocket watch is a mechanical watch. Similar to all other mechanical watches, it loses time. The main reason behind it is that pocket watches are sensitive to their surroundings. Changes in temperature, magnetic field, and other factors affect a pocket watch in such a way that it loses time.

How Long Does A Fully Wound Watch Last?

Answer: This really depends on which model of watch you are using. A fully wound watch lasts around 24-30 hours on average. But, there are some watches that can last up to 60 hours after being fully wound.

Is It Ok To Wind A Watch Backward?

Answer: No, it is not OK to wind a watch backward. Mechanical watches are made in such a way that they are wound to move forward. However, winding the watch backward tempers the mechanism, causing stress to the watch.

What Happens If You Don’t Wind A Pocket Watch?

Answer: If you don’t wind your watch, the power reserve in the spring will deplete over time. This will cause the watch to stop functioning unless you wind it again. 


We hope that we were able to answer your question regarding how often do you wind a pocket watch. 

There is a specific time frame between which you should wind your pocket watch. A fully wound spring causes no harm to your watch. However, your watch might cease to function if left unattended for days. In that case, you have to readjust the time again and wind the watch.

We think that we have covered all the queries you might have regarding the winding of your pocket watch. Make sure to wind your pocket watch regularly. If you face any problems while winding, take your watch to a watchmaker. Hopefully, the problem will be resolved. 

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