How To Reset Fossil Watches? Complete Guide 2024




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Do you own a Fossil Watch? Are you planning to buy one? As you dive into the depths of researching Fossil watches, you might wonder how to reset  Fossil watches. Worry not, because we are here to provide as many details as you might need.

Well, Fossil makes a variety of watches. Resetting each type differs from the other. However, once you get the hang of it, the process is quite easy.

Reset Fossil Watches

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You may not know how to reset a Fossil watch. However, there’s no need for you to worry.

Without any further delay, let’s answer all the queries you might have regarding this one by one. 

How To Reset Fossil Watches?

The method of resetting a Fossil watch mainly depends on what type the watch is. Again, there are two ways to reset a Fossil watch.

One is a soft reset while the other is a hard reset. Why not delve further into this topic right now? That way you will find the answer to your questions easily.

How to Factory Reset Fossil Watch?

Factory resetting your Fossil watch will delete all the data stored inside your watch. To do this, start by clicking the middle button of your watch. Then, you should find the settings menu by scrolling down. After that, click on the Settings menu. Following that, locate the System menu on your watch. 

When you tap the System menu, you should find an option saying Disconnect and Reset. If you are unable to locate it, scroll down until you find that option. Then, you need to tap on the option. You will be asked for confirmation. Press Yes and voila! Your watch will be reset. 

If you have your fitness data recorded on this watch, you are better off having a backup of all this data. Factory resetting erases everything from the watch.

How to Reset a Fossil Digital Watch?

You can easily reset a Fossil digital watch. Hold the Mode button after pressing it. But, you should locate it first.

Then, adjust the date and time on your digital watch using the St/Stp button. Lastly, use the Reset Button to reset your Fossil Digital Watch.

How to Reset Fossil Automatic Watch?  

Like all the automatic watches, Fossil Watches operates through the movement of the user’s wrist. However, the watch may stop functioning if it is not worn for a couple of days. Hence, you will need to reset the watch.

For starters, you have to rotate the crown of your watch in a clockwise direction. After some time, you will feel some resistance. You can stop rotating the crown at that stage. Take your fingers off of the crown. Then, you will se the dials moving. This implies that your watch is reset.         

How do I Reset a Fossil Smartwatch?

Resetting a Fossil smartwatch can be done in two ways. The first way is similar to the method discussed in “how to factory reset Fossil Watch?” However, you can reset your watch in that way only if your watch is responsive. Otherwise, you can follow the process we will be describing now.

For this, you first have to get into Fastboot Mode. To do that, Hold the Power button and Volume Down button at the same time after pressing them. Then, you have to repeatedly press the Volume Up button. After a few moments, you will see the Recovery Mode appear on your screen. 

Following that, long-press the Power button i.e. press and hold the Power button. You may see a No Command screen. If you see that, swipe that screen twice or more while holding the Power button. You will then be able to see the screen with the Android Recovery menu. 

After that, select the Wipe Data/ Factory reset option. Then, You will see a message for confirmation. Here, you need to press the ‘Yes’ option on your screen. Then, select the option for rebooting the system. After a few minutes, your watch will be fully reset.

How to Reset a Fossil Chronograph Watch?

You can reset a Fossil chronograph watch with a few simple steps. Start by pulling the crown out. You don’t need to pull it all the way out. Rather, pull it halfway.

Then, press the button above the crown. The chronograph will return to zero. Following that, push the crown in after adjusting the time. Your Fossil chronograph watch will reset.

How to Reset a Fossil Hybrid Watch?

If you need to reset your Fossil hybrid watch, you can do it within seconds. For that, simply press the home button and hold it.

After some time you’ll see the screen turning white. Then you will see an option pop up, asking you whether you want to reset the watch. Press yes. The watch will then be reset.

How to Reset the Time on a Fossil Watch? 

You can reset the time on your Fossil watch in a similar fashion to resetting the chronograph. However, in this case, pull the crown fully out.

Then, adjust your time by rotating the crown. Lastly, push the crown back in. You’ll see that the time has been reset.   

How to Restart a Fossil Watch?

You can restart a Fossil watch using two methods. For the First method, Simply push the home button for a few seconds. The watch will be switched off. After the watch has completely shut down, press and hold the power button again. The watch will get restarted.

For the second method, access the Settings menu on your watch. You can do that either by swiping on the screen or by pressing the Power button. Then, Scroll down until you find an option called System. Select it and scroll downwards. You will see an option named Restart. When you tap it, the watch will automatically restart.


Although Fossil has a variety of watches, resetting them is easy. After reading this article, do you understand how to reset  Fossil watches? 

Make sure to pair your watch after resetting. In many cases, this ends up being more painful than resetting the watch. Also, do not forget to create a backup for all your essential data. Or else, you won’t be able to recover them ever again.

The sole purpose of this article was to guide you through the processes of resetting your Fossil watch. We hope that we were able to come of help.

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