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Best Folding Treadmill And Walking Pads For Heavy Persons

In case you are a heavy person and want to enjoy the great benefits of a compatible walking pad also known as under-the-table treadmill than the options are limited.

In this article, I will discuss the differences between a folding treadmill and a walking pad and I will give you the best available options.

Adopting a good lifestyle is important to ensure that you remain healthy and live a long, prosperous life. If you are struggling with your weight and want to start actively working towards bringing it down to a more manageable level, you may find it difficult to figure out where to start from.

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But we are here to tell you that you are taking a step in the right direction and with just a little effort and guidance, you can truly start to see significant results in not just your body measurements but also the quality of your life.

A healthy lifestyle would warrant for you to partake in physical activity as well as take a second look at your nutrition. Eating healthy foods in moderation and exercising for a while everyday is a simple change in your routine that will have you experiencing positive results soon enough.

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When it comes to physical activity, a good place to start would be walking. You can start off with a few minutes of walking so the change does not feel too drastic and demotivating, and then build up to a brisk pace or even running once you have developed the stamina and drive to exercise regularly.

Working Out At Home


While some people turn to gyms and professional training centers to get their fill of fitness for the day, many people turn away from physical activity because of either not having access to such facilities or because they feel uncomfortable working out in a public place.

Whatever the reason may be, you will be glad to hear that you can still start your new fitness regime from the comfort of your own home. A great way to start walking or even running at home is to invest in either a walking pad or a foldable treadmill.

Folding Treadmill Vs Walking Pad

What Is A Folding Treadmill?

When you read the word treadmill, what is the first image that comes to your mind? You most likely think of a large, chunky machine that is heavy, takes up a good amount of space in the room, and takes great effort to get working.

This would have been an accurate description of all treadmills if we were talking about a few years in the past but things have changed rapidly in the modern sphere.

With almost everything evolving to become more and more convenient and portable, it should come off as no surprise that the advent of foldable treadmills has already been done and popularized.

You heard it right- you can get a treadmill that you can fold up and stow away, only to take out whenever you have to work out. Also referred to as folding treadmills, fold ups, and fold aways, a foldable treadmill is primarily meant to save you a tonne of room space.

The running deck of the machine can be pivoted upwards and locked onto the body so that it can be moved and stored when it is not in use. Not only is this a space saving solution, it also makes it portable and movable. You can set it up and move it in any part of your house as required.

What Is A Walking Pad?

While the walking pad has been a thing since several years, it has only become a popular work out accessory in the past couple all around the world.

Unlike a treadmill, foldable, or non-foldable, a walking pad does not have that central stand or console in the middle that centers the entire machine. Instead, a walking pad is simply exactly what its name suggests it is: a smooth pad that you can use for walking purposes.

Walking pads can usually be folded and stowed away as well which makes them just as convenient to use as foldable treadmills. The one benefit of using a walking pad also referred to as under the desk treadmills, is that they do not come with that bulky center which can be space consuming and difficult to move.

They are smaller in size, more compact, and sufficient for your relatively lighter activity needs.

Unfortunately, since walking pads are smaller and tend to be more delicate, they can only accommodate so much weight and stress which is why they may not be suitable for individuals on the heavier side. Before purchasing a walking pad, make sure that you know what the upper limit of the weight is for the given apparatus.

Can You Run On A Walking Pad?

Walking pads are typically designed for light, indoor exercise which is why it is not recommended that you use it for running purposes.

Although there are certain brands of walking pads that can support light running such as the Xiaomi Walking Pad R1 which allows you to run at a slow pace (around 10km/h) and the Bluefin Fitness KICK 2.0 (around 8 km/h). You can find more details on these walking pads below.

The Best Walking Pads You Can Get Even If You Are A Bit Heavy

We have done the market research and compiled a list of some of the best walking pads you can purchase:

1. Xiaomi Walking Pad R1

Xiaomi Walking Pad R1

Xiaomi produces a smart walking pad that is not only a high quality exercising apparatus, but can also be controlled with your phone and delivers detailed data about your physical activity using the machine.

Despite all of these additional features, the Xiaomi walking pad is available at a very justifiable price of $639.99. The R1 walking pad by Xiaomi has a unique armrest which can be engaged and removed at will, making it the ideal solution for a variety of situations. The maximum weight limit of this machine is 110 kg and it can be used for brisk walking at a pace under 10 km/hr.

2. Bluefin Fitness KICK 2.0

The Bluefin Fitness KICK 2.0 is another under the desk treadmill or walking pad which can be used in two modes: with or without the foldable arm rest. The machine also has a variety of exercising modes, allowing you to configure your workout routine based on your preference.

You can use this walking pad to exercise as you work, saving you time, and still getting in the physical activity for the day. The weight limit for the Bluefin is 110 kg as well and you can use it for brisk walking at a pace under 8 km/hr.

3. WalkingPad C1 Foldable Treadmill Walking Pad

Designed to accommodate individuals with weights up to 110 kg, the WalkingPad C1 is another great investment to make for a space saving yet incredibly smart and modern exercising apparatus.

For only $339 you get access to foldable walking equipment which can be used in a multitude of modes, Speed Range: 0.5-6km/h / 0.5-4mph. It folds in on itself for neat storage and comes with a digital display remote control to help keep track of your progress.

The Best Folding Treadmills For Heavy Persons

Following are some of the best foldable treadmills currently available in the market best suited for heavy individuals:

1. NordicTrack T Series Treadmills

This NordicTrack series comprises heavy duty yet fold away treadmills which are able to support individuals with over 300 lbs of weight. The advanced design of the treadmill enables you to access all of your activity with a single touch on the console which measures your distance, speed, and heart rate.

The console is also equipped with speakers and a headphone port for entertainment purposes. The treadmill supports speeds of up to 10mph and allows you to configure the incline of the running pad.

2. Sole F80 Treadmill

Sole has established itself as a reputable name in the world of fitness equipment, particularly treadmills. The F80 edition is a foldable running track that is easy to assemble and packed with unique features that make it well worth the investment.

The machine can be connected to a dedicated mobile application, transferring your activity and fitness data to your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection.

The Sole F80 fold away is also designed to accommodate heavier individuals, equipped with a stronger motor that will support your daily home workout regimen with ease and endurance. The 9 inch LCD display screen keeps you updated on your stats and also offers entertainment, including music and a holder to place your tablet in.


Don’t give up yourself on the limited options associated with your size. It’s still possible to lead a healthy lifestyle with a subtle combo of equipment.

And either of the best folding treadmill and walking pads mentioned above should suffice.

You just need to check up on the budget, available space, and personal requirements. Everything related to choosing the right option is simple.