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Nowadays, everybody is very worried about the charger of smartwatches. As a consequence, the knowledge of charging in smartwatches is very important for everyone. Without a doubt, you eagerly want to know everything about the charge of your smartwatch.

You can charge your smartwatch through its charger. Additionally, you can use a charging cable or USB ports to charge your smartwatch.

What Kind Of Charger Do You Use For A Smartwatch

Accidently, if you lost your charger, then you can charge your smartwatch by using some gadgets. 

Also, there are several ways to recharge a smartwatch without a charger. So, if you want to know then you have to keep your eye on this article.  

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From this article, you may get the full concept of the charger of smartwatches. Let’s jump into this article without any delay. 

What Kind Of Charger Do You Use For A Smartwatch?

There are two types of chargers for charging your smartwatch. One type of charger you will get free with your smartwatch. Because all smartwatches have a charger which is a charging cable. 

You can connect your charging cable with your smartwatch in two ways- connecting with a magnetic and connecting with a clamp-style connector. You will see the charging pins of the magnetic charging cable and clamp-style connector above the charging cable. 

The other way of charging can be the USB type. For charging USB type, you have to plug your USB port with any compatible USB port such as a desktop computer, laptop, and wall outlet adapter. 

When you connect the charging cable to the USB port, the charging screen will show you that your smartwatch is charging. But sometimes, the battery of the smartwatch is totally drained. 

During that time, you have to keep some patience to see if your smartwatch is charging or not. After some time the charging screen will appear to illustrate the device is charging

If you connect your charging cable with your desktop or laptop USB port, then it will be good for you. Before using the wall outlet as a charger, you have to make sure that the wall adapter or power strip is UL-certified or not. In addition, it has an output of 5V, 1A, or lower. Besides, you should keep your smartwatch away from the fast charger to ensure good battery life. 

Can I Charge My Smartwatch With Any Adapter?

You can charge your smartwatch with any kind of charger but it has to have the same connector type. In fact, you can use your desktop computer or laptop for charging your smartwatch. In that case, you have to see if the charging port of the USB is similar or not. 

For example, your smartwatch has a USB type C connector. For this, you have to use a USB C-type charger for charging it properly. 

If you have no laptop or computer but you have a power bank. Then, this is good news for you. Because you can charge your watch through the power bank.

Nowadays, there are some smartwatches that can be recharged by using solar power. If you have this watch, then you can boost your watch charge by using direct sunlight power. As a consequence, you can recharge your smartwatch without any charger. 

Amazingly, you can give charge your smartwatch by using a wireless charger or charger docking station. In fact, this will be very helpful and you can carry it with you easily. 

How Can I Charge My (Garmin, Fitbit, Samsung, Apple, Fossil) Smartwatch Without A Charger?

Garmin smartwatches always come with a charger. But its charging machine of Garmin is very strong and unique. As a result, if you lost your Garmin watch charger, then there is no possible way to charge it.

Moreover, there are some solar models of the Garmin smartwatch. If you have this one, then you can increase the battery performance by using the power of direct sunlight but you will not get a full charge after this. 

The smartwatch of Fitbit provides only a charging cable. As a result, charging a Fitbit smartwatch is very easy and convenient. Additionally, you can use any kind of USB adapter, laptop, computer, and so on as a Fitbit charge. On the other hand, you can use a wireless charger to charge a Fitbit watch. 

Also, you can use USB ports to recharge your Fitbit watch. In addition, You can use any USB charger for your watch to charge it faster. 

If you have a Samsung smartwatch, then you can charge your watch easily without a charger by using one method. This is, Samsung Galaxy watches charge using the QI wireless charging standard system. For this, you can charge your smartwatch from any QI-certified wireless charging station. 

There is no other way that you can charge your Galaxy smartwatch without its own charger. 

If you are an Apple smartwatch holder, then you have many possible ways to charge your watch without a charger. As a result, you can charge your watch anywhere such as in a car, workplace, purse, backpack, and so on by using a spear charging cable.

