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A respiratory rate monitoring device is a special device that basically tracks how many times you breathe in one minute. It’s a very important vital sign that can tell you a lot about your overall health, especially your lungs.

Respiratory Rate Monitoring Devices

So, if you want to track your respiration rate and looking for some reliable monitors, this guide is for you.

In this WearToTrack guide, I’ll share the best respiratory rate monitoring devices in 2024.

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What Is Respiratory Rate?

Before I get to my top picks, let me tell you quickly about the Respiratory Rate. Respiratory rate is basically a rate at which your body breathes, and it’s controlled by your brain’s respiratory center.

The Respiratory rate is measured in the number of breaths per minute, and it varies depending on age.

The Average breathing rate for an adult is between  12 to 20 breaths per minute, and if your respiratory rate is not in the above range, it shows that something is wrong with your body.

Here’s the average respiratory rate for humans depending upon their age.

Age GroupRespiration Rate
Infants30 to 60 Breaths per minute
1 to 3 Years24 to 40 Breathes per minute
3 to 6 years22 to 40 Breaths per minute
6 to 12 years18 to 30 Breaths per minute
12 to 1812 to 16 Breaths per minute
18 and above12 to 20 Breaths per minute

Top 5 Best Respiratory Rate Monitoring Devices Reviews

Respiratory rate is a vital sign of your body, and it’s very important, which is the reason why you should pick reliable devices to measure it. In this section, I’ll share the best Respiratory Rate Monitoring Devices you can consider in 2023.

It’s also worth mentioning here that you should not fully rely on these devices as they are not a substitute for the medical exam. So, if you are experiencing shortness of breath or other issues, you should seek medical help immediately.

1. iProven Finger Pulse Oximeter

Let’s start with the iProven Finger Pulse Oximeter, which is one of the best respiratory rate monitoring devices in 2023. It’s important to note here that it’s one of the very few oximeters in the market that can measure Respiratory rate, which makes it pretty unique.

In this unique Oximeter, you get the accurate tracking of your respiratory rate, Oxygen saturation, Perfusion Index, and Pulse Rate, which are 4 very important metrics that can tell you a lot about your health.

Like other Pulse oximeters, you will need to wear it on your fingertip and start it. Once it measures these metrics, it will show them on display, which you can note down or take a photo for reference.

In this Oximeter,  you get the 2 AAA batteries that power the Oximeter. The good thing about iProven Oximeter is that it automatically turns off after 12 seconds when you remove it from your finger. Overall, if you want an oximeter with a respiratory rate monitoring feature, iProven Finger Pulse Oximeter is a solid option for you.

2. EOSAGA Pulse Oximeter

EOSAGA Pulse Oximeter is another very popular respiratory rate monitor in 2023. In this highly reliable Oximeter, you can track your Oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, Perfusion Index, and Pulse Rate.

Like iProven Oximeter, you will need to place EOSAGA Pulse Oximeter on your fingertip for measuring your health metrics, and it will show the results within 8 seconds.

If we look at the performance, most users are happy with the performance of the EOSAGA Pulse Oximeter, but some users reported issues with its consistency.

The Overall response about this Oximeter is pretty positive, and you can surely use it to track your respiratory rate and other supported metrics.

3. Vernier Go Direct Respiration Belt

If you are not into oximeters and looking for a specialist device to track respiratory rate, the Vernier Go Direct Reparation belt is the ideal option for you.

It is a chest belt that you can easily wear on your chest with the help of the strap that comes with it. Once you wear it, you can activate it to start monitoring your respiratory rate.

As Vernier Go Direct Respiration Belt is a specialist device, it works pretty well, and it comes with a Graphics Analytics app that provides a detailed analysis of your breathing rate. The device also comes with a built-in pedometer, which tracks your steps which is a big plus.

I will not recommend this device to casual users, but if you are someone who wants to monitor your respiratory rate thoroughly, Vernier Go Direct Respiration Belt is the ideal option for you.

4. Sense-U Baby Breathing Monitor

As the name suggests, this respiratory monitoring device is designed for tracking the respiratory rate of babies, and it’s the highest-rated baby breathing monitor available online.

It’s a very comprehensive baby monitor which tracks various metrics, including respiratory rate, overheating and cold alerts, feeling temperature, and motion detection.

The respiratory rate monitoring on the Sense-U baby breathing monitor is pretty accurate, and it provides all the details on the app, which makes it easier for parents to keep track of their babies’ health.

If you are looking for a monitor to track your baby’s respiratory rate and other metrics, Sense-U is a solid option for you.

5. Zacurate Fingertip Pulse Oximeter(Pro Series 500DL)

It is a great respiratory rate monitoring device that consists of a silicon cover that can protect the pulse oximeter from physical damage and dirt.

