Fitness Trackers For The Ankle

Best 5 Fitness Trackers For The Ankle (Updated 2023)

In this article, I will help you to find the best fitness tracker for the Ankle. Wearing a fitness tracker on your ankle might be more convenient to some but the main reason for wearing it on your ankle is for more accurate step counting.

It is not easy to find a fitness tracker or smartwatch for your ankle since the sensors on almost all the devices are designed to read data from your wrist.

Fitness Trackers For Ankle

The sensors in smartwatches and fitness trackers are responsible for a variety of functions, from tracking fitness data to monitoring heart rate. Here’s a look at how these tiny components work to keep us healthy and connected.

Fitness trackers are equipped with a variety of sensors that collect data about our activity and health. These sensors include an accelerometer, gyroscope, and heart rate monitor.

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The accelerometer tracks our movement and can be used to calculate steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned. The gyroscope detects changes in orientation and can be used to track sleep quality or monitor for falls.

The heart rate monitor uses optical sensors to measure the amount of blood flow through the wrist. This data can be used to track fitness progress, monitor for heart health issues, or even provide a warning if the user is at risk for a heart attack.

Products NameBrandItem DimensionsItem Weight
The Moov Now- 3D Fitness TrackerMoov Store1.1 x 0.3 x 8.9 inches0.02 Pounds
Amazon Halo BandAmazon
Fitbit Flex 2Fitbit Store10 x 0.45 x 0.37 inches0.04 Pounds
Stride Sensor by PolarPOLAR Store4.72 x 2.95 x 1.18 inches0.1 Kilograms
Garmin Foot PodGarmin1 x 1 x 1 inches1.6 Ounces

Fitness Tracker For Ankle With Heart Rate Sensor And Without

When referring to a fitness tracker on the ankle there are 2 types of devices. Some people are more interested in HR reading from the ankle and others don’t care about HR but about other measurements such as accurate cadence, distance, speed, and stride.

Below you will find the suitable ankle fitness tracker whether you belong to the first group or the second one.

Best Fitness Tracker For The Ankle – Our Top 5 Picks In 2023

#1 – The Moov Now- 3D Fitness Tracker

The Moov Now has been around for quite a while now but despite that, it is a device that has very proudly stood the test of time.

The Moov Now was a great choice to pick up as a fitness tracker back then as it is now.

The most attractive bit about this activity tracker was the price. It was modestly priced at $40 and offered features that you could find in devices costing quite a bit more.

With added detail to the activities that involve step tracking and distance, the Moov Now has rep-based training which means you can switch to modes like running, swimming, and cycling just to fine-tune your activities and access a wider threshold of data.

Along with compatibility with your phone’s GPS, the Moov Now also packs your standard activity tracker features as well as some complex ones such as an audio coach to assist you during your workouts as well as stroke counts for swimming.


The MOOV is fairly lightweight which allows it to be comfortable even when you wear it on your ankle.

Something you would notice right off the bat is that the MOOV has a rugged design with a texture on the rubber strap meant to enhance grip.

This is true because the MOOV is meant to be put to rigorous use and allows for the all-day wear of the tracker.

It’s also waterproof and the design keeps everything breathable so you don’t chafe or get uncomfortable even with sweat.

Another distinct design trait of the MOOV is that it is without a display. This might seem quite shocking at first but the MOOV makes up for it by offering a lot of points in utility.

As this design does away with the screen, it lets you really go all out on your workouts even when you’re swimming or doing an intense boxing session.

It has one physical button in total which you use to start a workout or sync your stats with your app.

The general aesthetic of the MOOV is also quite appealing. It’s so light that you won’t even notice that it is on your ankle.


The MOOV houses all the standard features of a fitness tracker. It monitors your activities and the distance covered while running.

It monitors your sleep and pushes the data to your health app. It allows for easy cross-training and gives you a fitness update.

Yet one key feature of the MOOV sets it apart from mainly every other tracker out there. It has a feature called Coaching.

This feature gives you voice-based updates during your workout and allows you to really push your limits.

It even offers advice and tips on concentration when you’re doing more intensive workouts like crunches or weight lifting which makes the MOOV a great fitness companion.

The real-time audio actually enriches the entire experience of exercising and the motivation lets you squeeze your workout sessions for something extra.

The form tracks prevent you from injuries by informing you of your bad form. The tracker is also quite accurate and requires you to do precise movements for it to register a rep meaning you can’t cheat it.

