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In this era of mobile phones and digital watches, there might be very few people who are really concerned about the accuracy of their wristwatches.

But, for people who actually love to wear watches and are passionate about watches, the accuracy really matters to them. If you are one of them, then the best timegraphers for your watch are here to help you.  

Why Should You Choose The Best Timegraphers For Your Watch

Here, in this article, we will discuss some of the best timegrapher devices, on which you can rely. We will provide a review section, as well as a buying guide for your easy purchase. 

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So, stick with us! 

Products NameBrandItem DimensionsItem Weight
OTOOLWORLD Multifunction TimegrapherOTOOLWORLD6.77 x 1.57 x 4.49 inches‎2.75 pounds
YaeTek Watch Timing Machine Tester ToolsYaeKoo Store‎9.17 x 8.23 x 7.72 inches‎3.01 pounds
Tanglou Wrist Watch Tester Timing Multifunction TimegrapherTanglou‎9.21 x 8.23 x 7.76 inches‎3.14 pounds
zzzopne technology Mechanical Watch Timing Tester zzzopne technology185 X 130 X 95 mm3.5kg
Timegrapher No.1000, Multifunctional Watch TesterSWANSOFT Store‎9.13 x 8.23 x 7.76 inches‎2.86 pounds
Wotefusi New Multifunction TimegrapherWotefusi8.21 x 7.23 x 6.76 inches‎3.10 pounds
LuckyHigh NO.1000 Watch Timing MachineLuckyHigh‎9.17 x 8.35 x 7.68 inches3.13 pounds

Why Should You Choose The Best Timegraphers For Your Watch?

Timegrapher device is like a doctor with a stethoscope. It is used to measure the amplitude, beat rate, and beat error of your watch.

Thus, it helps to identify any irregularity or error in your watch’s reading. The best type of timegraphers is expert in showing the actual result and letting you know any irregularities. 

Know your device: If you have bought a vintage watch or a luxury watch with a really high price, you may expect that the device is good at showing accurate time. With the timegrapher devices, you can learn about the accuracy status of your watch and claim any compensation from the manufacturer or from the seller. 

Inner peace matters: If you are a person, who likes to keep everything perfect and accurate, then a timegrapher will just provide you inner peace. A timegrapher is an expert in showing the exact result and also shows the error level. 

Fix the problem: Once you get to know the error level of your watch, you can take action to element this inaccuracy. There are several ways to eliminate the inaccuracy of the watch manually.  

How Does A Timegrapher Device Work?

As mentioned earlier, a timegrapher device calculates the beat rate of your watch, measures the amplitude, and shows the beat error. 

By calculating the movement rate of your watch, a timegrapher indicates the number of seconds your watch runs per day. This shows whether your device runs faster or slower. The beat error indicates the consistency level of the beats and the watch wheel.

Besides, the amplitude measures the rotation of the balanced wheels. Thus, all these components decide the accuracy level of your watch. 

List Of 7 Best Timegraphers For Your Watch

If you have already decided to buy a timegrapher for your watches, then let’s have a look at the next section of our article, which is the review section. 

Here, we will discuss the 7 best timegraphers for your watches that are highly reliable and well accepted by other users as well. We have mainly focused on the reliability and workability of these devices.

However, we have also tried to stay in between medium price ranges, so that you don’t find your pocket burning out. 

1. OTOOLWORLD Multifunction Timegrapher

Products Information:

Item Dimensions LxWxH6.77 x 1.57 x 4.49 inches

To begin with our review section, we have OTOOLWORLD Multifunction Timegrapher. This is one of the most reliable timegrapher according to many users. Besides, as the name says, this is a multifunction timegrapher.

It is able to measure beat rate, amplitude, beat error as well as beat number accurately. It also has a very convenient screen and other easy-to-access buttons. So, it is really easy to use this device. 

You can increase or decrease the values by simply pressing the buttons. The speaker or menu button is there for you to adjust the settings of the device, according to your needs. Besides, there are also numerous automatic selections for the most common beats. 

This device fits almost every type of mechanical watch. Additionally, the rotative watch stand helps to measure the result on different angles and positions of your watch.

