Top 18 Canadian Watch Brands in 2024: Your Ultimate Guide to Luxury Timepieces




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If you are interested in getting a Made in Canada Watch and looking for top Canadian watch brands, this guide is for you.

Canada is home to some of the most famous watch brands and these watch companies make both luxury and everyday watches.

Top 14 Canadian Watch Brands Reviews

When it comes to quality, these watches are on par with watches made by international watch brands. So, If you are interested in getting a Made in Canada Watch and want to know about top Canada Watch Brands, this guide is for you.

In this guide, I’ll focus on the following topics:

  • Best Made in Canada Watch Brands of 2024
  • Are there any Made in Canada Wooden Watches?
  • And many more!

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Top 18 Canadian Watch Brands Reviews Of 2024

1. Solios Watch

Let’s start with Solios, which is one of the top Canadian watch brands in 2024. The company started its operations back in 2018, and in the short span of over 4 years, they have become one of the major players in the Canadian watch industry mainly due to its quality watches.

The unique thing about Solios is that it makes solar watches that are sustainable, and you won’t need to change the batteries of your watch every couple of years. Solios is also the first company to get B-Corp Certification.

Now you must be wondering: what is B-Corp Certification? B-Corp certification is the certification that is given to businesses that have a balance between their purpose and profit. These businesses are bound by law to consider the decisions that impact their workers, suppliers, community, and the environment.

To get the B-Corp Certification, businesses are asked hundreds of questions on how their operations have a positive impact on their workers, environment, and the community. Once they provide answers, they need to submit proof to verify their claims. Once a company completes all criteria, they get the B-Corp grade. If we look at the grade of Solios, it’s 89.5, which is on the higher side, and it shows that the company has a positive impact on its employees, community, and environment. The average grade of B-Corp is 50.

If we consider the overall design language of Solios, it’s very refined, modern, and premium. Solios makes very elegant and premium watches that are scratch-resistant, thanks to sapphire crystal coating. On top of that, all Solios watches are also water-resistant, and they can handle water up to 30 meters underwater.

Another great thing about Solios is that it delivers watches in handmade boxes, which are made entirely from recycled cardboard.

Also, the company offers various interchangeable watch straps, which you can choose based on your taste. Overall, if you are looking for an environmentally-friendly and premium Canadian watch brand, Solios is a great option for you.

2. Momentum Watch

Momentum, also known as St. Moritz Watch Corp, is another top Canadian watch brand that has been around for over 4 decades. It’s a Vancouver-based company that specializes in heavy-duty and durable watches.

The unique thing about Momentum watches is that each watch is handmade by expert workers, and also the company tests these watches under tough conditions such as on mountains, trails, and underwater to ensure the durability of its watches. It’s the reason why many expert mountaineers are the customers of the company.

If we look at the design language of Momentum watches, you can clearly see the true craftmanship of expert workers. The Momentum watches are well-designed and well-built, and they are on the slightly bulkier side, which you can expect from handcrafted watches.

Overall, if you are looking for a reliable and durable Canadian watch for you or your loved ones, you should consider watches from Momentum.

3. Ferro & Company

In 2024, we have many luxury watchmakers, but the problem with them is that many of them have a very high price tag, and not everyone can afford them. However, there’s a Canadian watch company named Ferro & Company, which was launched in 2014 with the aim to make luxury watches affordable.

In the last 8 years, the company has launched various watches which are inspired by luxury vintage cars and planes. The great thing about Ferro & Company’s watches is that they use high-quality materials in their watches without charging high prices.

The company uses Swiss and Japanese movements in their watches which are considered the standard in the watch industry. Similarly, the company uses sapphire crystal for watch glass and high-quality metal for the body. On top of that, Ferro Company also uses fine leather for the straps of watches.

The design language of Ferro & Company’s watches is unique, and they come with a vintage look. The company also has various watch collections inspired by racing cars and planes.

