Best Samsung & Apple Watch Faces For Fitness And Workouts In 2024




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In this article, we have rounded up top watch faces for Samsung and Apple watches suitable for the fitness and workout freaks. Along with the watch faces, we will talk about watch complications and how the watch faces can be integrated. Have a look!

Fitness Watch Faces For Samsung Watches

With each passing day, the technological shifts are rising, and artificial intelligence is one of those branches. This smart technology has been incorporated into the watches, which has become an integral part of every tech geek’s life.

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For instance, people have incorporated the smartwatches in their workout and fitness routines. For iOS and Android users, there are different smartwatches. However, the crucial aspect of smartwatches is the watch face.

Fitness Watch Faces For Samsung Watches

The Samsung watches are in the market inculcated with the smart and advanced features to ensure competitiveness. These watches are a perfect fusion of technology and health assurance. These watches are supported by an array of watch faces.

Fitness Watch Faces For Samsung Watches
The Watch face that I’m using on my Samsung watch

How To Change Watch Face For Samsung Galaxy Watch?

The easiest way is to change the watch faces through mobile, open the app and go to watch faces. Then, choose the watch face, and if you want more, download them, and it will be applied automatically.

If you want a fitness watch face then go to the health option within the watch faces screen and you will find many free fitness watch faces for your own taste.

Fitness Watch Faces For Apple Watches

If you are the Apple geek and always use the relevant company products, we are sure you must be using the Apple watch to stay fit. In this section, we have added the multiple types of watch faces for the Apple watch users.

The Apple watches have the compact widgets which are screened on the watch face and have the capability to personalize the user experience. These widgets are referred to as complications.

Series 4 and 5 are top-notch in their features and performance. The users have the liability to check the battery life rather than swiping to see.

Through the customization features, users can change the themes, designs, and elements of the main screen. Moreover, users can save the settings in the on-watch library.

Now, let’s have a look at the watch faces designed specifically for the Apple users who wants a fitness compatible watch face!


If you are crazy about the complications, this watch face has been equipped with multiple complications to be sent from the tech heaven.

It has support compatibility for over eight complications and two in the middle. The watch face uses the advanced display from series 4 and series 5 to screen the intricate details.

At the top right corner, weather information is displayed in the maximum, current, and minimum configurations. The middle portion supports the activity and music apps.


If there could be a synonym for design and functionality fusion, Meridian would be the perfect name. The interface is crisp and clean, with multiple complications (four to be precise).

There is a non-abundance of information screening as this watch face is equipped with the infograph configuration. This is apt for the simplistic approach of people.

Modular Compact

This watch face has adhered to the multiple complications (six to be precise), and the customization features are available for the icon shuffling.

There are three icons available that can be customized. Users are able to make calls. On the other hand, the corner complications are out, and with the middle units, the boarding passes from Qantas can be utilized. Last but not least, commuting alerts and heart rate data can be visualized as well.


If you are overweight and want to take care of it, this watch face will be the apt gym partner. This watch face has the features to track the calories burnt and other activities as well.

The hart rate complication is commemorated, which helps the users check the vitals while losing the fats. The watch face has been digitalized to keep track of the exercise time, standing hours, and burnt calories.

Solar Dial

As the name suggests, this watch face is apt for the people who are going to train in outdoor locations and measure the sun hours.

The watch face has four complications at each corner and has the tendency to add prominent features. You will be able to see the sun hours along with the timing and plan the workout routines accordingly.


This watch face is designed for the runners, given the features of measuring the lap times. There is an abundance of complications in this watch face.

It comes with index styles, hand styles, and background images that are there to meet the diverse needs. The users can change the complications by clicking on the preview image.

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How To Add And Change Watch Faces On Your Apple Watch?

To change the watch face on the iPhone, follow the below-mentioned instructions;

  1. Open the Watch app
  2. Swipe left and right on the scrolling line to choose the particular face
  3. Scroll down to the menu
  4. Click on “set as current watch free,” and that’s all!

In the case of customization, click on the specific face by swiping down. In other words, the color scheme face will be used to swipe and adopt the face.

In case of icon customization, go to the icon menu, tap on the icons you want to change, and choose the icon that you want to add. After setting the screen, click on “set as current watch face” and settings will be saved.

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