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Armitron is a common name in the watch market. You may own an Armitron watch yourself. If that is the case, for some reason, you may need to reset the watch. Hence, you may wonder about how to reset an Armitron watch.

Reset An Armitron Watch

Resetting an Armitron watch is quite easy. However, you might run into some problems in case you are unaware of the proper procedure. Hence, to avoid facing those problems, you should know detail about resetting an Armitron watch.

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So, let us help you by explaining the procedure step by step. In that way, you can follow along with us!

How To Reset An Armitron Watch?

Armitron produces both analogue and digital watches. The ways of resetting these watches also differ from each other.

That’s why we will break down the steps into two separate sections: One for digital watches and the other one will be for analogue watches.

Steps On How To Reset Armitron Watch (Digital) 

1. Setting up the Armitron Watch

You should start resetting your watch by locating the Reset button first. In an Armitron watch, the Reset button is typically positioned at the top left side. You need to press the reset button and hold it until you hear a beep from your watch.

In some models of Armitron watches, the Reset button can be marked as Set.

Step 2: Resetting the Armitron Watch

After the beep from the watch, you should see certain digits flashing. Using the St/Stp button, adjust the time of your watch.

After that, press the mode button to shift between the time and date. Then reset your watch by adjusting the accurate values for both date and time on your watch.

Step 3: Finish Resetting

After you are done changing all the things you need, push the Mode button once again. This will finish resetting your digital Armitron watch.

Here Is A Tutorial For Your Easy Understanding:

Steps On How To Reset Armitron Watch (Manual)

Step 1: Resetting The Time

In every analogue watch, there is a dial on either the right or left side. Firstly, locate that dial. Then using your fingertips, push the dial out. 

Generally, there is a click sound when the dial comes out. If your analogue watch has a function for showing dates, you should hear two clicks while pushing the dial out. 

After you have heard the click sound, start rotating the dial. Depending on the model of your watch, you might have to rotate the dial in either a clockwise or an anti-clockwise direction.

You should see the hands of your watch moving. Adjust the hands and position them in their accurate places.

That’s how you can reset the time on your analogue Armitron watch.

Step 2: Resetting the Date

If the analogue Armitron watch shows dates and days, you can change them accordingly. Push out the dial which you have previously located. You should hear a click from your watch.

Then, you should start rotating the dial. The dates should be changed. However, if you see the time changing, push the dial back in. And then, push it back out until you hear the click. 

You will see the date changing this time. Keep changing the date until it gives a correct reading. 

Step 3: Resetting the Time Format

There is no additional function available to the analogue watch to reset the time format. However, keep in mind that the date advances to the next day starting from 11 pm to 5 am. So, it would be better not to reset the time and date at that time.

Step 4: Finish Resetting the Armitron Watch

This is the easiest step. Simply push the dial back in. Once you have done that, Your watch is reset.

How Do You Reset The Time On An Armitron Watch?

To do this, you need to locate the Mode button. You can usually find the Mode button at the bottom left side of your Armitron watch. Push the Mode button to Change between hours, minutes and seconds.

You can see a number flashing on your screen when you push the Mode button. That number denotes what you can change. For instance, if the numbers in the hour section are flashing, you can change the value of hours. 

After that, change the number using St/Stp button. You can find the button at the top right-hand side of your watch. Push that button until you set the accurate time.

How To Reset Date On Armitron Watch?

This is quite similar to resetting the time. You have to push the mode button until the dates on your watch are shining. Following that, use the St/Stp button to change the date accordingly. The arrangement of dates in an Armitron watch is like DD/MM/YY. Reset the date to its accurate value.

How Do I Set My Armitron Watch To 12 Hours Time?

Your watch may have a 24-hour time format but you may want a 12-hour time format. To fix this, keep pressing the Mode button until the time format section starts flashing. Similar to previous steps, you should then press the St/Stp button to change the time format.

Also, keep in mind to change the cycle between  AM and PM properly. Fix the time format according to the time of the day.

How Do I Set The Time On My Armitron 4 Button Watch? 

A 4-button Armitron watch generally has four separate buttons. These buttons are Mode, Reset, El and St/Stp buttons. Setting the time, however, is quite similar to other Armitron Digital watches. But, there are some differences.

To start changing the time, push the Mode button until you can see the screen with time. Then, hold down the Reset button until the hour digits start blinking.

Once they are blinking, push the St/Stp button to change the time into an accurate one. You can cycle between hour, minute, and second digits using the Mode button. You can also similarly change the time format.

After you have set the watch to the accurate time, push and hold the Reset button until everything returns to normal.

You Can See This Video Tutorial For A Better Understanding: 


Resetting your Armitron watch is not as hard as you might think. And this article should provide you with all the answers regarding how to reset an Armitron watch.

Just make sure not to push the buttons too hard. This might end up damaging the watch. The same precaution also applies to analogue watches. 

Push the dial out gently. If you still can’t get the hang of it, ask for help from another user of Armitron watches. 

We sincerely hope that following this article will clear any doubts you had in your mind!

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