As the company offers high-quality watches at affordable prices, it has grown immensely in the last 8 years, and it’s officially present in over 30 countries worldwide. The company offers a 2-year warranty on its watches which makes them more desirable for watch users.

Overall, if you are looking for a high-quality vintage-inspired watch at a great price, you should consider the watches from Ferro & Company.

4. Tense Watches

The majority of watches these days use metals or plastic, but there’s also a huge demand for wooden watches. There are many companies that specialize in wooden watches, and Tense Watches is one of them. It’s a Canadian watch company that specializes in handmade wooden watches.

The company was founded by Ken P. Lau, who started working as a lock designer in the late 1950s, and he was a specialist in making watches with wood and stone. Later on, he decided to start his own company, and he launched Tense Watches in 1971.

The company is considered the pioneer of premium wooden watches in the Canadian watch industry, and it has customers around the world.

The whole process of crafting watches using wood is extremely difficult, and the company uses various treatments to ensure that the wood doesn’t shrink or expand due to temperature variation. Tense Watches also come with Swiss or Japanese Miyota Movement, which is two of the most used and reliable watch movements available in the market.

The design language of Tense Watches is very elegant and premium. If you look at any watch from Tense Watches, you will see that they are extremely well-crafted and have a very premium look and feel.

So, if you are a fan of wooden watches and looking for a Canadian wooden watch, you should consider watches from Tense Watches.

5. Marathon Watch Company

Marathon Watch Company is one of the oldest Canadian watch brands, and it has been around for over a century. The company started its operation in 1904 with the name Weinsturm Watch which was later renamed Wein Brothers. The company was again renamed in 1939 Marathon Watch Company by Morris Wein. It’s also a family-owned business, and currently, the 4th generation of the Wein Family is managing the company.

One of the interesting things about the Marathon Watch Company is that it was the official timekeeping partner of the Allied Forces during the world war, and it made watches for the soldiers of the Allied Forces.

The company is still the supplier to US, British, and Canadian Militaries, and it has many military watches in its collection which fulfill the standards given by the aforementioned militaries. However, the company also has other watches which are designed for its regular customers.

Another interesting thing about Marathon Watch Company is that the company designs its watches in Canada, but all of them are built-in Switzerland. So, if you are someone who appreciates Swiss-built quality but still wants ca Canadian watch, you should consider Marathon Watch Company.

6. Timetree Canada

Timetree Canada is an environment-friendly Canadian watch company that was launched in 2017 with the aim of helping and raising funds for the victims of the 2016 Canadian Forest Fire. The company specializes in making wooden watches that are made using Bamboo wood.

The unique thing about watches from Timetree Canada is that none of them are mass-produced, and each watch is only made when the company receives an order from the customer. The company uses high-quality materials and movements to make sure that you get a high-quality and premium watch.

Timetree Canada is a relatively new company, but still, it offers premium watches, and if you are someone who is a fan of wooden watches, you can surely consider watches from this company.

7. Konifer Watches

Konifer is a Canadian fashion brand that specializes in wooden fashion accessories and the company makes a wide range of wooden accessories, including sunglasses, rings, belts, and watches.

The company uses various woods for its products, including ebony, maple, and sandalwood. Konifer also uses non-toxic oil in finishing to give their products different colors. On top of that, the company uses Citizen Japanese movements, which are known for their quality.

Another great thing about Knifer is that it offers a 5-year warranty on its watches, and the company also commits that it will plant a tree for every watch sold. So, if you are someone who cares about the environment and looking for a good wooden watch, you can consider the one from Konifer.

8. 2ND Shot

2nd Shot is another very popular Canadian watch brand, and the purpose behind this watch brand is to give the 2nd Shot to broken skateboards.

It was founded by a skateboard enthusiast, John Gibson, who wanted to use broken skateboards instead of throwing them away. John is currently responsible for making watches at 2nd Shot, and he personally turns broken skateboards into watches, sunglasses, golf clubs, and sunglasses. You won’t find a lot of variety at 2nd Shot, but still, you can consider 2nd Shot Watches if you want to support the cause.

