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I did long research in order to find the best fitness tracker for boxing, MMA, and Kickboxing and while for boxing I managed to find 5 devices which one of them considered as the Fitbit of boxing tracking – PIQ Everlast Wearable Boxing Sport and Fitness Tracker, when regarding kickboxing, MMA and jiu-jitsu, the capabilities are limited.

Anyone who has ever entered the ring for participating in a three-minute round can tell you that boxers need to be super fit if they want to succeed at what they are doing.

Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise to know that box-fit workouts and cardio boxing with all their inspiring fitness drills are rapidly gaining popularity.

Here is an article that I have written about How Do Fitness Trackers Track Steps, Stairs, Stress And Calories.

Whether you decide to work the pads or have chosen to smash the bells out of a heavy bag in order to become leaner, there is a wide array of punch trackers that can turn out to be immensely useful. Technological advancement has provided us solutions for everything and boxing is no different.

Fitness Tracker For Kickboxing And MMA – What’s Available?

There are great and accurate devices that can track your boxing sessions available on the market and I will give you a list of the later in the article.

My Number One Pick

I’m not going to leave you in suspense, for my top choice my deliberation was between the Hykso(now called Fightcamp) and the PIQ Everlast.

Eventually, I must choose the PIQ Everlast as the best punch tracker in the market today thanks to more accurate data.

Here Is A Boxing Trainer That Thinks The Same As I Do:

Pay attention that the link that I added above to the PIQ everlast sensors page on Amazon is for one sensor and it costs 99$

You can buy a bundle of 2 sensors (recommended for tracking both hands) on the Everlast website for 179.99 dollars.

Which Fitness Tracker Can Accurately Track Kicks Or MMA Training?

I did big research in order to find fitness trackers that are able to provide this type of tracking and the news are not so great.

Fitness tracker for MMA – when it comes to MMA, where many types of fighting activities are involved, there is no fitness tracker that is able to define between the different types of martial arts and you will have to compromise on one of the fitness trackers in this article for your boxing sessions or you can choose one of the popular fitness bands from Garmin or Fitbit (Fitbit Charge3, Alta HR or Garmin Vivosmart4 for example), these are light, comfortable, and will give you general information regarding your heart rate, Calories, etc. in each training session. These are also great for jiu-jitsu.

Fitness tracker for Kickboxing – Unfortunately, as for now(April 2020), the technology hasn’t developed enough when it comes to kicks tracking, some of the fitness trackers for boxing mentioned below are able to track kicks while applied on the legs, however, the tracking is not so accurate and the presentation in the paired app is limited.

A device that was built for that is the UFC Force Tracker – a sensor that you attach to the heavy bag and it can measure the force and pace of your punches and kicks.

While it is quite cheap and the idea is great, it is not so accurate, however it might be enough for your kickboxing sessions. It surely brings tones of fun.

Best app for boxing and kickboxing – there is another way to track your boxing training and it is free of charge(for the free, limited version).

Punchlab is a free phone app – just attach your phone to the heavy bag and it will collect data such as force, intensity, and will give you audio workouts. You can check more about it on

Fitness Tracker For Boxing – What Should I Look For?

Fitness trackers are all the rage these days, as people become more and more health conscious, but the good news is that you can also find boxing specific fitness trackers.

What purpose do they serve? These fitness trackers are designed to keep tabs on everything related to boxing, ranging from punch power and speed to how long you can continue without getting tired.

Some of these fitness trackers are geared towards general cardio boxing whereas other trackers are quite serious and innovative tools that are designed to cater to people who have more ambitious aspirations about being in the ring.

Before you decide to invest in a tracker, you should consider the statistics they help track, whether they offer coached sessions, real-time feedback, and video tutorials.

You also need to figure out what third-party sensors, like heart rate monitors, can be paired with the fitness trackers for boxing in order to get better training insights.

Another important consideration is how the trackers are worn. A number of sensors are kept in place through the use of proper boxing wraps, which means a learning curve is involved, or they may also be available with Velcro straps for easy use and convenience.

The size and weight of the fitness tracker for boxing is also crucial because it affects how comfortable it is when you wear them on the wrist.

Best 5 Fitness Tracker For Boxing, MMA, Jiu-Jitsu & Kickboxing Reviews

Battery life is something you need to bear in mind. With all that in mind, here are some of the best fitness trackers for boxing that you can invest in if you are serious about it:

1. Nexersys N3 Elite

The Nexersys N3 Elite is not a fitness tracker or a punching tracker but more of a personal training system.

This machine is an incredible device for boxing training, however, you will have to separate from around 2290 bucks in order to enjoy it.

2. Corner Boxing Tracker

Products Information

  • Weight: 10g per sensor
  • iOS/Android: Both
  • Battery Life: 7 hours
  • Wraps or Straps: Both

One of the most compact and lightest trackers, Corner boxing tracker is at home equally in a boxing fitness class and a proper boxing gym.

It boasts two sensors and you can wear them in two ways. They will sit very comfortably in the straps supplied with the tracker or also under boxing wraps, whichever you prefer.

An important thing to know about the sensors in Corner boxing tracker is that they track a very wide and impressive range of statistics including punch type, punch rate, power and speed as well as total work-rate, combinations, and punches.

All of the data that’s accumulated by the tracker is fired in real time to a partner app, which is incredibly easy to use, thanks to its color-coded graphics.

They make it quite simple to keep track of your performance as you work out in the ring.

Controlling a smartphone while you are wearing boxing gloves may be difficult, but this tracker comes with some clever features like tap gloves and auto round detection make things considerably easier to manage.