The Moov now by itself does not read your heart rate, however, you can combine it with the Moov HR Burn Heart Rate Monitor chest strap in order to get an accurate HR measurement.

#2 – Amazon Halo Band – Best Premium Fitness Tracker for Ankle

If you are looking for a premium fitness tracker for the Ankle with tons of great health and fitness features, you can’t go wrong with Amazon Halo Band.

The Band was launched in 2021 and it comes with all the bells and whistles which you can expect from a modern fitness band. In this section, we will take a brief look at the design and features of the band.


Let’s start with Design which is one of the unique things about Amazon Halo Band. Like The MOOV Now Band, Amazon Halo Band also doesn’t come with any display which means that you can easily wear it on your ankle without the fear of damaging it.

So, the tracker comes with a simple body that houses all the important sensors including the optical heart-rate sensor on the rear side. 

The strap of the band covers the whole body and you get different options when it comes to straps. The company offers both fabric and silicone-based sports bands for your activity. 

As you will be using the Amazon Halo Band on your ankle, my recommendation will be to go with sports bands. The sports bands are strong and they also come with a metal clasp which will ensure that the trackers stay on your Ankles.

However, when you are not using the band on your ankle, you can go with fabric bands as they are more comfortable.

The Band is also waterproof up to 50 meters underwater so you can easily use it in rain or swimming pools.

Overall, the design of the Amazon Halo Band is pretty good and I don’t have any complaints about it.


When it comes to functionality, Amazon Halo Band truly shines because it houses tons of useful features which make it fun to play.

Like most bands, Amazon Halo Band is designed to be worn on your wrist and most of its features are wrist-centric but it doesn’t stop it from tracking your activities accurately when you are wearing it on your Ankles.

When you use Halo Band on your Ankles, it won’t be able to keep track of your heart rate accurately but it can track other metrics such as distance very easily.

However, if we discuss the general features, you will find tons of them in the Halo Band.

For starters, it keeps track of all of your activity sessions and provides accurate data insights including the workout intensity, number of steps, heart rate, live heart rate, burned calories, and more.

Similarly, the tracker is equipped with tons of workout modes which you can pick depending on your workout. On top of that, it comes with a huge library of premium workout videos where you can learn various exercises from the top fitness experts out there.

Another very useful feature of Amazon Halo Band is that it also keeps track of your nutrition. In the app, you can select your food preferences and the app will suggest food recipes based on your eating style and preferences.

One of my favorite features of the Amazon Halo Band is the Movement tracking. The app uses your smartphone’s camera to assess your movement and provides useful insights which you can use to increase your movement and improve your health.

Other useful features of the band are a body composition calculator using your smartphone’s camera, tone detection, and sleep tracking.

The only possible downside of Amazon Halo Band is that most features are limited to premium membership which will cost you around $3.99 per month but on the good side, the price of the tracker is significantly lower than any other premium tracker in the market. You can get the Amazon Halo Band for $70 which is a very reasonable price.

Overall, If you are looking for a solid fitness tracker for your Ankles and overall general fitness tracking, Amazon Halo Band is a great option.

#3 – Fitbit Flex 2

Fitbit Flex 2 is another very popular fitness tracker which you can use on your wrists. Like other trackers on the list, Fitbit Flex 2 also doesn’t with any display. 

However, unlike Amazon Halo Band, Flex 2 comes with some LEDs on the top which indicate the battery and other important information to the users. 

So, you will be using Flex 2 just to track your exercise and collect data. The band will display all the data from the band on the Fitbit App.


If we talk about the design of Flex 2, it’s very unconventional and secure. As Flex 2 doesn’t come with any display, it’s ideal to be worn on the Ankles and it will track your workouts accurately and flawlessly.

Also, the design of the band is very secure and if you wear it on your ankles, the risk of damaging it will be very minimal. Like Amazon Halo, Flex 2 also comes with a body that includes all the sensors of the band.

If we talk about the strap, it comes with a silicone strap that houses the Flex2 body inside. In terms of durability, Flex 2’s strap is pretty durable and secure and it won’t get loose when you are running or jogging with the band. 

Also, you can remove the body of the band and put it inside your pocket or a dedicated strap for the ankle to track your activities. As it’s a waterproof smartwatch, it can also handle splashes and water without any problem.


