Is A Quartz Watch More Accurate Than A Rolex?




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Rolex is a leading brand in the watchmaking industry. Their well-crafted watches are loved by many people. However, Rolex mainly makes mechanical watches. So, you might wonder is a quartz watch more accurate than a Rolex.

Quartz Watch More Accurate Than a Rolex

It is true that Quartz watches give more precise time compared to mechanical watches. This is mainly due to the differences in their mechanism. Hence, quartz watches are more accurate than Rolex.

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Let us elaborately discuss this. In that way, you will be able to understand why quartz watches are more accurate than Rolex. 

Is a Quartz Watch More Accurate Than a Rolex

While Rolex watches are the result of the technical brilliance of watchmakers, these are not as accurate as quartz watches. Let us point out why quartz watches are better at giving precise time than Rolex watches. 

It is important to say that although most Rolex watches are mechanical, there are few quartz Rolex watches.

Rolex Watch Overview:

Rolex watches are mainly mechanical watches. These are made with high-quality materials as well as intricate workmanship. Along with that, with proper care, these watches can last generation after generation. 

Depending on the model, Rolex watches can be automatic or manual. Automatic means, that these watches do not need winding to keep running. On the other hand, manual Rolex watches need users to wind the watch.

Pros of a Rolex Watch

  • The beauty of Rolex watches appeals to many people.
  • Rolex watches have a great brand value.
  • These watches last for a very long time.
  • Rolex watches are made of very high-quality parts.

Cons of a Rolex Watch 

  • Rolex watches have many counterfeits.
  • Rolex watches are not as accurate as cheaper quartz watches.

Quartz Watch Overview:

Quartz watches came into the market at the start of the 1960s. The main parts that keep these watches running are a quartz crystal, a battery, and an integrated circuit. 

The quartz crystal sends pulses to the integrated circuit after being powered by the battery. The circuit later turns the pulses into an electric signal and makes the watch tick.

Pros of a Quartz Watch 

  • Quartz watches cost way less than Rolex watches.
  • These watches can give a precise time.
  • Maintaining these watches is quite easy.
  • The parts of these watches can be easily replaced.

Cons of a Quartz Watch

  •  The parts lose their effectiveness over time.
  •  The batteries need to be changed quite often.

Quartz Watch vs Rolex Watch: Similarities 

Quartz watches are reliable just like Rolex watches. Rolex watches have a brand value which adds to their reliability. In a similar manner, quartz watches have their reliability in showing accurate time.

Both Quartz and Rolex watches are produced in a large number. Rolex makes around 8000 watches per year. Although the figure is much higher for quartz watches, compared to other mechanical watches, this is a large number.

Both Rolex, as well as quartz watches, can be described as appealing. However, Rolex watches are in a different league in terms of fashion.

Quartz Watch vs Rolex Watch: Differences

Quartz watches are run by a battery. On the other hand, Rolex watches do not need batteries. They are mechanical watches.

Rolex watches lose around 5 seconds per day. This figure is way less for quartz watches. Some quartz watches lose 5 seconds in a year.

Rolex watches have a high maintenance cost compared to quartz watches. However, Rolex watches last way longer than quartz watches.

The materials in Rolex watches are built to last for several lifetimes. Compared to that, quartz watches are built keeping precision in mind.

Why is a Quartz Watch More Accurate than a Rolex?

To answer this question simply, the reason lies in their mechanism. Quartz watches use an oscillating crystal to give time. Whereas, Rolex watches use mechanical movement.

This causes them to lose more time than quartz watches. That’s why Rolex watches are less accurate compared to quartz watches.

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We hope that after reading this article, you have easily understood why is a quartz watch more accurate than a Rolex.

However,  keep in mind that not all people need accurate time. Watches are just an accessory to many people.

To them, pricier Rolex watches carry more appeal than quartz watches. Although, not many people can afford to buy a Rolex watch. 

We think that in this, article we have been able to establish that quartz watches is more accurate than Rolex watches. 

What do you think? 

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