Corner Boxing Tracker For Kickboxing – Can It Detect Kicks?

The answer for that is no, Corner cannot detect kicks, knees or elbows at the moment, but I know that the manufacturers are working on it.

3. Moov Now Tracker

Products Information

  • Weight: 6g per sensor
  • iOS/Android: Both
  • Battery Life: 3 months
  • Wraps or Straps: Straps

This is a one-of-a-kind wearable fitness coach that actively monitors your workout and gives you advice in real time to get the most out of it.

The cool thing with the Moov now is that it serves as a personal coach – you can get an audio and video coaching(using the app) for running, cycling, boxing, and a 7-minute bodyweight session.

Just like a number of fitness trackers out there, Moov Now keeps track of your sleeping cycle and daily activity, but instead of doing so through the number of steps, it measures your movement within the 3D space.

best fitness tracker for boxing
Image Source: Moov Now

Even when you factor in the fact that you have to buy two sensors i.e. one for each wrist, the tracker still comes off as a competitively priced gadget that you need to have if you are into boxing.

Moov Now is designed for cardio boxing grills and it is extremely lightweight, not very different from a lozenge.

Instead of Velcro straps that usually come with a number of sensors, it comes with its own soft silicone straps and they are quite comfortable to wear.

With Moov, you can keep track of your fastest punches and hardest hits and it also provides tips on how you can improve your form.

There are video guides and also real-time coached sessions that you can follow for learning how to throw punches the right way.

Moov Now can also be paired with heart rate monitors thereby providing you with useful additional fitness insights, such as more accurate numbers for calories burnt.

As compared to the other fitness trackers for boxing, you can also use Moov Now for tracking running, swimming, cycling and other workouts, which makes it a brilliant and versatile option.

The battery life of the fitness tracker also makes it one of the most ideal options when you want the best fitness tracker for boxing.

Moov Now Tracker For Kickboxing – Can It Detect Kicks?

The Moov Now can basically work great on your ankle, in fact, I have an article where I’m recommending it as the best fitness tracker for the ankle.

So yes, it can be worn on your ankle and will provide you with very basic information regarding your legs movements like the number of kicks taken and your legs positions while boxing and that’s basically it.

4. Hykso Tracker

Products Information

  • Weight: 5.75g
  • iOS/Android: Both
  • Battery life: 10 hours
  • Wraps or Straps: Wraps

Instead of straps, the Hykso Tracker is worn under boxing wraps. The beauty of these sensors is that even though they are longer than other sensors, they are incredibly light.

You can wear them on the wrist rather comfortably and they are able to capture such a level of detail that it makes them a must-have and powerful tool for all serious and aspiring boxers out there.

Some of the statistics that you can keep track of when you are wearing Hykso Tracker include punch count, punch type and velocity for each hand.

There is a partner smartphone app available and you can compare all of these statistics with other boxers.

Apart from these details, the Hykso Tracker also provides you with an intensity score that will show you the change in your work rate in every round.

Moreover, you can also keep track of the drills that you do on a regular basis and then compare your performances in these drills over a specific time period.

This is an excellent way of determining if you have made any improvements or you need to work more to bring a chance.

Another standout factor of the Hykso Tracker is its impressive battery life. A single charge can provide you with 10 hours of battery life, which means plenty of boxing rounds.

Hysko Tracker For Kickboxing – Can It Detect Kicks?

As for now, the Hysko tracker is not able to accurately track your kicks, however, the manufacturer has declared that they are working on it in order to make it able to track kicks accurately.

The Company also mentioned that the update that they are working on is in the software and that they will probably use the same sensors that are already in the device.

That means that you can buy the current version and when the update is out, it will be able to track kicks and show the stats in the app – no need to buy an updated version.

5. Everlast and PIQ Wearable Boxing Sport and Fitness Tracker

Products Information

  • Weight: 9.8g per sensor
  • iOS/Android: Both
  • Battery Life: 8 hours
  • Wraps or Straps: Both

Everlast and PIQ is a fitness tracker that has been developed for use in shadow boxing, light sparring, mitt work, and heavy bag work.

A nano-computer is the driving force of the system, which comprises of a bunch of built-in sensors. The technology behind this fitness tracker was developed after monitoring the motions of thousands of boxers.

Everlast and PIQ can provide a plethora of statistics because the gyroscope, accelerometer, and altimeter contained inside it collect more than 190,000 points of data per minute.

The information that you can obtain from this tracker includes the force of your punches at impact, speed of your punches and also your hand’s retraction time.

A unique value is also assigned to the user known as PIQSCORE, according to the metrics mentioned above.

The other statistics that you can get from this tracker are the total number of calories, punches defined according to type, the total number of punches, progression showed through charts, records, boxing time, calories and plenty more.

Other than tracking results, the partner app with Everlast and PIQ also gives the user actionable information on how to improve in areas where they may be lacking.

It also helps in identifying ‘Winning Factors’, which are the key aspects where a user is quite strong. The good thing about this sensor is that it can also be used for tracking other sports, such as golf and tennis.

Everlast And PIQ Wearable Boxing Sport & Fitness Tracker For Kickboxing – Can It Detect Kicks?

The answer to that is no!


When you are looking for the best fitness tracker for boxing, MMA, and kickboxing you can consider the options outlined above.

These are fully equipped to handle all levels of boxing from in-the-ring boxing sessions to gym-fit bag workouts.

You can get the best bang for your buck and find something that’s very comfortable, fully featured and has detailed sensors.

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