When you do not have the charger, you can use the power bank for charging your watch. Besides, the power back has four LED indicators. 

You use cable charging instead of your charger. In fact, you can connect this cable with your pc or tablet. In addition, you can also use the USB port for charging your Apple watch. 

From Fossil smartwatch, you can charge your smartwatch by using any third-party charger. On the other hand, you can use a power bank, portable wireless charger to recharge your fossil watch. 

Can I Charge My Smartwatch With A Fast Charger?

If you want to charge your smartwatch faster, then you have to follow some instructions which are- 

  • You have to use a good charging cable to a laptop or desktop USB port for charging your smartwatch faster. 
  • You have to avoid discount chargers. Because the battery stress of this watch is really less. Also, it does not have 5.0 volt which is necessary. Also, you have to avoid any rapid chargers.
  • You should not keep your charger at freezing temperature. In fact, you have to charge at a moderate temperature. 
  • When you charge your device, keep your device on at that time. 
  • You should charge your smartwatch when it is 5% above at least. Also, you should not try to cooperate when the device’s charge is very low such as 2%.
  • If you discharge your battery completely, then your device will be booted down during power off. After that, your device will be shut down without any battery charge. At that moment, you should reboot your device for fast charging. 
  • You should not keep your device with a totally drained battery. In addition, Keep your device after giving around 50% charge. 
  • If you feel the battery warms while charging, then you will have to discount the battery or charger immediately. Because an excessively wam battery is harmful to a smartwatch, then it will not charge faster.  
  • When your smartwatch remains in full charge, you have to take off your charger immediately.

How Can I Charge My Smartwatch With My Phone?

You can charge your smartwatch with your phone after following some steps such as-

  • Your phone has to remain at least 30% charged.
  • For opening a quick setting, swipe down on your screen. 
  • After that, you will see an option which is wireless power share, click the option. 
  • Then, you have to keep your phone face down on a flat surface. 
  • After doing the previous steps, you have to keep your smartwatch on the back of the phone. 
  • The last step is rotation and position of the watch until the watch starts charging. 

On the other hand, you can charge your smartwatch with your phone easily via power sharing cable. For this, you just have to connect your watch with your phone by this cable. 

Can I Charge It Using A Power Bank?

You can charge your smartwatch easily by using a power bank. Surprisingly, it is the easiest way to charge your watch. For this, you have to make sure that your power bank is good or solid enough to charge the device properly. 

But you have to know some things before giving charge by using a power bank, which is-

  • Your power bank has to remain in full charge or charge enough to transfer its voltage to your watch.
  • For activating the power bank, you have to always press the power button. 
  • After that, you should contact the charging cable between the power bank and smartwatch. 
  • After connecting, check the battery level and on your watch. 
  • When you see your smartwatch is on a full charge, then turn off the button. 

After all, you can also use wireless power banks. For this, you do not need any charging cable. But, few smartwatches support wireless power banks.

Is There A Universal Smartwatch Charger?

Yes, there is a universal smartwatch charger. In fact, there are some charging cables and USB ports, which support all smartwatches. As a result, you will not feel any trouble while you charge your watch. 

A universal smartwatch charger has some advantages. The biggest advantage is you can use this charger for any kind of smartwatch. 

For example,  you have 3 types of smartwatch. In this case, you can use one charger to charge your three smartwatches.

There are a lot of online and offline shops, you can buy a universal charger for your smartwatches easily. 


Smartwatch is a wearable device. To make your smartwatch longer, you have to take care of your watch properly. The most important thing is that you have to charge your watch properly and carefully. 

Unfortunately, smartwatches can be demange for overcharging or lack of proper charging. On the other hand, your smartwatch will work accurately after getting a proper charge. I hope you will maintain the charge of your smartwatch perfectly after reading this article. 

Stay connected with us for exploring more interesting gadgets. Before that, stay happy and healthy. 

Also, thanks for reading!

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