9. Novo Watch

If you are not a fan of mass-produced watches and you want something custom and more personal, you can consider Novo Watch. Novo Watch is a Canadian watch company that was founded in 2011 by Steve Christensen, who wanted to tell a story via a watch.

The company specializes in custom watches, and it uses retired railways and other discarded materials to make watches. The unique thing about Novo Watch is the customization, and you will be completely involved with it, which will allow you to add the customization of your choice to your watch.

The quality of Nova Watches is extremely good, and they have a very customized and premium look and feel. However, that comes with a slightly higher price tag, which can be a deal-breaker for some people. Overall, if you want to get a customized Canadian watch for you or your loved one, you should consider Nova Watch.

10. Archer Watches

Archer Watches is a well-known Canadian watch company which is known for its handmade watches. It’s an independent Canadian company that operates from Ontario, and the company caters to a very niche audience who like vintage hand-wound timepieces.

The unique thing about Archer Watches is that all of them are handmade, and it takes around 8 weeks to complete the watch and ship it. So, if you are interested in a high-quality hand-wound watch from a Canadian watch company, you should consider Archer Watches.

11. Whytes Watches

Whytes Watches is another small Canadian watch company that is known for its high-quality watches. The company was founded by British Steven and Catherine Scanlan, who wanted to make high-quality watches at affordable prices. Both founders are actively involved with the company, and they make watches for their customers.

The company uses high-quality materials such as stainless steel and sapphire glass for its watches to make them more durable. So, if you are interested in a high-quality vintage watch at an affordable price, you can consider Whytes Watches.

12. Berg + Betts

Berg + Betts is one of the top Canadian watch brands which is known for its high-quality dress watches. The company is an environmentally friendly Company, and it only uses surplus leather for its watches.

The unique thing about Berg + Betts is that the company offers a huge variety of dress watches that comes in different colors and design making it easier for users to pick the watch of their favorite color and design.

When it comes to watches, Berg + Betts outsources the parts of its watches from China, but they assemble them in Canada. The biggest benefit of outsourcing parts from China is that they get affordable pricing which allows them to sell their watches at a reasonable price. I’ve done some research about the quality of Berg + Betts watches, and the majority of the customers are satisfied with its watches.

Overall, if you are a fan of dress watches and looking for a Canadian watch company with a huge variety of them, you should consider Berg + Betts.

13. Whitby Watch Co.

Whitby Watch Co. is one of the top Canadian watch brands, which was founded by two Canadian families, and it operates from Whitby, Ontario.

The unique thing about Whitby Watches is that they are not ordinary watches, and they are inspired by the key historic moments in Canada’s History.

If you look at the design language, all watches in the Whitby Watch collection have a very bold profile and vintage look. So, if you are someone who wants to experience the moments in Canada’s History via a watch, you should consider Whitby Watch Co.

14. Medium

WATCH IT is a popular Canadian watch retailer which offers many brands on its website, but the company also has its own brand under the name of “Medium.”

The great thing about Medium watches is that they are relatively affordable but still offer pretty quality high quality. The company uses the Japanese Miyota movement in its watches, and all watches have sapphire crystal which is scratch-resistant.

So, if you are looking for a Canadian watch brand with decent value for money, you should consider Medium Watches.

15. Bradley Taylor

Bradley Taylor is another Canadian Watch brand that you can consider in 2024. It’s a luxury watch company that makes exclusive and expensive watches and it caters to the luxury segment of the watch market.

The company makes a very limited number of watches and most of them get sold very quickly. Currently, Bradley Taylor has two series: Lutria and Paragon, and both of them are sold out. So, if you are interested in getting a Bradley Taylor watch, you will need to contact the company and then wait for your number. 

Bradley Taylor isn’t a good option for budget buyers as its watches are pretty expensive. However, if you are interested in a super-exclusive Canadian watch, you might want to consider Bradley Taylor.

