Will Apple Watch Count Steps If In A Pocket? [Everything To Know]




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Your Apple Watch comes with a lot of sensors that help it to track your steps, heart rate, and other metrics.

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It is also capable of tracking activities in many challenging scenarios, but today’s question is: will Apple watch count steps if in pocket? Let’s find out.

Apple Watch uses the built-in Accelerometer & GPS sensor to track your activities, including the step count.

Apple recommends wearing the Apple Watch on your wrist for effective tracking, but if you don’t want to wear it and want to keep it in your pocket, you can do it too.

Apple watch will still be able to track your step counts in your pocket, but the step count will not be as accurate as of the one you get when you wear the watch on your wrist.

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Will Apple Watch Count Steps If In Pocket?

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Before we get to the actual question, it is important that we understand how the Apple Watch tracks your steps. Apple watch mainly uses the Accelerometer to track your activity & GPS sensor provides some additional information that the watch uses to verify the results.

An accelerometer is a sensor that basically tracks your movement, and it can track the motion in any direction. When Accelerometer detects that you are moving, it starts counting your step counts as well. GPS sensors also help the watch to track your movement with the help of the GPS system.

The Apple Watch uses the data from both sensors as well as your personal data such as your Height, weight, etc. to determine the step counts and distance.

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Now let’s get to the actual question, will apple watch count steps if in the pocket. The answer is yes, it does track your steps when you put in your pocket. The step count may not be as accurate as of the one which you get when you wear it on your wrist, but it can get the job done.

You should also make sure that the GPS is on because it will help the watch to know that you are moving, and it will start tracking your steps.

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Does Apple Watch and iPhone Duplicate Steps?

No, Apple Watch and iPhone don’t duplicate steps. As both devices are capable of tracking your steps, they send all the data to the Health App, where the App uses its Algorithm to adjust the data and remove the duplicate information.

So, no matter which device you are using for tracking your steps, the data will not be duplicated.

Why Are Steps On Apple Watch Different Than iPhone?

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Many people, including myself, have experienced it on Apple Watch & iPhone, but it is completely normal. Apple Watch is the device that we suppose to wear all the time, and as we wear it most of the time, it offers better tracking.

On the other hand, we usually don’t keep iPhone in our hand all the time, some of us keep it in the pocket, some of us keep it in bag pack and so on, which make it difficult for the iPhone to track your steps, and hence you get the different step count.

However, the difference between the steps counts on Apple Watch and iPhone is not a big problem because the Health App automatically deletes the duplicate data when you sync your watch with the App.

Is The Step Counter On Apple Watch Accurate?

Yes, the step counter on Apple watch is accurate if you properly wear the Apple watch on your wrist, and you have enabled the Fitness Tracking on your iPhone. Also, if you have Apple Watch Series 1 or an earlier version, then you will also need to make sure that it is calibrated properly.

How can you calibrate your watch? The process if very simple. Hold the iPhone in your hand and enable GPS. Now open the workout app and now start walking or running at your usual pace for around 20 minutes. Doing it will calibrate the watch, which will improve the accuracy of the tracking, and you will get accurate results.

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That’s all, folks. I hope that this guide helped you find answers to the questions you are looking for. I would also urge you to check the other guides where I have answered the other common questions about Apple Watch and other fitness gadgets.

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