Can You Charge Apple Watch From iPhone or Its Charger?




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Many people are asking if it is possible to charge the Apple Watch from the iPhone power or from its charger.

The answer to that is quite simple:

Although it was rumored that it was possible to charge earlier series Apple Watches using an iPhone or its charger, it has now been debunked.

It is not possible to charge your Apple Watch using the power in your iPhone or through its accessories. The ideal thing to do is to use the dedicated magnetic charger and cable provided with your Apple Watch for its charging purposes.

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Charging Your Apple Watch

Regularly charging your Apple Watch is important to ensure that you have it available whenever you require its use. You can capitalize on its maximum functionality after a full recharge as it enables you to use its features for a considerable length of time without any interruptions.

The remaining battery percentage can be easily visualized at all times as it is displayed on the face of the Apple Watch in the top right corner if you have enabled a battery complication when customizing your watch.

Charging Your Apple Watch

If not, you can check the remaining power by holding the bottom of the screen and then swiping up as it opens up the Control Center which contains critical information regarding your Apple Watch battery.

Your Apple Watch can be charged using either the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable or the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock. For best results, Apple encourages you to set up your chagrin station in a well-ventilated area so it does not overheat or lose performance efficiency. Once you have chosen the ideal spot, plug the device into the adapter and then connect it to the power outlet to turn it on.

Align the charging cable with the back of your Watch until it snaps into place and wait for the telling chime to let you know that charging has begun. You will be able to visualize the charging symbol on the screen of the watch at this point. The symbol will be green during the process and red when the device requires a recharge.

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Is It Possible To Charge Your Apple Watch Using Your iPhone or the iPhone Charger?

For a while it was believed that it is possible to somehow transfer the power in your iPhone and use it to charge up your Apple Watch.

Unfortunately, while that would be highly convenient, especially if you are on the go and do not have access to a charging dock for your watch, it is not true.

You cannot transfer the power in your iPhone to refill the battery of your Apple Watch using a cable or any other connecting accessory.

apple watch hidden port

Another thing Apple Watch owners wonder about is whether or not they can use their iPhone charger or cable to charge their wearable device. The answer to this question, unfortunately, is also in the negative.

Unlike the newer versions of the iPhone, the Apple Watch is not compatible with the Qi charging standard, which means that it cannot be charged wirelessly.

Thus, regardless of what kind of wireless charging dock or mat you purchase, your watch simply does not have the technology required to acknowledge and utilize it.

The Hidden Port on Your Apple Watch

When it comes to alternative charging methods, however, you may be interested to know that there is a hidden port on your Apple Watch that can be used to charge your device.

When sliding off the bottom band of the device, look into the connection slot and you will locate the hidden, six-pin port. While this tiny port in the connector has not been acknowledged by Apple itself.

It has been addressed by Reserve Strap who claim that it can be used to charge the wearable device as opposed to just being there for diagnostic purposes.

You would, however, require a special tool to open the port and access it, something not provided by Apple.

Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQs ]

For your further inquiry, you may check out this section of the article. Here, we will answer the most common questions regarding ”Can You Charge your Apple Watch From your iPhone or Its Charger?”

Will Apple Watch Charger Charge iPhone 12?

Answer: The direct answer is ‘strictly no’. The watch charger can’t deliver enough power to recharge the more powerful iPhone battery.

How To Charge Apple Watch 5 Without A Magnetic Charger?

Answer: It’s impossible to charge your Apple watch without a magnetic charger. You can rely on a magnetic cable/dock designed for Apple Watch.

Do All Apple Watches Use The Same Charger?

Answer: Watch Series 7 features a magnetic fast charger to USB-C cable. However, previous Apple Watch models use magnetic charging cables.

Can Apple Watch Wireless Charger Charge iPhone?

Answer: Wireless charger is yet to specify its use on iPhone. But it’s safe to say that the Watch charger can barely recharge an iPhone.


Lots of so-called tech enthusiasts are confident about making it happen. However, you should stick to Apple-provided charging accessories.

Using any method other than the standard process will eventually cause the Watch battery to die.

When it comes to Apple products, always go with the dedicated charger. The risk of damage isn’t worth it anyway, given the value and functions.

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