Can You Use Whoop With Apple Watch In 2024?




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Whoop and Apple Watch are two of the most popular and sophisticated fitness trackers in the market.

use Whoop with Apple Watch

One of the major differences between both fitness trackers is that Whoop doesn’t come with a display.

While Apple Watch comes with a high-quality AMOLED Display. However, the one question which I will be addressing today is: Can you use Whoop with Apple Watch?

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Let’s find out.

What Is Whoop?

Before I get to our actual topic, let me give you a quick introduction to Whoop. While most fitness trackers these days mainly focus on tracking our activities, Whoop is a tracker which not only offers accurate tracking but it also helps you recover from your workout.

What is Whoop

Whoop Strap 3.0 is the latest Whoop Strap that comes with advanced sensors which keep collecting the data and then use that data to recover from your workout.

Also, the best thing about Whoop Strap is that it helps you avoid injuries by telling you not to over train.

Whoop Strap tracks many metrics such as your stress levels, nutrition, sleep, hydration, and other aspects of your training.

Can You Use Whoop With Apple Watch?

Whoop and Apple Watch are two separate fitness trackers, and both are designed by two different companies.

In most cases, the manufacturer doesn’t allow you to connect their fitness tracker with the fitness tracker of another brand, and these two trackers are no exception here.

Typograph (Best Watch Face for Apple Watch 6)

Whoop does work with iPhone, but you can only use it to connect with the Whoop App, and Whoop Strap only syncs data with the Whoop App. Whoop Strap doesn’t work with Apple Health, and you can’t sync the data from Whoop App with Apple Health.

Similarly, Apple Health also only works with Apple Watch and doesn’t allow you to get data from Whoop App to the app.

However, I hope that Whoop will develop some sort of API or do a partnership with Apple to allow the Whoop App to sync data with Apple Health.

Does Whoop Have A Watch?

Whoop does offer a Whoop Strap, which is basically a fitness tracker without a screen. Whoop Strap comes with basic sensors, and you can check all the information by connecting the Tracker with your smartphone.

Does Whoop Work With Other Apps?

Does Whoop work with other Apps

Unfortunately, Whoop works well with only a handful of fitness Apps. Currently, Whoop only works with Strava, which is a very popular fitness app and comes with a vibrant community of over 60 million athletes around the world.

Does Whoop Pair With Strava?

Strava is a very popular fitness app that works well with many fitness trackers, including Whoop. You can easily sync your Whoop Data with the Strava and share your activities with the Strava Community.

Does Whoop Works Without Membership?

No, Whoop Strap doesn’t work without Membership, and you will have to pay the $30 monthly fee to use the Whoop for tracking your workouts.

However, the company does offer discounts on long-term commitments, and you can use their long-term plans to save some money.

Can Whoop Strap Track Runs?

Whoop Strap doesn’t come with the built-in GPS, which means that the Tracker can’t track your run. However, you can track your running session with Strava and use your smartphone’s GPS to track your run. Once your run is completed, you can easily sync the data.

Does Whoop Work with Zwift?

With the newer Whoop Strap 3.0, now you can easily connect your Whoop with BLE-compatible third-party devices, including Zwift. You can also use Whoop as Heart-rate Monitor with Zwift.

Do You Have To Wear Whoop All Day?

Wear Whoop

Yes, if you want accurate tracking, you will have to Wear Whoop All Day. It comes with a breathable strap that makes sure that you get good airflow, and you can easily wear it all day.

However, if you think that the wristband version is not for you, you can get the Armband version which means that you can Wear a Whoop on your Arm.


Whoop is still relatively a new product, and it has surely a long way to go. One of the biggest challenges for Whoop is its integration with popular Fitness Apps and Eco-Systems of popular Smartwatches such as Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Let me know what you think about Whoop in the comments. Also, check this guide, where I have shared the Best 11 Activity Trackers without Screen.

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