Flex 2 was launched back in 2016 but it’s still relevant in 2023 because it covers the basics pretty well. In this tracker, you won’t find modern features such as heart-rate monitoring or GPS but if you want a simple tracker to track your activities, you might find it a good fit.

The good thing about Flex 2 is that it comes with automatic workout detection for many features including running and swimming.

So, you won’t have to turn it on every time you go for a run. However, on the downside, it won’t show you data related to your heart rate or distance covered, which can be a dealbreaker for some people.

Other features of Fitbit Flex 2 include sleep tracking, activity tracking, calorie tracking, and guided coaching in the Fitbit App.

Overall, if you want a basic fitness tracker with a durable build and basic features, you should consider Fitbit Flex 2. 

#4 – Stride Sensor by Polar

The majority of the people who wants to wear the fitness tracker on the ankle, want to track their running or jogging sessions accurately. Wearing the fitness tracker on your ankle is one way of doing it but the other way of doing it is to use a Foot Pod.

The Stride Sensor by Polar is one of the best Foot Pods available on the market it easily fits on top of joggers and you can use them to track your jogging or running sessions. The Stride Sensor by Polar is designed to track your running sessions accurately and it accurately tracks your stride, distance, and speed.

When it comes to compatibility, you can use Stride Sensor with any Bluetooth-enabled device and you can see all the data from the sensor on the Polar Beat Application. 

#5 – Garmin Foot Pod – Best Foot Pod For Tracking Your Running Sessions

Garmin is known for its reliable and durable smartwatches but the company also makes other fitness gear. Garmin Food Pod is an awesome device by the company which you can use to track your running sessions.

The Foot Pod will not give you data such as heart rate, however, it will give you very accurate data regarding your running and Jogging sessions such as speed, distance, and cadence.

The only downside of Garmin’s Foot Pod is that it only works with some compatible Garmin watches. So, if you have a Garmin watch, you should consider it because it can provide useful data about your workouts.

The Garmin foot pod is not exactly an ankle device. Instead, it attaches to your shoelaces or can be placed inside your shoe. 

Can I Use My Existing Fitness Band On My Ankles? Will It Be Accurate?

If you are a Fitbit lover and want to wear a Fitbit or a Garmin fitness tracker on your ankle then you can use any third-party Ankle Band such as the B-Great Ankle Band.

First, you have to understand that there isn’t a Fitbit device that was originally intended to be worn on the ankle. There are ankle bands that you can attach your Fitbit to, however, these are not Fitbit’s official bands.

Other than comfortability, the main reason that you would want to wear a Fitbit device on your ankle is for a more accurate pedometer.

You see, The steps count feature on all of the modern fitness trackers is not so accurate.

The reason for that is that they are using wrist-based sensors (some uses accelerometer), which means that they count your steps by counting your hand movements.

In opposite to the simple pedometers that track your steps by recognizing your body’s tilt movement and are most accurate while wearing on the waist.

Can I Use My Existing Fitness Band On My Ankles

If you want a simple pedometer or a clip-on device that is cheap and can track steps accurately then you should also check out my article on the best clip-on fitness trackers.

The problem with them being worn on your wrist is that some hand movements can confuse the tracker and make it count steps wrongly.

Some people will use a very slight hand movement or place the hand on the grab bar while walking on the treadmill, this can cost in a miss counting of steps.

For that reason, lots of Fitbit owners have tried their Fitbit on their ankles using its original band(if it fits) or a band extender that is intended for the ankle.

These people are reporting that using their Fitbit on the ankle has made the steps count much more accurately.

The downside is that while placing your Fitbit on the ankle you lose the wrist-based HR tracking(some people reported a good HR reading even on the ankle).

The best Fitbit devices that I have found working well (as pedometers) on the ankle are Charge2/3, Flex2, Inspire, Inspire HR, Alta, and Alta HR but I’m sure that there are more.

Again, I have to make clear that Fitbit’s devices were made to read data from your wrist, not from your ankle, and what I offer here is just an adaptation that might work(and might not) on your ankle. There aren’t any official Fitbit ankle bands. The Baaletc Extender Band is a band extender that can turn some Fitbit devices into ankle fitness trackers.

As I have mentioned, If you are interested in step counting then wearing a tracker on your ankle will make it more accurate for this purpose.

The Baaletc Extender Band is in working best with Fitbit Flex and Flex2 but it is also compatible with Fitbit Alta and Alta HR, so if you have one of these devices you can definitely consider buying this extender which is quite cheap.