However, it only requires a 100v to 240 V power supply to run this device. 

2. YaeTek Watch Timing Machine Tester Tools

Products Information:

Manufacturer‎Yaemart Corportation
Item Weight‎3.01 pounds
Package Dimensions‎9.17 x 8.23 x 7.72 inches

This timegrapher device is one of the top-rated watch timing tester tools online. It is also a multifunctional timegrapher, with which you can measure beat error, beat rate, amplitude, beat number, etc. 

It also has a very convenient LCD display to check out the readings easily. During testing, the device will automatically adapt the ideal signal level based on the different watches. The readings are displayed on the LCD screen in real-time, with two dotted lines sliding across the display to imitate the “tick-tock” from your watch.

Additionally, it also has 6 different positions to check out the accuracy of your watch on those positions. Besides, the amplitude level is within the range of 275-315. This also has 9 different automatic beat settings. 

However, this basic timegrapher device isn’t suitable for high-end watches or quartz movement watches. You will also need to be careful while using the device to keep it away from mobile phones, TV, microwave ovens, induction cooker, etc. as the device is very sensitive to electromagnetic radiation and sound. 

3. Tanglou Wrist Watch Tester Timing Multifunction Timegrapher

Tanglou Wrist Watch Tester Timing Multifunction Timegrapher

Products Information:

Item Weight‎3.14 pounds
Package Dimensions‎9.21 x 8.23 x 7.76 inches

If you are searching for a timegrapher that can test both mechanical and automatic watches, then this device can be the perfect solution for your needs. 

This great quality timegrapher is not only multifunctional, but it also can test both mechanical watches and automatic watches. It is also the highest-rated timegrapher device online. 

This device is simple, accurate, and gives the perfect reading. You can measure rate deviation, amplitude, and beat error through this timegrapher device. The range deviation of this device is +- 999 seconds per day and the precision is 1 second per day. 

It also can measure the accuracy from 6 different positions. The required voltage is single-phase AC of 100V to 240V. The dimension of the display is 98*34 mm, the line length is 196 points and the device weighs 1.4 kgs. 

However, according to the manufacturer, this is a professional grade timegrapher. So, if you own a watch shop or have a big collection of watches, you can simply rely on this device. 

4. zzzopne technology Mechanical Watch Timing Tester 

Products Information:

Manufacturer‎zzzopne technology
Batteries Included?‎No

Next up, we have another great device, which is great for measuring the accuracy of mechanical watches. It doesn’t work for automatic watches. 

This multifunction Timegrapher device No.1900 is a precision mechanical watches test device used by watchmakers and manufacturers for multi-testing. The watch’s frequency diagram can be viewed on the convenient LCD screen. 

During testing, the device will automatically adapt the optimum signal level based on the different watches. The instrument will calculate the amplitude, rate, and beat error automatically and display them as data within no time. The device can immediately respond to a standard beat; however, a specific beat must be actively selected. 

Additionally, 6 different testing positions can be selected, and the simulated sound can also be turned on or off. The range of the deviation is +- 999 seconds per day, and the precision level is 1 second per day. Besides, you can also adjust this device in 3 different languages, including English, Japanese and Chinese. 

However, the weight of the device seems comparatively higher than the others, which is 3.5 kgs.  

5. Timegrapher No.1000, Multifunctional Watch Tester

Timegrapher No.1000, Multifunctional Watch Tester

Products Information:

Item Weight‎2.86 pounds
Package Dimensions‎9.13 x 8.23 x 7.76 inches
Batteries Included?‎No

This is another highest-rated timegrapher device online. This is also a professional-grade device that is suitable for both watch manufacturers and watchmakers. 

By using this device, you can measure the rate, amplitude, beat error, and also know the parameter. This device is very precise about detecting the accuracy level of your watch. The convenient LCD screen just makes it easier to understand the level of error. 

You can alter both the beat rate and the timing of a self-winding watch with this timing machine. It also alerts when it’s time to send the watch to a professional for repairs. This device is really easy to use and provides the maximum accurate results.