16. Heron Watch

Heron is another renowned Canadian watch brand that operates from Montreal and it’s known for its high-quality watches. The company started as a startup and now it’s a full-fledged watch company that caters to Canadian and international watch enthusiasts.

The unique thing about Heron is that it offers premium watches at an affordable price which makes it a desirable option for those who want to get a quality timepiece without spending a lot of money. 

Gladiateur MMLXV is the first timepiece by the company and it comes with a pretty bold design and premium build quality. So, if you are interested in getting a high-quality watch from a Canadian Watch brand at a reasonable price, you can consider Heron.

17. Vieren Watch 

Vieren is another luxury Canadian Watch Brand that you can consider in 2024. It’s a comparatively new watch brand and it was started in 2020. However, it has become pretty popular in a very short span of time.

The company caters to the premium segment of the watch market and currently, it’s offering “Gold Mirror” which is a luxury watch that comes with a price tag of $5250 USD.

The Gold Mirror comes with a premium build quality and Swiss movement inside which means that you will get an accurate time. So, if you are interested in buying a luxury Made in Canada watch and willing to spend around 5 grand, you can consider Vieren Gold Mirror.

18. Wilk Watchworks

Wilk Watchworks is a Canadian Watch Brand which is operated by Scott Wilk and the company has been delivering hand-made quality watches to its customers since 2010.

Unlike other watch brands, Wilk Watchworks doesn’t mass produce and the company allows its customers to customize the watches. Also, the pricing of the watches is pretty affordable and you can get a Wilk Watchworks watch for as low as $240. However, the company also produces some limited and exclusive timepieces which can cost up to $2000 CAD.

So, if you are looking for a watch from a Candian brand and want some customization as well, you can consider Wilk Watchworks.

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Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQs ]

For your further inquiry, you may check out this section of the article. Here, we are going to answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Canadian Watch Brands.

Is There A Canadian Made Watch?

Yes, there are many Canadian made watches available in the market which you can choose in 2024. These are the top Canadian watch brands in 2024.

1.      Solios

2.      Momentum

3.      Ferro & Company

Is There A Canadian Made Watch

4.      Tense Watches

5.      Marathon Watch Company

6.      Timetree Canada

7.      Konifer Watches

8.      2nd Shot

9.      Novo Watch

10.   Archer Watches

11.   Whytes Watches

12.   BERG + Betts

13.   Whitby Watch Co.

14.   Medium

What Watch Does The Canadian Military Use?

Canadian Military has many suppliers, but the Tudor Submariner is the royal Canadian navy’s dive watch, and the company is the subsidiary of the famous Swiss brand Rolex. Marathon is another Canadian watch company that supplies the Canadian Military with watches.

Are There Any Canadian Watch Brands That Specialize In Wooden Watches?

Wooden watches are pretty popular among the Canadian watch community, and there are some Canadian watch brands such as Tense Watches, Konifer Watches, and Timetree Canada. All of these companies specialize in wooden watches, and some of them also offer additional fashion accessories such as Glasses and belts.

Is There A Canadian Made Watch?

Yes, there are many Canadian made watches available in the market which you can choose in 2024. These are the top Canadian watch brands in 2024.

  1. Solios
  2. Momentum
  3. Ferro & Company
  4. Tense Watches
  5. Marathon Watch Company
  6. Timetree Canada
  7. Konifer Watches
  8. 2nd Shot
  9. Novo Watch
  10. Archer Watches
  11. Whytes Watches
  12. BERG + Betts
  13. Whitby Watch Co.
  14. Medium
  15. Bradley Taylor
  16. Heron Watch
  17. Vieren Watch
  18. Wilk Watchworks


Canada is home to some of the best watch brands and in this guide, i’ve shared the top 18 Watch Brands that operates from Canada.

All of these brands either design or manufacture their watches in Canada. So, if you are someone who prefer to get watches Made in Canada, you can consider the brands from this list because all of them are Canadian Watch Brands.

If you have any questions about these brands, please let me know in the comments and i’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Also, check this guide, if you are interested in premium Swiss-made watches that are COSC Certified.

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