Interestingly the battery life of this device is 40 hours. Moreover, this device can accurately determine your oxygen level, pulse strength, and pulse rate on a big digital LED display. 

Additionally, sports enthusiasts such as climbers, bikers, skiers, or anyone can measure SpO2 and pulse rate. SpO2 and pulse rate are oriented, so the user can easily read that. The finger chamber of this device is a “Smart Spring” system. It can work for ages 12 to above.

Buying Guide Of The Best Respiratory Rate Monitoring Devices

You can choose your choice and consult it with your doctor for the best. You can gather some information about respiratory rate monitoring devices for yourself. He may propose to you which oximeter is better for you and suggest if you need any unique features.

Look Over Different Variations Of Oximeters

All finger pulse oximeters have the same basic functionality. However, there are different types, each with specific advantages and disadvantages. There are types such as portable finger oximeters, handheld oximeters, tabletops oximeters with sensors, fetal pulse oximeters, wrist-worn sensors, etc.

Respiratory Rate Accuracy 

For buying any pulse oximeter you have to see the accuracy level of the respiratory rate. It is the most fundamental function of any pulse oximeter. The accuracy rate depends on clinical data. This may help you to determine the oxygen levels if it is low or if the device is not working properly.


Some specific pulse oximeters emit an audible tone to alert the user of low SpO2 levels. This is useful for people without any medical background who are not familiar with the normal oxygen level range and pulse rate.

Readability Of The Displayed Measurements

Screen size and color can make a variation when anyone reads the displayed data. Choose an easy-to-read display. 

Battery Life And Durability

You need to know the durability of the machine. For personal use only, you don’t need a particularly rugged device. If you only need oxygen measurements, you don’t need long battery life for your device. Continuous measurement of oxygen saturation requires a long battery life or a plug-in device. 

Check The Size Of The Oximeter

You have to choose your preferred size of the fingerprint oximeter. If you have very large or small fingers you should look for your option.

Buy A Finger Pulse Oximeter With A Return Policy 

You should find an oximeter with a return policy system. By this, if the oximeter has any problem you can change or return the damaged device.

Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQs ]

For your further inquiry, you may check out this section of the article. Here, we are going to answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Respiratory Rate Monitoring Devices.

Can Fitbit Smartwatches Track Respiratory Rate?

Yes, Fitbit smartwatches come with the respiratory rate monitoring feature incorporated into the sleep tracking feature. However, it is only available for passive use, which means that you cannot use it directly on-demand, and the watch will track your respiratory rate while you are sleeping.

The thing which I like about Fitbit is that it keeps track of your respiratory rate, and you can analyze data in the Fitbit App to determine if you are experiencing issues with your respiratory rate.

Can You Monitor Your Respiratory Rate Using Pulse Oximeter?

Not all Oximeters are created equals, and some are more feature-rich than others. Not all oximeters can monitor respiratory rate, but there are few that can monitor this vital sign.

Which Pulse Oximeters Can Monitor Respiratory Rate?

These are the Pulse Oximeters that can monitor Respiratory rate.

  • iProven Finger Pulse Oximeter
  • EOSAGA Pulse Oximeter

What Is RR Reading On Oximeter?

The RR reading on your Oximeter indicates your respiratory rate, which is basically the rate at which you breathe, and it’s measured in breaths per minute. If your respiratory rate is between 12 to 20, it is normal. If it’s on the outside bound, you need to seek medical help immediately.

What If My Respiratory Rate Is Higher Than 20 Breaths Per Minute?

If your respiratory rate is higher than 20 breaths per minute, it shows that something is wrong with your lungs. If it’s higher than 30, it means that you need instant medical help and oxygen support.

What Is A Normal Respiratory Rate?

The normal respiratory rate for adults is between 12 to 20 breaths per minute. However, if you are an individual below 18, it could vary depending on your age. You can check the table in this guide for reference.

Is SPO2 The Same As Respiratory Rate?

No, SPO2 basically indicates how much oxygen is getting mixed into your blood, and it’s measured in percentage. The normal SPO2 level is above 95%, and if it’s below 95%, it means that your lungs are not functioning properly. On the other hand, Respiratory rate indicates the number of breaths your body takes in a minute, and it’s measured in breaths per minute.

How Can I Test My Respiratory Rate At Home?

You can easily test your respiratory rate at home using an Oximeter with the respiratory rate monitoring feature. Once you have the device, please put it on your fingertip and activate it. After a few seconds, the device will show the metrics on the screen, which will include your Respiratory rate, Oxygen saturation, and other supported metrics.


A respiratory rate monitoring device is a very useful device for every person. Pulse oximeters can also give feedback on the effectiveness of respiratory interventions such as oxygen therapy and ventilation.

It is suggested to keep an oximeter in every house for any emergency situation. Hence, this article can help you if you go through it properly.

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