Apart from all of that, the after-sales services provided by the manufacturer are also really impressive. Besides, you can have a one-year warranty on the device. 

6. Wotefusi New Multifunction Timegrapher

Products Information:

Unit Count1 Count

In our review section, we have another good quality timegrapher device, which is Wotefusi New Multifunction Timegrapher. The brand itself may not be well known, but hopefully, the product will speak on behalf of the company.

This timegrapher device has all the features that a standard timegrapher usually has and the users usually expect. By using this device, you can measure the day rate deviation of your watch, beat error, amplitude, and also record the curve of beat number. 

It also has a color LCD screen. Besides, the signal intensity of this device can be automatically adjusted based on the watch. Along with these, you can also measure the accuracy on 6 different positions of your watch. However, you will need a single 100V to 24V power supply to run this device. 

7. LuckyHigh NO.1000 Watch Timing Machine

Products Information:

Item Weight‎3.13 pounds
Package Dimensions‎9.17 x 8.35 x 7.68 inches
Batteries Required?‎No

The last product of our review section is the LuckyHigh NO.1000 Watch Timing Machine. This is another reliable and multifunctional timegrapher device on our list. 

This watch timegrapher is a mechanical watch testing and calibration tool. With the microphone stand measurements, this watch tester determines beat error and amplitude automatically.

With two dotted lines flowing across the LCD screen of the  Machine, you can monitor readings, delivering a graphic representation of the “tick-tock” of your watch.

Besides, this watch timing device automatically changes the ideal signal level while testing different watches. However, the amplitude level is between 275 to 315. And the rate deviation range is +-999 s/d with the precision of +- 1 s/d.

Buying Guide For The Best Timegraphers For Your Watch

As you have already gathered some knowledge about the timegrapher devices, it will be much easier for you to buy a perfect timegrapher device. However, before purchasing, keep some of the factors in your mind, to get the best out of your timegrapher. 


Trying to measure the accuracy of your watch, but what if your timegrapher itself doesn’t show accurate results? This will give you an unnecessary headache. So, it is important that the device can show an accurate result. To get the best timegraphers for your watch, you may buy a well-branded product.


Many timegrapher devices tend to be damaged within a few usages. Though most of the timegrapher are made of plastic, there are also differences between the plastic materials and construction of the device. And if you want your timegrapher to last long, then look for durable material and construction as well. 

Features And Accuracy Level:

Though most of the timegrapher devices have pretty similar features, you can always have more with better budget. If you want a more advanced and professional-grade timegrapher, you will need to focus on the extra features as well. In terms of accuracy level, you shouldn’t really compromise. The better the accuracy level is, the performance of the device will just get better as well. 


Timegrapher is a really simple device. It doesn’t take much time once your settings are done. But, setting up the device functions can be a critical part, if you have very little idea about the timegrapher. Therefore, check out whether the device includes an instruction manual or not. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section of the article, we are going to answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding timegrapher. To get a little more idea about the best timegharpers for your watch, you may read through this part of the article. 

How Much Does A Timegrapher Device Cost?

Answer: You can easily find a timegrapher device within $200. However, if you are looking for a more advanced device, it can cost up to 3000$. 

What Is Amplitude? 

Answer: The amplitude of a watch indicates the number of rotations in the back and forth movement of the balanced wheel. This is probably the best indicator of the movement’s health. A healthy amplitude shows that the movement can perform effectively and has enough energy transmission. 

What Is A Good Amplitude Level? 

Answer: As already mentioned, the amplitude level of a watch indicates the health condition of your watch. The good amplitude level is around 280 to 320. If the amplitude level of your watch is below 250, then your watch must have some serious issues. 

What Is The Best Timegrapher App?

Answer: There are a good number of apps available for both android and apple devices. The ‘watch tuner timegrapher’ app is probably the highest-rated timegrapher app. 


Hopefully, after reading this article on ‘best timegraphers for your watch’, you have got a good idea about the timegrapher devices. 

However, a funny yet important thing to mention is that you can easily get addicted to timegrapher devices. You may find yourself checking the accuracy of your watches every now and then.

So, be careful while using it! 

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