Best Fitness Tracker For The Ankle – How To Choose The Right Tracker?

How To Choose The Right Tracker

You can find many fitness trackers designed to work from your ankle. However, only a mere number of the models appear worthy with sufficient features.

No smart person should take the risks of investing in cheap, useless, fancy trackers. And the following factors can help you find the best ankle fitness tracker.

Screen Size

When it comes to fitness trackers for Ankle, there are two types of people out there. The first type prefers using a fitness tracker with a display and the second type of people prefers a fitness tracker without a display.

In my opinion, both types of users are correct and you can pick a fitness tracker which suits your needs. Normally, if you want your Ankle fitness tracker to have a display then it’s important that you pick a display with a smaller display because if you pick a large display, it can get damaged.

Pro Tip: If you choose a fitness tracker for the ankle with a display then make sure that its display side is always on the inside of your legs. In this way, it will have less exposure to the rugged objects outside and the risk of damaging the display will be minimal.

On the other side, if you pick a fitness tracker without a display, it’s also acceptable because you won’t have the fear of damaging the display which is a sensitive part.

Activity Tracking

When it comes to tracking your activity – steps and distance come first. A tracker without the two is totally worthless. Check for additional fitness-centered metrics like burnt calories and sleep monitoring. Don’t forget to make sure you can save the measured data.


It’s impossible to think of an effective tracker without pairing it with smart devices. You obviously want to know your progress, charters at specific intervals, and further analysis. But you can only expect Bluetooth connectivity from a simplistic device like an activity tracker.

Battery Life

Another important factor that you should consider is the battery life. The average fitness tracker for the ankle comes with a battery life of at least 24 hours but you can expect better battery performance from most trackers especially the ones that don’t come with any display. So, if you want a tracker with extremely long battery life, then you should pick one with no display or a smaller display.

Extra Modes

A limited number of activity trackers can do more than just track your steps. But having additional features onboard can help you in different ways. You can consider – replying to texts, taking calls, notifications, sports mode, goal setting, or personalization.

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Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQs ]

For your further inquiry, you may check out this section of the article. Here, we will answer the most common questions regarding Fitness Trackers For the Ankle.

Can You Wear Smartwatches Right On Your Ankle?

Answer: You can freely wear the wristwatch to your ankle. But it increases the chance of getting damaged.

Should I Wear A Heart Rate Monitor On The Ankle?

Answer: The ankle isn’t exactly a place with sufficient blood flow. So, you can’t get a precise HR reading there.

Do The Readings Vary If I Wear Watches On My Ankle?

Answer: Measurements from the ankle aren’t standard. Thus, your figurative and literal mileage will vary.

What About Apple Watch? Can It Be Worn On The Ankle?

Answer: Apple watches like Fitbit’s were not intended to read data or be worn on the ankle. There are many ankle bands (not Apple’s or Fitbit’s official) that you can buy on Amazon. However, accuracy is not guaranteed. The best way to wear an Apple watch is on your wrist like it was designed to be worn.

Can I wear Apple Watch Ultra on the Ankle?

Answer: Apple Watch Ultra is a premium rugged smartwatch that is designed for rough use. The watch is originally designed to be worn on your wrists but you can also wear it on your Ankle if you want to track your running sessions. If you are interested in knowing the accuracy of Apple Watches, do check this guide where I’ve discussed the accuracy of Apple Watches in detail.

Can You Wear Your Fitbit On The Ankle?

Answer: The official answer to that common question is no, you cannot wear a Fitbit tracker on your ankle as Fitbit devices were meant to work on your wrist except the Fitbit Zip which is an advanced clip-on pedometer.

However, there are special ankle bands that we’ll discuss later, these bands are not Fitbit’s official bands and the results of the accuracy are varied.


If accurate step counting is your main reason for using a fitness tracker then you should really consider using a fitness tracker that can be used on your ankle.

For the price range, it comes with, the MOOV Now has quite a lot to offer. Especially on the design front, this is one of the best fitness wearables for the ankle because of its being lightweight, water, and dirt-proof as well as having an Omni motion sensor to analyze your motion in 3D giving you amazing insight into your workouts.

Some of you might confuse between a fitness tracker that is being worn on the ankle and a running power meter – Here’s a post that explains this topic the best running power meters and why you need them.